The Book of Twilight: Legend of Zelda TriForce Retrieval

The peaceful land of Hyrule is facing destruction, as a dark wizard travel the land searching for the Triforce destroying everything in his path, but out of the chaos a light stand to stop or Kokiri and a dark fairy whichever one, but in the mist a evil force plot it freedom and destruction of hyrule.


1. The beginning of a Legend(Re-written)

WRITER NOTE: Okay I rewritten the whole story, much of it has changed to enjoy and also.. Hello reader, okay this is actually a remake of a game called  A Link To The Past, in the story I will remove some part of the in-game story and of course add some, none of which however will be far from the in-game story, with that being clear let start.

NOTE: oh yeah, I will put some thing that you find wired and make up but it will still be in-game

It was morning  in the kingdom of hyrule and King Daltus was at the kitchen waiting for his breakfast that was being prepare by a sheikah woman, "is the cake ready yet" he asked impatiently "no, and it won't be ready for another two hour" she told the hungry king.

"oh it taken too long, speed it up imp" he complain, "oh stop complain your highness, the cake needed time to fry and bake, beside  I did warn you it will take a long time to bake but you didn't listen and beside why didn't you just order a café or a baker instead of bugging me," she said while frying the cake, "that easy because only a sheikah can make it and you are a sheikah so stop talking and baking woman" Daltus said while sitting, soon Daltus found himself board and hungry at the same time so he then began to sing a song which he used to sing when he was young, "IT A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL-" but he was cut off by Imp who hated the song "do you know how to finish the song" "not at all but I do know it  annoy people" he said before singing again.

 As he was singing a person came to him with a letter "oh thank running man, you can leave now" he said to the person, as soon as he left imp came from the kitchen and went to the king "who sent the letter"  "oh it from Ahahnim he said he want to have a meeting with me" "hmm I don't trust him I better come along your highness" "no that won't be needed, Ahahnim is a trustable man beside I trust him more than I trust myself, anyway don't you have baking to do?" "it already finish" "then I shall eat it when I come back," he said before leaving, "something tell me that this man will be a great problem""  she said while putting the cake in the table.

Agahnim was looking at Daltus as he was coming with his horse "Good morning your Highness" he greeted him as he was coming, "oh good morning to you too, anyway why have called me is anything a problem?" he asked the priest, "hmm  no, it just that I was planning a party to honour the day hyrule was free from the disasters, I was thinking that  we could do it at your castle, I just need your permission that all" "hmm why my castle?” “because it the largest place I can think of and beside all party that had to do with the well-being of the kingdom are  done at the king castle” Daltus look outside impatiently thinking of the cakes, “oh, well let get started see you later Agahnim” he said before getting on his horse and leaving in a hurry.

As soon as he left a solider with a chain ball came to Agahnim, "hmm sir we have a problem" "what is it" " you see.. we have no idea where the Descendants is or who they are" Agahnim then went the his room and brought a white ball, "I already come with an idea to solve this problem it very easy," "oh what is" said the solider who knock the ball to the ground but Agahnim caught it before it broke" for the love of... (sight) , just listen okay?,  this is the ball of location-" "what that means" said the solider who saw that Agahnim was about to burst out in rage, "it means that I can see anything I want or anyone,  now don’t ever cut me off again” the solider look at the ball in wonder, “I can’t see anything” “of course you can’t only a Sheikah can see it” “why is that?” “because is our skill, yes while the Goron have power, the Zora have swimming skill and those long-ear-freak have magic and are also  the only one who can hold the full power of the three tri force and not cause them to spilt leaving the person with one, anyway you need  this” he gave him a Len, “what is this?” “ it the Len of truth it give you the vision of a Sheikah”

Agahnim then sat down and hold the ball, “now Mirror, Mirror on the.. floor tell me whose the Descendant are” “you do know that not a mirror right?” “of course I do, now shut up” he said looking at the ball until it shown a map of the kingdom Hyrule and a red mark in different part of the map “now go and kidnap  them and remember I will not stand for you if you get caught , so go and get them NOW" YES SIR!" he said putting his hand to his head to form a army pose, but in the process he knock down the ball  which broke into many pieces, "oop" said the solider who was about to leave   "I am going to..... KILL YOU!" but the solider already ran leaving Agahnim to clean the mess.                                

Meanwhile on a forest cover by fairy dust there was a boy in a green tunic that was shaking  because of the dream he was having, the boy heard a voice behind him that was called him, Link....Link.. LINK! the Voice shouted at him, but Link didn't notice he was busying looking at the area he was on, it was clear sky with few clouds on the sky the sun was left of him shinning brightly and the place he was standing was wet like water but it wasn't, "Where am I" he asked still looking at his surrounding, "this is place?, oh it just where the first hero fought Demise the demon king"  he said looking at the sun, "oh" said Link who didn't know any of the persons he mention, he then notice the person he was speaking to, he wore a green shirt that was cover by a greener tunic that look like those of a Kokiri he also had a green headband.

