Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


10. Just You and Me

Zayn’s POV


    I watch as Rose sleeps in my arms. Her body moves up and down a tiny bit when she breathes. I watch as she lays, not moving an inch out of her position or out of my arms. She sleeps soundly and she’s safe here in my arms.


    I don’t care if I only just met her. I’m in love with her. I’m in love with her everything. I love her. And I know that Rose might not wanna take it to the next level but I want to. I really want to now, but I think I should wait. Wait until her birthday to make the move.


    I watch as she lays, dreaming about whatever it is she dreams. I feel her arms around me and I only hold her tighter, not wanting to let go of her. She’s perfect to me, and I want her in my life, for the rest of my life. I don’t want to mess this up. She means the world to me and I don’t want to lose her in anyway. I don’t want to hurt her or make her walk away from me. I really don’t want to.


    I kiss her head and I slowly drift off to sleep, still holding Rose in my arms as I do.


**In the morning**


    I wake up and Rose is still sleeping, my arms still wrapped around her. Pieces of hair in Rose’s face, I decide to move them. As I do, I’m careful to not wake her up. I watch as she lays, sleeping soundly and safely. Her face is almost buried, her forehead touching my chest, and it makes me smile. She lays there, not making a sound or attempt to move.


    I watch her and after a few minutes, I feel her lips touching my chest through my shirt. “Good morning love.” I whisper to her. “Good morning.” Rose says back to me. “You’re cute when you sleep.” I say to her. She hides her face. I laugh just a bit and she looks up at me, her perfect blue eyes looking into mine. “How long have you been awake?” She asks me. “About 5 minutes or so.” I answer her.


    I gently press my lips onto hers and she kisses me back. She decides to be resistant, not letting me in. My hand goes to pull on her bottom lip, but I decide to tickle her side just a bit instead. She gives up and after a second, my tongue is playing with hers. I feel her hand go and settle onto my neck, her thumb on my jawline. My hand goes and stays in the position I chose, my thumb caressing her cheek. I slightly pull away, my lips brushing against hers.


    “Come back.” Rose whispers to me. I press my lips against hers again, Rose letting me in without resistance. I like this way. This way is by far a much better way for me to kiss her. But I’ll still kiss her normally. We continue to do this and I know that Rose likes it.


    “What the hell?” Lauren asks. I shoot up and move my hand away from Rose’s cheek. “We didn’t do anything I swear to you.” I say to her, hoping that she’ll believe me. “Zayn, I think you should leave.” Lauren says to me. “Lauren please we did-” Rose says. “Rose just shut up. Zayn, go. Now.” Lauren says, cutting her off. I get up and put my shoes on. “Lauren don’t do this.” I say. “Leave.” Lauren says the one word sharply. I turn to look at Rose, tears in her eyes.


    I don't want to leave her here, not knowing what Lauren will do. “Zayn.” Lauren says to me harshly. I turn and walk out of the room, then walking out of the hotel a few minutes later.


    I stand outside the building, wanting to stay. I don’t want to leave her at all, up there in the room not knowing what’s going on. I begin to walk and I feel as if my world just fell apart. I stuff my hands in my pockets and continue walking.


    “ZAYN!” I hear Rose shout my name. I turn around and after a minute, Rose is in my arms. “Hey baby its okay.” I say to her. I realize that I called her ‘baby’ and I like it. I know that it’s a name people call whoever it is their with, but I don’t care. “She doesn’t want me with you anymore.” Rose says to me. “I don’t give a damn about what she wants.” I say back to her as she looks into my eyes.

    “I don’t wanna leave you.” Rose says to me, a tear falling from her eye. I wipe it away. “Baby you don’t have to.” I say as I kiss her forehead lightly.  I notice that she’s changed her outfit, wearing jean shorts and a tank top. “I won’t.” Rose says to me. I take her hands in mine and I look into her eyes. “Come on. We can go to my place and I’ll change. Then I’ll take you out for the day. Just me and you. Nobody else.” I say to her. Rose nods her head.


We walk and we walk, our hands intertwined, until we get to my flat. I open the front door, letting Rose in first. “Oh my god this is so nice.” Rose says to me. “Glad you like it.” I say back to her. She looks around her. “You wanna go see the upstairs?” I ask her. “Sure.” Rose answers. I take her hand and we go upstairs. “So this is my room here,” I say, showing her the rooms up here. “Its nice.” Rose says. We walk inside it and she sits on the bed.


    “So what are we gonna do.” Rose asks me. “Well, its two days before your birthday. What are some things that you want to that you haven’t done yet?” I ask her as I go into my closet. “Umm, I’m not sure.” Rose says. I change into jeans and put on a blue shirt. I put on a varsity jacket and then walk out. “I like that.” Rose says. “The entire outfit or just one item?” I ask her. “All of it.” She says as I pick her up. She giggles just a bit as her arms wrap around my neck.


    “Hey I got you.” I say to her. She buries her face in my lower shoulder. She looks up at me after a minute. “Don’t let me go.” She says to me. I kiss her. “I won’t baby.” I say before I kiss her again.


    “Baby?” Rose asks me. “Yeah?” I answer her. She looks away. “Never mind.” She says to me. “What?” I ask her. She shakes her head. “Its nothing.” Rose says to me. I look at her and then I kiss her head. I realize that she wants to tell me what I want to tell her, and she looks up at me. I kiss her gently and then she looks into my eyes.


    I lay her down on the bed and I lay beside her. “What do you wanna do?” I ask her. “Whatever as long as you’re there with me.” Rose says to me. “You know how to draw?” I ask her. “Yeah.” Rose answers me. I sit up and hold out my hand. She sits up and she takes it, following me. I take her to my art studio and we walk in the room. “This is my art studio.” I say to her. “I need a room like this.” Rose says to me.


    “It can be ours if you want.” I say to her as she looks into my eyes. “It can be our own little place. Just your’s and mine.” I say to her. “I’d like that.” Rose says to me. “Then its ours.” I declare. She kisses me and I kiss her back.

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