Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


3. Nandos and Zayn

Zayn’s POV


    “Rose, please just talk. You’re really freaking me out with the silence.” Lauren pleads with Rose. “Fine.” She say to her, turning to face me, finding that I’m already looking at her. “Hi.” She say to me, knowing she’s left with no choice. “Hi.” I reply. “How are you?” Rose asks me. “Good. How are you?” I ask her with a smile.


    “I’m good.” I say. “Have you ever been to London?” Zayn asks me. “Nope. Never.” I say to him. He gives another smile. Okay. So maybe I can do a little bit of talking.


    I like Rose. She’s quiet, doesn’t really talk a lot like most people. She’s very beautiful.


    “So you’ve never been here?” I ask her, just to clarify once again. “That’s right.” Rose answers me with a small smile. She has a very nice smile, but I know I can get her to smile a bigger smile. “Have you read about it?” I ask her. “A little bit. Not a lot but a little bit.” Rose answers me. “What do you know? Based off what you’ve read?” I ask her. She smiles a bigger smile, but not as big as what i’m trying to go at with her right now. But I can tell I’m getting close.


    “Well, there’s the London Eye, Big Bentley, and Buckingham Castle. You have a queen.” Rose says to me, referring to her knowledge about England and London itself. “That’s all true.” I say. “I’ve seen pictures of Big Bentley too.” Rose says. “I can take you there one day. If you can trust me and if you really want to go.” I tell her. Rose smiles. There we go. The smile I was looking for. It’s a perfect smile. An extremely perfect smile. I knew she had one.


“You seem to know a little tiny bit.” I say to her kindly. “I sort of studied the history of London, what means what, that sort of thing.” Rose says. “That was a smart idea.” I reply. “I know.” Rose says after. She pulls out her phone. Her wallpaper for her lock screen is Sherlock. “You watch that?” I ask her. “What? Oh Sherlock. Yeah I love that show.” Rose says to me. “How about Doctor Who?” I ask her. “That’s my show!” Rose says happily. “Oh really?” I ask her.


    “Yes! Oh my gosh there’s the TARDIS and then the 1st season finale when the Doctor kisses Rose and the he regenerates to become the 10th doctor and you have to watch it! It’s awesome and words don’t even come close to how amazing the show it!” Rose goes on. She knows what she’s talking about.


    “So you’ve never been to England but you know about Sherlock, and Doctor Who?” I ask to clarify. “Yeah. In the US we have BBC America, and they come on ALL the time. The only two shows that I watch that make me EXTREMELY nerdy sometimes. That’s when I watch them to serious extents.” Rose explains to me.

I look into her eyes. “What else do you watch?” I ask her, interested. “Anything as long as I think its worth watching.” She answers. “So I can give you a recommendation and you will watch it to see if its interesting?” I ask. “Yeah.” Rose answers. “Wow.” I say in total amazement. “Huh, I’ll have to put that to the test one day or another.” I say to her. “I’ll have to give you my number one day and you can test me.” Rose says with a smile.


    “You will. I want to really know if that’s true.” I tell her honestly. “We’ll see how today goes, and if all goes well, then you’ll have my number by the end of the day or night, depending on how long we do whatever you all want to do.” Rose says. I smile.


    “So being if tonight goes well enough with you and I, then I’ll have your number by the end of the night?” I repeat. Rose nods. “That’s right.” Rose says. I hear Harry laugh quietly. I flick him in the head happily just because of it.


    I see Rose smile a little. I really like her. I really do like her. She’s like me and she can talk, she’s not really like what Lauren said at all. Wow Lauren can REALLY exaggerate.

Rose and I can really get along. Well, we really could if we wanted to. I like her as a friend right now, but I don’t know if she likes me like I do her. But I don’t need to worry about that right now.

When we get to Nandos, I get out of the car and walk over to let Rose. I want to make this right. I don’t have to but I want to get to know Rose and show her all sorts of things.


    “So what do we wanna do today?” Louis asks Lauren once we order what we want. I go with something spicy. And its Nandos. “Well let’s do something really fun.” Lauren says, taking a sip from her drink. “Rose, thought on the subject?” LAuren asks her, looking in Rose’s direction. “Nope.” Rose says to her, looking at her phone. “So you would jump off a bridge if we told you that’s what we were going to do?” Louis asks her. Rose looks up.


    “Oh hell no. Why would I do that?” Rose ask him. “I don’t know.” Louis says to her. “It’s summer. Let’s go to the beach. Rose and I brought swimsuits for a reason and we intend on using them at sometime.” Lauren says. “You guys wanna do that?” Liam asks everyone. “Sounds good to me.” I say. Everybody agrees verbally and Rose just nods in agreement. “I’ll take you and Rose back to your hotel room after this and you guys can get your stuff. I’ll take you guys with me when you two are ready to the beach and we can all meet up. Then we can go to that really awesome bar that we like after?” Harry suggests. We all agree on that idea. “We have our plan.” Louis announces. I smile as our food comes.

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