 "Who are you and why am I here" he asked further "I am Rift or  you can simply called me Rift Hero of men whichever float your boat and the reason you are here is because your seal is on" "my seal?" "yes the seal I give you while you were still a baby it look like three golden triangle, anyway the time has come for you to accept your fate, there is something coming it very powerful and  it might spell the end of hyrule  however you have the power to stop it"

"how do you know it me" Link asked looking backward in fear, "Link the seal I gave you is a fail safe, it sent you a nightmare warning you of the upcoming danger which you need to stop, Link I suggest you head to hyrule when you feel ready," with that Rift began to disappear, "WAIT! where can I find you" Link said as he run toward Rift "oh don't worry we met again someday, just don’t Die first " with that he disappear leaving Link there, no sooner than he left the entire area began to turn into darkness and Link felt his body falling until he woke up and found himself on the ground

As Link was getting up he notice a voice was calling him "Link wake up"  he knew whose voice was that so he began to walk outside, as he was walking he saw his hand glowing, he then discover that it wasn't his but three triangle then he quickly recall his dream, "LINK WAKE UP ALREADY!" called out the voice who was getting impatient, "am coming" Link called back, he soon went back and met a green hair Kokiri holding a ocarina.

 "hmm what is it Saria" he asked half sleepy, "I have learn a new song and I thought I show it to you if you want" "ok" he said going to his house with Saria walking behind him, "Okay I learn this song from a Skull kid, it called "the song of birds" it really easy to learn and it has the power to summon any bird, just as long you know who you are calling okay let begin" she began to play the song to Link and began to follow it after a minutes or two, "there, I hope you don't forget it and who know it might be of use " she said after they had finish playing it.

 "hmm sorry Saria I have to go" Link said going out, "Okay I was about to go myself" she said leaving Link house, "hope we can do this another time" she said before leaving, Link then look at his hand and saw the triangle was glowing brighter, then a thought came through his mind, he then began to write a letter and put it on his table before leaving, as he was moving  image of his dream began to flash in his mind it wasn't long till he bump into somebody, "hey watch where AM great Mido is going  Mr-I-don't-have-a-fairy" the voice shouted, Link knew whose voice was that so he ran away before he could said anytime, "what wrong with him but then again what right with him"  he began to laugh at his own joke before leaving.

 As Link ran through the Lost Woods his thought was how to get out of Lost Woods even though he was sure he was lost but somehow he felt as if he was going the right way, he soon became tired of running and decide to rest on a dead tree, as he was resting he heard a loud voice shouting for help, "HELP ME!, SOMEONE WHO ISN'T A SKULL KIDS OR SKULL FOE HELP ME!" Link waste no time and ran to where the voice is, as soon as he reach there he saw a large ball of darkness with two evil looking white eye, he was in a soft soil and was sinking in it fast, the stranger finally notice Link and face him "WHAT WAITING FOR HELP ME!" Link saw a rope and throw it to him, thank to his round shape he fit in and Link drag him out of the soil rather easily, after being drag out the stranger began to bounce around until it stop, "hmm who are you" Link asked in shock, the ball face him and suddenly start bounce toward him in high speed until it stop and then jump into Link covering him in slime and he came out of Link and took the form of a fairy.

"Whoa, a litter small, but I can work with this" he said flying around, Link who was recovering from the shock look at him, "what did you did to me" "don't get your shoe on a twist, I only read your mind to see which form I should take and beside it will wash out and other thing the name........ " he said in a thinking manner, "hmm my name is… Link" he said in a awkward manner, "well hey Link thank for freeing me from that death trap so why are you here" "what?" he asked try to detour from the question, "you know, you are a kokiri and No Kokiri has ever come here this deep in the woods, so tell me no use trying to lie" he said looking at Link, "hmm why are YOU here" Link said still trying to detour the question  “I was trying to leave the forest  through a entrance in the Woods but I Kinda got Lost, weird huh?, anyway your turn” “fine but I doubt you will believe mehe said sitting at a Log, "trust me I see thing that nobody will believe" he said sitting beside him patting Link back with his dark hand that had a golden claw, "fine here go" said Link who didn't mind him patting his back, Link then narrate his dream and told why he came here.

