Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


7. Tonight is Perfect

Zayn’s POV

Later that night

“Lauren?” I ask. “What?” Lauren answers me. “Can I take Rose out for a bit? I promise I’ll have her back.” I say. “I guess.” Lauren says. “Where are we going?” Rose asks me. “I’m gonna show you something.” I answer her. “Show me what?” Rose asks me as we walk. “You’ll see.” I answer her.


    We walk and soon enough, we’re in a park with nobody there but us. “Okay. Now I know I only just met you, and I’ll admit that I think I did a pretty good job at trying to get you yesterday considering last night.” I begin. “Now I get it you have your fears and I know that I may not be the one for you. But I want to try and make you see that I could be the one who can change all of that.” I say to her. She meets my gaze, the light making her eyes shine just a bit.


    “Rose, I want to say that I’m in love with you, but I don’t know that for sure even though it feels like it. But I want to be able to show you things others can’t show you. I get it if you don’t want to do this, what I’m about to ask you, but I want you to see that I really want to make you mine.” I say to her. “Rose, let me take you on one date. One. Tomorrow night at 7.” I tell her, hoping she’ll maybe say yes.


    “I know that you may not want to but I know you might want to. Don’t feel like I’m trying to rush you in anyway. I totally understand. But I want you to think about it.” I say to her, promisingly.


    Rose looks away for a second. “Okay.” She says, looking back at me. “I’ll do it.” Rose says. I reach for her hand and she lets me take it. “You know you look better than me in that hat.” I say, remembering I put it on her this morning. “Never thought I’d look better than a guy in a hat actually.” Rose says, still looking into my eyes.

“You know it now. That’s what matters.” I say to her quietly.

She looks away. I still look at her. “Why is it I feel like I just made the one decision that will forever change my life?” Rose asks me. She looks back at me. “Because I just might change your life before you leave.” I say to her. She smiles. “You know that Lauren isn’t going to let this go.” Rose says, still looking into my eyes. “She’ll live.” I say to her, wanting to kiss her lips.


“Come on. I wanted to show you something.” I say to her. She holds on to my hand and we walk. We get to the riverside and we stop.  “Okay. So right about now, they do this firework thing. Its really cool.” I explain to her, still holding her hand.


Right then, the fireworks start going. “Wow.” Rose says. I look at her. The firework light shines and reflects off of her eyes, making her eyes glow a bit brighter than when we were in the park. Rose meets my gaze and we see the same thing. I lean in slowly and she follows my lead. Our lips touch and Rose follows my every move perfectly.


I pull away and Rose looks away and she smiles. I look at her with a smile on my face. “Come on.” I say to her.  We walk back to take Rose back to her hotel.


When we get to her hotel room door, she looks into my eyes. “I’ll pick you up at 7 tomorrow night.” I say to Rose, her hand still in mine. “Okay.” Rose says. Her eyes look into mine. “Why can’t you stay?” Rose asks me. “I would but Lauren would kill me.” I say. “I’d take you to my place but Lauren would kill me for doing that too.” I add. Rose looks at me still.


“I want you to stay.” Rose says. “ I know darling.” I say to her, pulling her close to me. I kiss her and she kisses me back. I pull away and Rose lays her head on my chest. “Why?” I wonder. “Why can’t I take her home?” I continue my thought. “I don’t want you to leave you.” Rose says to me. “I know darling.” I say to her as she looks into my eyes. “I wish I could take you home and not get into some deep shit with Lauren. But I’ll take you home with me one day.” I say to her.

“You should take me home still.” Rose says to me. “I would but Lauren, she’d still kill me either way.” I say to her quietly. Rose looks away. “Hey I’ll take you home. Maybe tomorrow or the day after. I’ll do it.” I say to her. She looks back into my eyes and I kiss her. I take her hands in mine as I do. “Until tomorrow.” I tell her. “I’ll pick you up at 7. Dress casually.” I say. “Okay.” Rose says. I kiss her again, her lips moving with mine perfectly. I slightly pull away, but I kiss her again.


I hold her hand a little tighter before letting her go back into her hotel room.

Rose’s POV


    “Are you okay?” Lauren asks me. I nod. “What happened?” Lauren asks me. “Nothing bad. Just tired.” I say to her. I go and sit on the edge of my bed. “What did Zayn show you?” Lauren asks me. “This really cool firework thing.” I answer her as I pull out my phone and set it next to me. “I saw them from here I think.” Lauren says.


    I can’t help but think of Zayn. If only he could have stayed. Or if he could have taken me to his place. “He asked me out on a date.” I say to her. I look at Lauren. “He what?” Lauren goes, a look on her face. “He asked me out on a date.” I say again. “And you rejected it right?” Lauren goes, her hopes up a bit too high.


    “I said yes.” I say to her. “Rose why?” Lauren says disappointedly. “Because I said yes and I wanted to.” I answer her. “You don’t really know him!” Lauren exclams. “And? I do what I want to.” I say to her. “Just forget I even said anything.” I say to her.


    I get up and lay in my bed as Lauren gets ready for bed. She turns out the lights and I drift off to sleep, Zayn on my mind.

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