Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


34. That's What Friends Are For

Louis' POV

I got home around 5:45, and Zayn didn't know Rose had left the house. 

I had found the pictures of him and Lauren kissing, and instantly knew the reason. I still said nothing about it, me keeping it to myself, but I acted like myself today, despite what I saw. 

I knew Rose was shattered, and that was okay with me. She had Eleanor, the other three guys, and Danielle. Zayn and Lauren were out of the question. 

Eleanor was making dinner, and I sat with Rose, who was laying in a ball on the couch, underneath a blanket. "I'm sorry." I tell her. "It's not your fault, Lou. I should have seen it coming." I hear Rose say quietly. 

She's back to her old ways. 

"Zayn's pretty stupid." I say. "I know." Rose says. I go and wipe away her tears, being supportive. After all, that's what she needs. 

Liam calls me, and I fill him in. "Is she okay? Can I come over?" He asks me. "She's heartbroken and shattered. We're about to eat dinner, but I guess. And don't tell Zayn anything. He needs to find out on his own." I tell him. "Got it. I'll call the other guys." He says. "Okay." I say before hanging up. 

"I gave Rose a little bit because she had a somewhat big lunch I guess." Eleanor says. Rose sits up and she takes her plate from El, then Eleanor gives me mine. We eat in silence, and when the guys get here, we all just sit around helping Rose out. 

Liam's POV

I let Rose play with my phone, since it didn't have much of Zayn it, and she was playing Temple Run 2 silently, while leaning up Niall, who brought her tons of candy. He told her that he wouldn't touch a single thing unless she gave him some, and that if she needed a shoulder to cry on, he was there. 

Zayn kept on calling and texting her, and she ended up turning her phone off. After she played for a few minutes, she gave me my phone back, and Rose curls up into a ball, still up against Niall. 

Niall told her she should sleeps, him letting her fall asleep on him, and with tear filled eyes, Rose fell asleep. Zayn had now texted Louis, saying Rose left the house and she had her stuff. Louis said he knew, and that she was heartbroken. 

Of course now he texted me: 

Zayn: Tell Rose I need her home ASAP

I honestly knew that Rose wasn't going home, and so with that, I texted him back:

Me: I don't think that's happening anytime soon mate. You used her. Rose is completely shattered because of you, and she doesn't want to talk to you.

He didn't text me back, but he knew he was in trouble. 

Harry's POV

Watching Rose sleep on Niall was like watching something else. I've never seen Rose cry like this, let alone she didn't live in England.

"I feel bad now." Niall says quietly. "I think we all do." I say back. Rose turns to lay her head to lay in Niall's lap, and Niall fixes her blanket. 

"Zayn really messed up." I say. The guys agree with me. 

All we could do was be there for Rose. 

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