Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


12. I Wanna But...

Zayn’s POV


    We lay there and Rose drifts off to sleep for a little bit. She looks so perfect laying here. I had asked Harry to drop Rose’s stuff off at my place, and when we get back they should be there. I watch as she lays, my jacket wrapped around her. I kiss her head and I continue to look at her beautiful face.

Her face is somewhat buried in my chest and she holds my jacket tightly around her. I know that she loves me now, and maybe that means we’re together. Maybe we are but maybe we aren’t.


    I pick her up and carry her to the car, setting her in the seat and putting her seatbelt on. After a minute we drive away. She moves just a bit but she doesn’t wake up. She curls up in a little ball in her seat and I can’t help but smile. She looked so cute, sleeping in my jacket like that. I could tell that she loved wearing it, a bit of me on her shoulders. My phone rings, messing with my train of thought. “What’s up?” I answer quietly. “Her stuff is upstairs in your room.” Harry says to me.


    “And I needed to know this why?” I ask him, making sure I don’t wake Rose up. “Just wanted to make sure you knew.” Harry replies. “Okay thanks.” I say. “By the way, what’s with the paint smell? I can smell it walking by just a bit.” Harry asks me. “We were painting earlier and I guess the paints still a bit wet.” I answer his question. “But it should be fine now.” I add. “Huh, I can smell it for some reason.” Harry says. “Maybe its just your imagination.” I reply, glancing at Rose for a second to make sure I haven’t woken her up.


    “Where you two go?” Harry asks me. “England countryside.” I answer his question. “So what does this make you two?” He asks me. “I don’t know. Harry I’m trying to drive so I’ll talk to you later.” I say. “Ugh fine.” Harry says. I hang up and continue driving.


    When we get home I carry Rose inside and she wakes up just a bit. “Zayn?” She whispers my name. “I’m here babe don’t you worry about it.” I say to her as I gently lay her on the bed. I take her shoes off of her and she looks at me. “You want me to get you some pj’s?” I ask her. She shakes her head. I get into bed, the lights already off, and cover both of us with the comforter. She curls up beside me, my jacket still on her. I wrap my arms around her and she buries her face in my chest just a bit. “You can go to sleep baby.” I say quietly. She doesn’t say a thing, guess she’s falling asleep.


    I fall asleep a few minutes later, Rose still in my arms as I do.


In the morning


    When I wake up, Rose isn’t in bed with me. I sit up just a bit and she’s not in the room either. I get out of bed and walk out of the room, going out into the hallway and towards the art studio. There I find her, sitting with a canvas in front of her. “What are you drawing?” I ask her sitting next to her. “Just little random characters.” She answers me as I watch her draw these random looking characters.

    “You know you should spray paint them.” I say to her. “Nah. I’d rather not. They look better in markers or sharpies.” Rose says. I get up and pull out a box with tons of sharpies in it. I lay it beside her and I watch her as she colors them, making them look cool. How do you do that?” I ask her. “I don’t know.” She answers me.


I watch as Rose does what she does, coloring these little characters in random colors. “Done.” Rose says when she’s colored the last one. “You want something to eat?” I ask her. She nods. I pick her up, holding her in my arms. “What would you like?” I ask her. “Doesn’t really matter to me.” She answers me. “How about we get ready for the day and I take you out.” I say to her. She nods. I kiss her forehead lightly. “If you wanna you can take a shower here.” I say. “Okay.” Rose replies. I set her down she follows me to the bathroom and I lay a towel on the counter and she grabs a change of clothes and I walk away so she can shower.


    I go grab my phone and call a friend. He answers and I tell him the present I want to get Rose for her birthday, knowing he could do it by tomorrow, let alone have it done by tonight. After a minute, Lauren calls me. “Where’s Rose?” She asks me. “In the shower why?” I ask her. “So she’s with you.” Lauren says. “Yeah she is. She stayed here for the night and she can stay as long as she wants.” I say to her as I go into my closet, picking out what I’d like to wear. “Why is it she thinks she knows you better than me?” She asks me. “I don’t know.” I say back.


    “Maybe because I’m there and I love her.” I say. “You don’t love her Zayn. This whole thing is gonna turn out to be the whole Perrie situation. You date her, then you get engaged, and then that’s where it ends. Zayn you can’t keep her. She’s got a life to live and she doesn’t need a guy in it. You’re only going to make her life worse.” Lauren says to me. “Lauren what are you talking about? Perrie was the one who cheated on me. I didn’t do a single thing to her and I’m not letting Rose slip away from me.” I tell her.

