Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


8. Our First Date

Rose’s POV


    I wake up and I find that Lauren isn’t there. I get my phone and there’s a note:


                Went out be back



I check my phone, finding nothing new. I get out of bed and take a shower, then put on a dress that’s long in the back but cuts off at my knees in the front. I do my hair and then brush my teeth. I clean the bathroom and then make the bed.


    I go and turn the TV on and Sherlock is on. I sit and I watch it. Oh I love this show. Its something about it that interests me so much, and I can’t really explain it.


    I spend a few hours watching TV, whatever comes on until Lauren comes back. “Hey where you been?” I ask her. “Nowhere really. I had some breakfast with a few friends.” Lauren says to me. “That must have been nice.” I say to her as I turn the TV off. “Yeah it was.” Lauren says back.


    I look at the time and find that’s it’s half past noon. Oh my can time just fly by already?


    “So what are you gonna do?” I ask Lauren. “Umm not sure. You?” Lauren asks me. “I don’t know. Just wait for 7 to roll around.” I say to her. “You ready for your date?” Lauren asks me. “I guess.” I say. “I’m gonna change before he gets here.” I say. “Why?” Lauren asks me. “I have to dress casually.” I say.


    “That dress is casual.” Lauren says. “Still.” I say to her. “What do you have in mind?” Lauren asks me. “Umm not sure.” I say. “Ask Zayn.” Lauren says. “But then that makes it look like I’m trying to hard.” I say to her. “Ugh. Here.” Lauren says. She whips out her phone and we both go silent. “There.” Lauren says after a minute.


    She hands me her phone and I read what she did. Lauren texted Zayn if a dress was okay, and he said yes. “Thank you.” I say to her. “Your welcome.” Lauren says to me as I give her phone back.


    “So now what?” I ask her. “Change your dress.” Lauren says as she hands me one of her’s. “Why this one?” I ask, taking it from her. “Just do it.” Lauren says to me. I go into the bathroom and change into the black dress on. I fold my dress and I put it back in my suitcase. “That’s casual.” Lauren says. I look in her direction and find Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam in the room.


    “Okay I’m not asking.” I say. “No Zayn’s not here.” Harry says to me. “I know.” I say to him back. “What’s with the dress?” Louis asks me. “She’s going out with Zayn at 7.” Lauren answers Louis. “WHAT?” Niall exclaims. “He asked me out on a date last night and I said yes.” I explain to them. “Where are you two going?” Liam asks me. “I have no idea. Zayn told me to dress casual and apparently this is casual in Lauren’s point of view.” I explain.


    “It works and I told her to put it on.” Lauren says. “You got a clutch to go with it?” Niall asks. “I do but I’m gonna wait on that.” Lauren says. I look down at my feet. “Shoes?” I ask. “Oh yeah.” Lauren says. She gets up and goes to the closet and pulls out a pair of black heels. “Here put these on.” Lauren says to me as she hands them to me. I put them on and then take them off.


    “I thought so.” Lauren says. She goes back to  the closet and she hands me a pair of shoes, ones with a smaller heel. “These should work.” Lauren says. I put them on and keep them on. “Yeah they work.” I say to her as she hands me my phone, a black case on it. “So I’m like a black whatever.” I say. “Yep. Its casual.” Lauren says. I look in the mirror and I look at myself. I hope this works.




    “Here we go.” Lauren says, handing me her black clutch. “Put your phone in it.” Lauren says as I look at the time, finding that its 6:59. I put my phone inside of the clutch and there’s a knock at the door. The clock says 7:00 now. Here we go.


    Lauren gets the door and I get up of the bed, fixing the dress just a bit. I go to Lauren as she opens the door. “Hey Zayn. She’s all your’s.” Lauren says. I look at Zayn. He looks better than me, a little more colorful. “I’ll have her back by 10.” Zayn says. I walk to stand beside him. “You look beautiful.” Zayn says to me. “So do you.” I say. “You two have fun and you better have her back.” Lauren says. “I will. Like I said she'll be back by 10.” Zayn says.

We begin to walk and Zayn takes my hand in his. “You ready for this?” Zayn asks me. “As I’ll ever be.” I say. I look into his eyes as he does mine. “You look absolutely stunning.” Zayn says to me. I look away and I blush.


    We walk out of the hotel and we walk, our hands still intertwined. We walk down to the riverside, where Harry is. “Thanks for keeping watch.” Zayn says to him. “You’re welcome.” Harry says before he walks away. There in front of us is a moonlight picnic. “I wanted to get this right.” Zayn says as he helps me down. “You already did.” I say. looking into his eyes as he looks into mine.

I smile and look away. Zayn takes my hand in his. I look back at him as he hands me a glass. “What is it?” I ask him, taking the glass from him. “Champaign.” Zayn answers me. “How is it you manage to know what I like?” I ask him before taking a sip of the drink. “Magic.” Zayn answers me. I look at him.


    We spend the night just talking, getting to know each other a little bit more. “So what do you do?” Zayn asks me. “Like to make money?” I ask. Zayn nods. “Well, I work for several organizations and go help people around the US.” I say to him. “Really?” Zayn asks me, sounding surprised. I nod. “I can’t believe a shy person like you does that.” Zayn says. “It helps me. I’m trying to break out just a bit but it hasn’t kicked in yet.” I say to him. Zayn nods.


    “Come here.” Zayn says to me. I move closer to him and his arm goes around my back and settles beside me. Zayn looks into my eyes, then he looks up at the sky. “What are you thinking about?” I ask him. “How I want to do something but I’m not sure how to tell you I want to do it.” Zayn answers me. “I’ll lay down with you.” I say to him. He looks back at me. “Look who’s reading minds.” Zayn says. I smile as I meet his gaze. “You wanna?” Zayn asks me. I nod.

Zayn lays down on the blanket and I lay down a second after. His arm on my shoulder, I lay there looking at the stars with him. “This is really nice.” I say. “I have my ways.” Zayn says to me. I move closer to him, just because it feels right. My arm goes to reach for his free hand and he meets me halfway, then he takes my hand, holding it tight. I smile as I continue to look up at the stars.


    We stay there and we lay, his arm still around me and our hands till intertwined. Its a perfect night for a perfect date.  He holds my hand a bit tighter. “I don’t this to end.” I whisper to him. “I don’t want it to either.” Zayn whispers back. He moves a piece of my hair away from my face as I smile and he begins to play with my hair. “You’re extremely beautiful.” Zayn whispers. I smile. “Guessing nobody’s ever said that to you.” Zayn says to me. “Your the first.” I say back.


It’s like there was a wall standing, and he took it down. Its like he’s what I’ve been waiting for my whole life, and I didn’t see it until now. He’s the guy that may just change my life.

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