 After the narration Sage look at Link and then burst out in Laugher, " I knew you wouldn't believe me" he said pointing at the dark fairy who was on the ground laughing,  he then stop laughing and flew up to Link, "am not laughing because I don’t believe you am Laughing because you try to run away from your fate, Listen fate is like a time bomb" "how in the world does that have to do with me" said Link who was getting angry but yet sad, "wait let me explain, you see if you the more keep on running from your fate  the more people are in endanger but if you face your fate head on nobody have suffer " "but how I don't know anything about weapon or anything about stopping bad guys" he said more upset than last time, "well you did save me and I do own you one, Okay about this I train in weapons" "which ones?" “anyone as long as you pay me money " "Okay" said Link who was getting over his sadness,

"Okay but there are three thing you must do first before I can accept you as my side dish, First: you must be loyal to me and won't betray me to the dark side, Second: you must use your new found skill to help people and won't attack them unless they attack you, and finally: you must never show mercy for you will given none, the only time you can is when the person is either force or under someone control , is that clear" "YES" "so let get started, fellow me" he said flying into the woods until they reach a clear opening with a ray of light touch the ground.

"before I can train you I must destroy and then recreate as a warrior of something" he then brought out  a light green shirt and a white long pant and a grey Belt with a gold circle in the middle, " wear this" "why?" he said as he collect the clothes from Sage clew, "because after we train, we are going to the outside world and a child with a green tunic covering his entire body is just weird and wrong so wrong" "well a dark fairy that have evil looking claw isn't wrong" Link while putting on his new clothes "you right,… I know I can be your twin brother" he then turn in a form  that look like Link but the places that should be green was red and  he had a white cape,  "there" "there what?" said Link who was putting on his belt, "well now I look like you and if people asked where is your parent-" he then turn into a adult version of Link in red cloth before turning back, " I be your dad and your brother at the same time." he said looking at Link who put on his clothes,

"and now for weapon" he said snapping his finger and a set of weapon appear, "okay, we have a sword, a axe, a knife, a short sword for litter kids, a bow and arrow, a spear, a fork, and a crazy old man" a old man jump out of the bag shouting before Sage caught him and put him back, "Okay I chose the short sword" he said picking up the sword," good choice, but I suggest you pick the bow and arrow" he said giving him a bow and lot of arrows, "okay before we start I want to test your standby," "my what?" "you know how long you can stand before you start crying like a baby, now let start," "wait how does this help me?" "easy, when  we go to the outside world we will be attack and when you get hit you might cry which might be our downfall, so like my granddad said "GET OUT MY HOUSE YOU LAZY GOOD-FOR-NOTHING WIREDO" "huh?" Link said not understanding "it means that  you must not cry of pain and the only way is you feel a greater pain physical and also in your mind now let begin" he said turning back to his fairy form and brought out his claw to stab Link

 Meanwhile at the castle of Hyrule, Princess Zelda was sitting at the garden looking at the birds who was at the flying around, as she was watching the bird she heard something in the throne room so she decide to see what it was, when she got there she saw her father and Agahnim in a meeting she could barely heard what they were saying in there, "your highness I want to request something," "what is it?" "hmm sir my report has shown that girls from  Kakariko Village are being taken and I found that all the girl taken from the village are all Descendants of the sage already three are taken and two left, so I need your permission to carry a team of solider to catch the  person and stop his plan before it too late" he said looking at the door, "what!, we must act quickly” “don’t worry I taken care of it, your highness before I forget I be needed the upper room you know the one that is the top I be needed  it for.. stuff” “Okay, and oh yeah the party have to wait because of this” “it okay I be back tomorrow morning and the party I think only high officer should come you know to give them  break”  “good idea as usually” Daltus said, Agahnim just bow and  left smiling evilly,   

 After he had left, Zelda came in and went to her father, "what did that man want dad?" "oh Agahnim, it just about the missing girl but he will take of it" "hmm dad don't you think you are trusting this man a bit too much?" she asked in a worrying tone, "what do you mean?" “you just gave him your room and you also just put him in charge of a team of solider" “Zelda you were spying again didn't I warn you not to ever-" he was cut off by a man who was walking through the castle with a mail bag, "oh don't worry she just worry about kingdom, you do know that the disasters was  a month ago right?"   "oh good to see you again sir Richard" he said standing up to met him, "you know am done with being a knight so please your highness just called me Richard"  he said checking his bag, "oh so what bring you here" "oh just here to bring you your letter sir" he said handing him a note, "goodbye your highness am off to send off more mail, and don’t be too hard on Zelda she just trying to take care of the kingdom that she soon rule, anyway am off”  " he said before leaving, "what the, the people have complain that Zora are attacking them and even worst they have kidnap children and won’t let them go until they have their stuff back, what going on here”   ” he said not knowing he was alone,

