Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


18. Phone Calls and The Truth Comes Out

I wake up and Zayn is looking at me. "Good morning." I whisper. "Good morning." Zayn whispers back before kissing me. That has been our little morning routine. A kiss good morning and we would talk, then make breakfast.

    "So how did you sleep?" He asks me when he pulls away. "Good how about you?" I answer him. "Good." Zayn answers me. "What are we doing today?" I ask him. "Well, my mom was talking about getting together." Zayn says. I look at him. "Umm." I say. "Your parents and your sisters?" I ask. "Yeah." Zayn says. "Oh." I say.

    "Babe they would love you. My mom is already begging to meet you and my youngest sister is too." Zayn says. I look away. "Babe what if they don't?" I ask him. "They'll love you baby trust me." Zayn says. He kisses my forehead and I look up at him. "Come on.  We should eat and then pack a few things. It’s a 4 hour drive from here to Bradford." Zayn says before kissing my lips.

    His kiss is warm and promising. He enters my mouth, playing with me just a bit. When he pulls away, he goes to make breakfast and I take a quick shower. When I'm done and dressed, I go and eat with Zayn.

    Zayn takes a shower when we finish and then he comes out of the bathroom without a shirt, his tattoos showing. "Babe have you seen my black shirt?" He asks me. "Umm no." I say, holding it behind my back. He didn't bring it in the bathroom when he went to take a shower.


“Babe where’s my shirt?” Zayn asks me as he comes out of the bathroom. He had on everything else, except his shirt, which was behind my back. “Didn’t you bring it in with you?” I ask him as he walks over to me. “Babe can I have my shirt?” He asks me, his lips inches away from mine. His arms wraps around me, and I know he knows his shirt is there. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I whisper before he kisses me. I feel him take his shirt away, his perfect distraction.


When he pulls away, he puts it on, then goes to do this hair. I go sit on the counter and watch him. “What are you doing?” He asks me. “Just watching you.” I answer him as he looks at me for a few seconds. He goes back to do his hair, as he was before and I still watch him. My phone rings and I go get it, coming right back. “Hello?” I answer it. “So who’s Zayn?” I hear my dad ask.


“Oh. You heard about that?” I ask, mouthing the words ‘mom and dad’ to Zayn. Zayn motions, wanting me to put the phone on speaker. “Well, your dad did. I just thought that was one of those things people come up with.” My mom says. “Oh. Well, you see,” I begin. “Tell me if its true.” My dad says. “It’s true.” I say.


“Where are you?” My mom asks me. “His place. I’m meeting his family today.” I explain. “Tell me he’s there with you.” My mom says. “He’s here doing his hair right now.” I say. “And he may or may not be able to hear you because my phone may or may not be on speaker.” I add. “Hi Zayn!” My mom says happily. “Hi Mrs. Dawson.” Zayn says. I hear my dad doing something in the background. “Sorry about the noise Rose.” I hear my dad say. “Okay?” I say questioningly.


“So you said you were meeting his family today?” My mom asks. “That’s right.” Zayn says to her. “When can we meet him?” My dad asks. “Um, well, I don’t know when but you can video chat me and you guys can meet him.” I answer. “When are you leaving?” My mom asks. “I’m taking our stuff out to the car right now and then we’ll be heading out.” Zayn explains. He kisses my forehead and he goes.


“He seems like the perfect guy for you.” My mom says as I go to get my shoes on. “He’s amazing.” I say to her. “He better treat my baby girl right or else.” I hear my dad say. “Please don’t.” I beg him. “Its his warning.” My dad says. “Alright well I’m gonna let you go. I hope that his family loves you alright?” My mom says. “I hope so too.” I say. “Love you princess.” My dad says. “Love you too.” I say before hanging up.


The butterflies in my stomach stay the same, but I’m really nervous. “You ready babe?” He asks me. “Yeah.” I say as he comes into the room. He wraps his arms around me and he notices how tense I am. “Babe relax. There’s nothing to be afraid of.” Zayn says quietly before kissing my forehead lightly. “What if they don’t like me?” I ask him again. “Baby girl they’ll love you. They’re gonna love you just as much as I do.” Zayn says before kissing me.

    When he pulls away, he holds me and then picks me up. I smile and then wrap my arms around his neck, hiding my face. “I promise you.” Zayn says to me. “I trust you.” I reply, kissing his cheek.

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