Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


22. Lauren, Lauren, Lauren

Zayn’s POV


    I watch as Rose sleeps soundly in my arms and somebody stands in front of the doorway. “She asleep?” My mom asks me. “Yeah.” I say quietly. “She’s amazing.” She says. “She’s perfect.” I reply quietly. “What are you gonna do when she leaves?” She asks me. “We’ll figure it out when the time gets closer.” I reply.


    “I hope things work out between the two of you.” She says. “Me too.” I say before we both say goodnight. I continue to watch Rose before I fall asleep.


    When I wake up Rose is still asleep. Her arms were somehow still around me and her gorgeous face covered with parts of her beautiful brown hair. I smile and try my best to move her hair away without waking her up. She moves just a little bit and I quickly move my hand away.


    I wait a few minutes and then I try to move her hair away once again, this time without her moving or making a noise. She had moved closer to me, her head closer to my chest and it had made it a bit harder for me to move her hair.


    I watch her for a minute and then I kiss her forehead lightly. I watch her as a small smile forms on her face. “I knew you were faking.” I say to her quietly. “Well, I wanted to pretend.” She says to me. Rose looks up a little more and I give Rose her good morning kiss.


    She fights for dominance and I take it from her, as usual, and when I pull away, Rose looks at me just as her phone goes off. “You think its Lauren?” She asks me. “You want me to look?” I ask her. “I guess.” Rose replies.


    I reach behind me and pull her phone off the charger I set there when she was in the shower. I look and find that it’s Lauren. “Ignore it.” I tell her as I put her phone back on the bedside table. “Lauren?” She asks me. “Lauren.” I confirm.


    “You guys awake?” I hear Doniya ask. Rose and I sit up, and I tell her that we’ll be down in a second. She walks away and I go to look at Rose. “I’ll talk to her when we get back.” I tell her. She nods and I kiss her before we get up. Her and I change and then we head downstairs. Her hand’s in mine and Mom is awake. “What time are you two heading back?” She asks me. “I was thinking about eleven.” I answer.


    “Why?” Safaa asks me. “I gotta go talk to somebody later when we get back and London’s like four and a half hours away.” I tell her. “Oh yeah.” Safaa says, realizing what I meant.


    Eleven comes by slowly but it’s fine with Rose, considering she’s like family to Mom and Safaa. She’s gotten along with everybody and it’s nice to know she fits in.


    We’re about two hours from London soon enough and I call Lauren. “What do you want?” She asks me as she answers the phone. Rose has the seat back just a bit and she looks at me. “For you to actually realize that you’re not gonna win whatever it is you’re starting.” I reply.


    “You mean what you’ve started?” Lauren goes to clarify. “Zayn do you really think this is gonna work? Because last time I checked, you messed it up with Perrie and look where that got you.” Lauren says, reminding me of the past.


    “My past life doesn’t have anything to do with this.” I reply. “Its not gonna work Zayn. Your little relationship is gonna burn out.” Lauren says hotly. “I can make it work Lauren.” I tell her as I quickly take a second to look at Rose, a worried look in her eyes.


    “I can do it Lauren. Just watch me,” I say as I put my phone on speaker so Rose can hear the conversation. “There’s gonna be the day where you screw things up. There’s gonna be a day where Rose falls apart and you’re gonna be the one who made her fall. She doesn’t need you or anybody else.” Lauren fights back.


    “Bringing her here with me was a mistake. All of this should never had happened.” Lauren says. “You’re calling her meeting me a mistake.” I go to clarify. “She’s-” Lauren stops. “Just admit that you think Rose and I meeting eachother was a mistake.” I say. Lauren doesn’t say anything.

    “She’s the mistake, along with falling for you.”

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