Zelda then ran to imp room who was reading at the moment, "Imp.. imp.. the strange man is now-“ “head of a elite team of solider  Imp cut her off and then look at her, "Zelda there something wrong here" "what?" " that man Agahnim has been ordering guards to go on a mission and the same guards has never came back and now  he made a party just for high ranking officers I can just guess he is up to anyway  I have to go and deal with the Zora problem, Zelda stay away from him until I come back" "Imp am I a Descendants” she said, "no but no matter the reason do not use the power that I taught you  is that clear" she just nodded, "good, now go to room it getting late" as soon as she left imp looked through the window "if this keep on going as he plan the entire Hyrule will fall" she said before leaving.

meanwhile at the forest Link and Sage was about to leave, "okay Link do all the skill I have told you in the past two week" Link then grab his wooden sword and start slicing a wide, up, long, and a plus slash before jumping backward and shoot a arrow at a tree before throwing the crazy old man at a deku stub who start clewing It face, "old man attack the best attack "okay now what?" Link said grabbing the old man what was chewing the stub face, "now we are ready, okay apart from the crazy old man leave the rest" "why?" "One because they are all wood and two the old man might kill somebody if left alone" "okay but when do I get real weapons?" "In due time boy in due time, now how do we get out" he said moving around, "oh there is a exist in the Kokiri forest" “what?, then why did you came here?” “because I wanted to get LOST!” Link said to Sage who was picking up his red hat, “Fine, fine, Okay let get started” he said touching the ground and then a blue panel appear in the ground, “ What is that?” “that is the warping panel, you see am not only your master  am also a  wizard or a sage, enter in to go to the forest” “okay” Link said before entering, as soon as they enter they got warp to the entrance to the Lost Woods.

"Okay now what?" Sage asked, "now we walk out without being notice" Link said walking through the forest, “it won’t work they see us… I know” Sage then brought out his white cape and cover Link and him making them invisible, “Okay onward” Sage said walking faster “why are you running?” “because it last for 24..seconds” they soon got out through the hole reach the only known exist, “Okay let get this over with” “hmm I can’t go” “why?” Sage asked walking toward him , “because a Kokiri will die if they leave and I am a Kokiri” “okay I totally accept your judgement” “no you don’t and you can’t make me enter the warp panel thinly” “(1) don’t ever said Thinly (2) I really don’t need it, behold my power” his eyes then glow and shoot a beam at Link and turn both of them into a ball of fairy dust which then  move through the hole to the outside world.

Okay that it for that chapter, Okay Chapter 2 will come soon so keep checking daily and the character Sage is in-game he is response of many thing that has to do with Link, he is also a major character in the Zelda games as Major as Link himself, through my study I find what he does. (1) people have been asking where those Link weapon go when his not use them well it Sage, you see Sage being a wizard that warp Link weapon somewhere and when he need it he warp the needed weapon back in a flesh he even hold rupees, however games like ocarina of time or major mask etc, have lot of item to much for Sage to hold in his warp space so Link has to hold some like his sword and shied also that also is the reason why Like-Like monster can’t get your bow and arrow and other stuff, Sage also open chest however he can only open any chest that do not need a needed key to open it in which he say “you need a key” (2) Sage also do warp, for example in Zelda games whenever you defeat a mini boss a panel appear out of nowhere WRONG Sage made it so that Link can go out to regroup or stuff, and when you defeat the boss Link is found outside again Sage can warp Link from one place to another  even in Ocarina of time his job is brought out more, like this whenever Sheik teach Link a song, Sage then remember the Location of the temple and warp there, (3) Link isn’t a talking guy nor those he read out loud, but don’t worry Sage got it, he do the talking and explaining of item like in Ocarina of time when Ruto got the stone he said “but why Ruto?” the only talking Link have to do is a optional answer like “yes or no” that it,” (4) spoiler: you know those heart pieces or heart whatever why do you need it? the reason is YOU DON’T, Sage during a temple or anything, sage wrap around Link and form a shield the stop thing from killing him but he can still feel the pain and also if he hear a warning sound it means that Sage shield is at it lowest so be careful , the shield also seem to feed on Link energy because the lower it get the more energy it feed so that why Link is Tried when it that low, Sage also save Link from pit and from drowning as when Link enter water or pit he is brought back to land but it feed on energy so don’t, however Sage has his own downfall, which is that (1) he can’t fight: Sage can’t beat bosses because he is not as good as Link when it come to weapon and that the bosses are way powerful then he so he need Link to do the fighting and then he take what left of the boss to upgrade the  body shield, and Sage also appear in four sword as red link is like this, the four sword cannot be use by a person however if two people who know how to work together hold it will spit each of them into two making four , Sage and Link hold the four sword at the same time so it turn them into four, the reason why I think it the red one it because the red it the only one in the two(blue and purple) that is holding a cape so there, Sage then carry a shield for all three of them and can still do what he normally do, in four sword I like using the fire rod or bomb on Sage to stick to the fact that he can’t use swords as well as Link, so that it folk good day.   





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