Stay With Me (A N.H AU)

Is love strong enough to bring back your dead loved one....


3. Chapter 2:Two years later *Rose*

*Flashback* *I will be skipping through their relationship to the part where she dies!*
"So-So,Rose do you want to be my girlfriend?"Niall asks,putting his hand in his hair.
"Yes."I say,wishing he'd said this when we first met.
"Seriously?"Niall asks,looking up and going red in the face.
"Seriously,Niall I want to be your girlfriend."I say starting to cry tears of joy.
"I think you guys would make a great couple."Naomi says walking through my bedroom door.
"Naomi! What are you doing in here?!"I ask,looking at her with a quizzical look.
"Oh shut up,You know I've been listening the whole time."Naomi Says,rolling her eyes.
"Well I have to go."Niall says giving me a hug. 
"Bye,I love you."I say smiling
"Bye,I love you too."He says smirking. I watch him leave for work.
"Oh my god!"Naomi yells.

"Rose,are you okay?"Niall asks noticing me zoned out.
"Huh,Oh,yeah."I say coming back to earth.
"Come dance with me?"He asks smirking.
'Okay."I say bluntly. We walk away from the table,and out to the dance floor which is also the gym. "Are you having fun,I mean it is prom night you know."Niall says looking at me with concern. "Yes,i'm having fun."I say smiling. I rest my head on his chest as we dance to one of the slowest songs ever. The dance floor crowds with people,so me and Niall go outside. "It's pretty cold out here."I say wishing I would have brought a jacket. 
"Here,"Niall says giving me his jacket to his tux. 
"Thanks,"I say as he wraps it around me. 
"Rose! Hey,how are you?"Naomi says walking up to me and Niall,her arm intertwined with her date. "Hey! I'm good."I say laughing. 
"Oh well we were just going inside,you wanna come?"Naomi asks giggling.
"Uh,actually no me and her were going to have a moment."Niall says to Naomi,she nods walking away. Me and Niall walk around the moonlight trail and he stops and looks at me. "I want your prom to be perfect  Rose,and I don't want you to think that i'm not the lovey dovey type because I am and i'm in love with you."Niall says making my heart skip a few beats. "Dance with me."He asks and I oblige and rest my head on his shoulder as we dance in silence. He swirls me around leaning over me. "I love you Rose."He says before kissing me.

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