Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


24. Tattoos and a Fight

Zayn’s POV


I look into her eyes and she looks directly into mine. I feel tears threaten to fall and I know she doesn’t have the strength to see me do so. “Please don’t cry.” She whispers to me as she wipes a tear away. I let my hands fall to her waist and she looks away from me. I keep my eyes on her as her head hangs low, me unable to see her eyes.


She moves away from me and I walk towards her. She turns around and I only wrap my arms around her. She turns her head slightly and I kiss her.


When I pull away we go inside and lay on the couch for a bit. Rose traces some of the tattoos on my arm and then I have an idea. “Babe?” I ask her. “Yeah?” She answers me. “What would you say if I wanted to get your name tattooed on me somewhere?” I ask her. She stops and looks at me. “Is this your way of asking me to do the same thing?” Rose asks me. “You don’t have to.” I say to her. “I wanna watch you first.” Rose says to me.


“Now that,” I begin before I kiss her. “Is perfectly fine with me.” I end. She looks at me and then goes back to tracing. “When are we gonna go?” I ask her. “Whenever you want to.” Rose answers me. I get up and she does to. I go and get some paper and she sits beside me as I sketch her name in the way I want it.


We head out a bit later luckily, my friend is working and he says he’ll do both mine and Rose’s, if she gets one. When I go to get the tattoo, she sits and sketches the one she might get and when the needle part comes, she watches me as I don’t flinch. I stay still and Rose looks at me. When I’m done, Rose hesitantly goes to get her’s on her wrist. “Tell me its not gonna really really hurt.” She says to me. “Its only gonna hurt a little bit but not a lot.” I tell her.


She looks at me and I look at her, taking her other hand in mine.




Rose’s POV


I did well for my first tattoo. Only winced once and it was actually not as painful as I thought.


We end up meeting the others later on and when Liam sees my wrist, he looks at me weirdly. “What’s that?” He asks me. I quickly hide my wrist. “Nothing.” I say to him. “Well its something.” Niall says from behind me. “She just got a tattoo.” Zayn says, pulling me towards him. I wrap my arms around him and he does the same to me.


“Rose got a tattoo?” Lauren comes into this now. Neither of us say anything to her but when Liam asks me what the tattoo was off, I reply with Zayn’s name. Lauren immediately shoots me a look of defiance and then wants to talk to me.


We walk and then we end up a few feet away from the guys. “Why the tattoo and why the bandaged arm?” She asks me. “Well, you caused the cuts and all Zayn and I wanted to do it.” I answer both of her questions. “What the hell did I do?” She asks me. “Said I’m a mistake and that I shouldn’t be happy. You know that sorta thing.” I tell her.


She grabs my bandaged arm and I wince out in pain. “Just shut the fuck up and listen to me. Zayn doesn’t need you. He doesn’t love you. He never EVER loved you so everything you guys have done, are all lies. Its all been lies from the very first kiss. Stop thinking and believing him Rosalie. Zayn’s only gonna hurt you.” She says.


I look and I can see a little bit of blood through the bandages and Lauren only holds on tighter. “Stop it you’re hurting me.” I say to her pleadingly. “No. Look, go, run away. Do something. I don’t care but just watch as he hurts you.” Lauren says to me as she lets go to walk away.


I stand there for a few seconds, then run out onto the beach. I hear Zayn call my name but I keep running, and in the I end up stopping. I find a bench and I stay and sit there. I stare at my tattoo and for some reason, I feel like crying. I know that I shouldn’t, that I have to be strong. I know that crying isn’t gonna get me anywhere.


I continue to stare at my tattoo and I hear Zayn. I look up and he’s already in front of me. “Hey what was that about?” He asks me as his arms wrap around me. “Just did what she told me.” I tell him. “Baby girl please don’t do that again. You has me scared to freaking death.” Zayn says as he looks into my eyes.


“I’m sorry.” I say to him, meeting his gaze. “Come on. I’ll take you home and we can relax, watch a movie, do a little bit of art if you want to.” Zayn says to me I nod my head. He helps me up and the others come running. “Is she okay?” Liam asks Zayn. “Yeah she’s okay. I’m gonna take her home. Keep her away from Lauren and keep Lauren away from Rose.” Zayn says to him. “That’s a good idea. I’ll try to knock some sense into Lauren and I’ll call you later.” Harry says.

“Yeah.” Zayn says before we head home.

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