“Zayn you think you know her better than I do!” Lauren raises her voice. “I’m leaving.” I say. “Zayn listen to me.” Lauren says. “Ugh what?” I asks her, getting annoyed. “She doesn’t want you and she doesn’t need you.” Lauren says. “I’m leaving now.” I say, pulling my phone away from my ear. I end it and continue looking for what I want to wear.


    I feel arms wrap around me a minute later. “Hey.” She says I turn around in her arms and I pick her up, her arms going to my neck. I hold her by her knees and her back as I look at her. She had on shorts and a tank top on. I feel her face hide in my shoulder/neck area and I can’t help but smile. “I love you.” I tell her as she looks into my eyes. “I love you too.” Rose says. I kiss her lightly and I set her down. “I’m gonna take a quick shower and then I’ll take you out.” I say. “Okay.” Rose says back. I kiss her and then I go to take a shower, taking what I’m going to wear with me.


    When I’m done, I don’t style my hair and I walk out of the bathroom to find Rose watching Sherlock on TV. I lay beside her and I wrap an arm around her shoulder. She leans her head on my shoulder and I lay mine on hers.


    We lay and watch the rest of the show, and then we head out. She puts on some shoes and she puts on a white fedora hat. I put on one like it, except it’s a tannish color. “You wanna walk?” I ask her, looking at her. “Sure.” Rose answers me. We walk and I hold her close, my arm around her lower waist and hers around mine.


    The morning go by and at some point the guys show up in the day, Lauren with Harry of course. Knowing her, she disapproves me with Rose, but I don’t care. If I wanna be with Rose then I wanna be with Rose. Its not her decision to make. Its mine and Rose’s.


    “So I hear there’s a birthday tomorrow.” Harry says, looking in Rose’s direction. “No party guys.” I say. “Why?” Louis asks, dragging out the ‘y’ sound. “Because I don’t like parties for myself.” Rose answers him. “What about presents?” Niall asks. “Presents are fine.” Rose answers. “What do you like?” Harry asks her. Oh my god so many questions. “Doctor Who, Sherlock, art stuff.” Rose says. Niall nods.


    “What are you gonna do?” Liams asks me. “Can’t say it’s a secret.” I say. “Please spare me. I don’t like surprises.” Rose says. “Nope. I’m not telling you ba- Rose.” I say, correcting the almost mistake I could have made in front of the guys. “Were you about to call her what I think you were?” Harry looks at me. Rose looks at the floor and I try to come up with a lie. “OH MY GOD YOU TWO-” Niall begins to shout as Liam covers his mouth cutting him off.


    “Shut up. We’re not dating. I mean I’d like too. But it’s- well, I don’t know.” I say, searching for the words. “You? Rose? Date?” Lauren says, staring me down. “Yeah.” I say. “Only if she wants to.” I say back. “Rose, let me talk to you for a minute,” Lauren says, taking her away from me. I look at the ground. “Okay s yeah I like her and yeah maybe I’ve got something special planned for her. Yeah I know I can’t let her go. And yeah I love her and I wanna date her.” I blurt out, not able to stop the words from flowing out of my mouth.


    “Okay so what are you gonna do?” Louis asks me. “I don’t know. I wanna date her but there’s so much going through my head. She’s only here for a bit and when she leaves I feel like she’s gonna leave me and not want me anymore.” I say to him. “Zayn come on be realistic. She loves you just by the way she acts, the way she looks at you, the way she hangs around. She’s completely smitten with you, as every girl is and would be.” Louis says to me. “I know. And I’m not saying I don’t wanna be the one to mess crap but I can’t lose her, let her slip away, let her let Lauren get to her head. I’ve let her in already and I can’t stop loving her right here and now.” I say.

    Lauren and Rose come back and Rose stays beside me, my hand instantly going and taking hers. Lauren shoots me a look and I shoot her one right back. “You got her present yet?” Niall asks me. “Yeah. I ordered it this morning from a friend, knowing he could get it down by tonight so I could get it tomorrow.” I say to him. I look at Rose, watching her look at her feet. “What you wanna do?” Liam asks. “I don’t know.” Lauren says back to him.


“Why don’t we let Rose decide? After all her birthday is tomorrow. We should do what she wants.” Harry says. Rose looks up. “What you wanna do?” I ask her as she meets my gaze. “Whatever you guys wanna. I guess it doesn’t matter.” She says. “It’s your birthday.” Louis points out. “Its not until tomorrow.” She says. “Still, you should get to decide.” I say. “Okay. Um, what about maybe going to a boardwalk? You guys have one here right?’ Rose suggests. “Yeah we got one. Its down in Brighton, we can go.” Harry says. I nod. “We’ll meet you there alright?” I ask. We all agree.

    Rose and I walk back to my place and we head out to the boardwalk.

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