Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


26. Studios and A Sick Girlfriend

Zayn's POV


​We get to the studio and Harry reports some stuff on Lauren, nothing I haven't heard before. Rose watches us be us and she joins in every now and again. She seems fine but not fully into it now.

​Before Liam goes to start recording, I walk over to Rose. "You alright?" I ask her. "Kinda starting to not feel good." She tells me. "We'll be home in an hour or I can see if I can take you home when I'm done. I'm after Liam anyways so it'll be in a few minutes." I tell her. "Okay." She tells me. 

​ I go and record and Rose lays on the couch, her eyes open. Guessing it's only a cold or fever, but I never know. 

​I go stand in front of her and she looks at me. "You ready now?" I ask her. "Mmm Hmm." She mumbles. I pick her up and get her home.


 I go into the kitchen to get Rose a cup of tea while she lays in bed. I get some water going. It takes me a few minutes to get her tea made and then I get it to her. Rose sips it every now and again and she lays. Rose looked a bit different now, and knowing its because she's coming down with something. I could hear my text ringtone go off, and it was a Lauren, asking if Rose was okay. 

Funny how she asks this now.

 I tell her that she doesn't feel good and Lauren doesn't answer. I put my phone away and watch as Rose lays, miserable. "I feel like crap." Rose mumbles. I pull her close and kiss her forehead. "I know baby." I say quietly. I unwrap one arm and reach behind me, grabbing the thermometer. "Open." I say hushed. Rose opens her mouth and I gently put the thermometer under her tongue. 

I wait for triple beep, and find that Rose has a 102.2 fever. "102.2 fever." I tell her. Rose sips more of her tea and then I go to get her some medicine. Rose takes it and then I lay beside her. I kiss her lips, not caring that I could get sick. Rose kisses me back, and then I pull away. "Your gonna get sick." Rose says quietly. "I don't care if I do." I reply, my voice hushed.

​Rose feels really cold, even though she was in sweats, my sweatshirt, and under the comforter. I go get another blanket and cover her up with it. I still lay beside her and know that she should sleep. I sing softly to her and Rose falls asleep.

Rose sleeps for a few hours, and she got really hot. Rose wakes up a little after two, and her fever had gone down to 99.9 now. "I feel sticky." She says as I put the thermometer back on my bedside table. "You've been sweating for the past two hours baby." I tell her. "You go take a shower. I'll go get you another sweatshirt while your in there." I say. "Okay." Rose replies.

 Rose gets her another tank top and sweatpants, then goes to the bathroom. As I said go get her another one of my sweatshirts, then go set the couch up with a few pillows and blankets. I go back to the bedroom and Rose comes out. "Here you go baby girl." I say. Rose puts the sweatshirt on and then I pick her up bridal style, carrying her to the couch. I lay her under the blankets and then move some of her hair away from her face. "Do you want to try and eat something?" I ask her. "Crackers." She replies. I go and get a small bowl, and fill it with a bit of crackers. 

She eats them slowly and then stops about halfway. I set the bowl on the coffee table and lay beside her. "You take such good care of me." Rose says to me. "Your my girlfriend. It's my job." I reply, kissing her forehead lightly. "I love you." I say. "I love you too." Rose replies. 

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