Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


32. It's Everything About You

Rose's POV The next day, I was home, and Zayn had to go to the studio. "Can I come?" I ask him. "You gotta stay here baby girl. I'll only be gone for 30 minutes." He says to me. I look at my hands and Zayn gets down in front of me, and he pushes my chin up lightly. "I love you, you know that right?" "And I love you too." I look into his gorgeous brown eyes, and he looks into my blue eyes. "You gotta get some sleep you were up early this morning." It's true, I was up pretty early this morning. "Okay." I fell asleep, and totally forgot I even did. But the one thing I knew for sure was when Zayn left, there weren't red and white roses on the table with a letter addressed to me. How did those get there? Zayn? I open the letter, and find its from Zayn, like I thought: Be ready at seven. I'll be there to get you, I promise. I love you. He could be so romantic sometimes. Was I asleep that long? I go upstairs, finding jeans, a white shirt, and one of Zayn's jackets on the bed along with another note that said to wear that. Okay what's he got planned? I change into that, then put on neon blue socks and tennis shoes, and look at myself in the mirror. I looked good actually. I wait for time to pass, and soon enough, Zayn was here to pick me up. "You look amazing baby." Zayn says as we head out to the car. I blush slightly as I look at the ground below me. He opens the car door for me and Zayn helps me inside. Soon after, we were on our way. After about an hour or so, we got to a different field, one with no hills, and there was a little drive in movie Zayn had set up. "Your such a die hard romantic aren't you?" I ask him as I go to lay on him, as he had asked before I spoke. "Well, we could say that. But tonight is all about you, me, and your favorite movie." He says. Titanic! "You love me." I say as Zayn plays the movie. "That's true." He says back. I smile. We had watched the movie, and I was mouthing a lot of the lines Rose says, only because I knew 99.9% of her lines. But I was only doing it at the end, during the sinking of the ship. Zayn would smile, and I didn't have to look to know that he would. I just knew that. I never cried when Rose found out Jack died. I never did. It was something that never made me cry, let alone I had watched the movie when I was 6 and got a little sad, but I still didn't cry. And Zayn knew well enough that I wouldn't tonight. Besides, he never really saw me cry anyways so it's not like it really mattered. Zayn had kept his arms around me the whole movie, and he had started caressing my hands about halfway through it, alternating between his arms being around me and caressing my hands. I loved it, and I didn't want him to stop. When the movie ends, Zayn stops it, then I look up at him. "If I lost you like that, I'd change my last name." I tell him as he meets my gaze. "Rose Malik. It's got a really nice ring to it." Zayn admits. I kiss him lightly before he speaks again. "What's your first name?" He asks me. "Rose." I answer. "No like really. I know it's a nickname but I don't know your real first name." Zayn explains. Oh. I never told him my original first name. "I never told you?" I ask him. "No. And I wanna know what it is." He says. I thought I told him that my real name was Rosalie, but I guess not. I could have sworn I told him. "It's Rosalie." I say quietly. "What's your middle name?" He asks. "Anne." I answer. "So if I marry you in the future, your name would be Rosalie Anne Malik." He says, pointing that out. "When in the future?" It was a serious question. I don't wanna get married like now, only because that's crazy and stupid. "When we think it's right, I find the most romantic way to ask you to marry me, and we'll have the wedding of your dreams. Then we'll figure out the rest from there on out." Zayn answers me. "Then we can have cute little kids that look like you." I tell him. "If we had kids they'd look like you." Zayn defends. I smile. We were crazy for bringing this up, but it was fun. Then, Zayn starts singing. "It's everything about you, you, you." "Everything that you do, do, do." "From the way that we touch like that." "From the way that you kiss on me." I look away as I start blushing, and I couldn't help but smile. Zayn was perfect to me, and I couldn't help but think that I saw him in my future.
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