Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


30. Rose

Zayn's POV


I run towards her as Liam follows. "Helps on the way." He says to me.

"What happened?" Louis asks, out of breath.

"She got hit."

"Rose, baby, can you hear me?"


"Baby can you hear me?"


I check her pulse.

She had one.

"Baby girl say something."

"What happened?" Lauren asks before she sees Rose.

"Is she?"


Help got here a few minutes later, and I had to ride behind.

Oh god no.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

This is all my freaking fault.

If I had told Louis that we weren't gonna come, then Rose wouldn't have gotten hit.

It's my fault.





What have I done?






I got to the hospital, and Liam was the there already.

I almost broke down, and Lauren runs in, Harry behind her.

"All of this is my freaking fault." I say to them.

"No it's not."

"Yes it is."

I run my fingers through my hair, biting my lip.

"If I hadn't told Louis we were gonna tag along, Rose wouldn't have gotten hit. If Rose and I had stayed home, she wouldn't have gotten hit."

"It's all my freaking fault and I freaking hate myself for it."

I saw Louis go to his mom, and I sat in a chair,  hating myself for causing this mess.

I had my head in my hands, and had a tear or two fall.

Why did I do this to her?

What's wrong with me?

I think about the first time I saw her, and that's all I could think about.


I sat in the back of Harry's car, and there was who must have had to be Rose. She looked like the quiet type, like Lauren had told me two weeks ago.

Her reflection from the window proved that she was beautiful in every way, and I thought, I have to get this girl.

She was quiet, and I wanted to talk to her, but couldn't think of one thing to say beside 'hi' or 'your beautiful' without either getting into trouble with Lauren or scaring Rose away.

"Rose?" Lauren spoke. "Huh?" Rose spoke this time.

Her voice was like a bell, and I was falling for her, even though I probably shouldn't be falling for her.

I couldn't help but think she was one of the most beautiful girls in the world, and that she was just perfect.

I looked at my reflection in my window, and thought to myself, 'Rose is the one.'

End of flashback

I sat there thinking of another memory of Rose and I from lunch today.


Rose was hiding behind the hill, and I knew she would run to the right.

"God baby your fast."

I went over to the right side of the hill, and caught her.

"I got you." I say to her playfully. "Not so fast." She says before running again. She runs, and I  was seriously right behind her.

I ran in front of her, and Rose stopped. "God babe where did you come from?" Rose asks, catching her breath.

"I'm magic baby." I say to her.

"Now you gotta catch me." 

I run and Rose follows, a smile on my face, and I lost her.

"Babe your fast!" She calls out as I catch my breath. I had ran up this hill, and she couldn't see me.

"Not as fast as you baby girl!" I call. She turns around and there she saw me standing on top of the  hill.

"How did you do that?"  She asks. "Magic baby." I repeat as I run again.

End of flashback

"I love you Rose." I say to myself.

Somebody sits beside me, and I didn't look up.

"What did I do wrong?"



"Zayn you didn't do anything wrong." Liam says.

"Then why do I feel bad about this?"

"Because you keep telling yourself that you caused this when you didn't."

I look up at him and I had tears streaming down my face.

"I love her."

"I know you do."

"Zayn I know you love her more than anything in the world. All of us do." Liam says to me.

"I just wish I hadn't caused-"

"Zayn you didn't do this."

"I know but it feels like I did."

I look down at my lap, then sit up to look at the ceiling.

"The least of your worries right now is saying you did this, when you didn't."

I stare at the ceiling, thinking about anything Rose and I related.

God she's my everything and I love her. She means more to me than the air I need to breath.

"Johannah's looking for you."

I shoot up, and she saw me. Johanna motions me towards her, and of course, I went to her.

"You ready?"

I take a breath.

"Hit me."

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