Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


2. Meeting the Guys and Girls

“Well well well. Lauren Conner is back and she’s got herself a friend.” somebody says to Lauren, giving her a hug. “Its nice to see you again Louis. Its been awhile.” Lauren says to him, giving him a hug. “ Don’t forget me!” one shouts. “How could I forget about you, Niall.” Lauren replies, giving the other guy a hug. “Do you still feel left out?” Lauren asks him. “Not anymore. I got my share now.” he tells her with a smile. “That’s good.” Lauren replies, smiling back at him.


Boys. Boys. That’s nice. That’s really funny. Wait, it’s Lauren. She’s grown up with boys. Why do I think this is new? “Rose, allow me to introduce Zayn, Niall, Louis, Harry, and Liam.” Lauren says to me, pointing to who is who as she says their names to me. “Nice to meet you guys.” I say to them, a little louder than usual, just to be normal. “Hey, Lauren, you forgot two other people,” Liam begins. Two other girls are in the room, same as Lauren I didn’t notice. “Oh I know. I was just getting to the two of them.” Lauren says to him with a smile. I was wrong. “Just wanted to get you guys out of the way before telling her about them.” Lauren adds on to her previous comment.

“And these lovely ladies here are Eleanor and Danielle.” Lauren says. I wave, thinking ‘That’s enough human interaction for today when can I go back to the hotel?’ “Oh, and Eleanor is Louis’ girlfriend and Danielle is Liam’s girlfriend.” Lauren adds. I slowly nod my head.

“You’re the quiet type?” Liam asks me. I nod. “Reminds me like Zayn.” Niall says. “I talk alot what are you guys talking about?!” Zayn exclaims. “I rest my case.” Niall says.


Lauren smacks Niall lightly. “You deserved it so.” Lauren says as Niall gives her a look. Niall sticks his tongue out at her. Oh my gosh I didn’t know she hung out with boys like this.




Yes I did.


Her brothers act like this ALL the time.


What am I thinking?


Seriously what the hell am I thinking?


“So what do we want to do?” Liam asks. “Something that involves food? I’m STARVING!” Niall exclaims. “You’re always hungry Niall. What else is new?” Lauren says to him. “Of course nothing is EVER new. This is Niall you’re talking to.” Harry says. “Oh yeah. Just like you?” Lauren says to him. “Hey. This is me. I do things.” Harry replies to Lauren’s comment. “Yeah yeah yeah whatever.” She says.


“You guys wanna go to Nandos?” Lauren asks. The guys, Eleanor,and Danielle agree. “Rose?” Lauren asks me. “I’ve never been to London and therefore I have no idea what ‘Nandos’ is. So you have to explain to me what this ‘Nandos’ is.” I say to her, stating the truth, because it is the truth.

“Its a food place. Its really good. We love it.” Liam explains. “You wanna try it or you want to eat what you always eat?” Lauren ask me. “Well, I guess I have no choice.” I say. Its true.

“Hey. That’s a lie.” Lauren says. My phone rings and I walk out to answer it. “Hey honey!” My mom says. “Oh hi.” I say. “how was the plane ride?” My mom asks me. “It was fine. I couldn't fall asleep like I wanted to but I mean its not a big deal. Lauren took me to her friend Harry’s house and she’s trying to get me to do god only knows what right now.” I say. “Saved by the phone then.” My dad says. “Hey Dad. I miss you.” I tell my dad.


“I miss you too baby girl. I want you to have fun and just live your life. Try to explore and try to do something new for me alright?” My dad asks me. “I’ll try.” I say to him. “We love you baby girl.” My mom says to me. “I love you guys too.” I say. “Bye guys I have to go.” I say to them. “Have fun and try to enjoy it.” My mom says. “I’ll try.” I say before hanging up the phone and going back inside.

“Who was that?” Lauren asks me. “Not that it concerns you.” I say. “Are you okay?” Lauren asks me. “Yeah I’m fine.” I tell her. “Well, let’s get going.” Liam says. “Where are we going?” I ask. “Nandos.” Lauren says. As usual, she’s calling the shots.


We all get into separate cars, me, Harry, Lauren, and Zayn in Harry’s car. Man I can’t get a say in anything anymore now. Everything has to be about Lauren, the boys, and the other two girls. Wow some life I get to live now, at least until I get to go back home.


I’m quiet while we are in the car. I don’t want to talk right now. Why? Well, there isn’t an answer for that question.

I just want to go home. 


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