Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


4. Getting Ready

“So we’ll all just meet up at the beach parking lot. Then we’ll have our fun.” Harry says. “Sounds good.” Lauren says. “Zayn you want to rise with us?” Lauren asks me. “Yeah.” I answer her. Rose smiles a little smile. I can do this. I can make this right between Rose and I. “Let’s get going then, we’ll meet you guys there.” HArry says. We all head out. “Rose, you bring the boards or did we just totally forget those?” Lauren asks Rose, barely listening to her.


    “Huh? Oh um, yeah I brought them.” Rose goes. “What you two up two back there?” Lauren asks us. “Well, at the moment I’m not doing anything and Rose is zoned out. Or well, it looks like it.” I explain. We’re not doing anything.


    “Okay then.” Lauren says after. Damn she’s crazy.”So what are you thinking about?” I ask Rose. “Nothing really.”Rose says back. “You’re thinking about something. What is it?” I ask her. “I’m just curious.”I add to my question.


    “Trust me. Its nothing. But I’ll tell you later. If you still wanna know.” Rose replies. I nod my head. She’s a thinker. I like that. Someone who thinks. Its nice. “You do it too don’t you?” Rose asks me. “Do what?” I ask her. “Think.” Rose says the one word. “Yeah.” I answer her. “Creative mind?” I ask her. “You have no idea.” Rose answers me. I smile. “Zayn, go.” Harry says. I look up, my house in front of us. I get out to change, then I come back out.


    After a little bit, we’re at Rose and Lauren’s hotel, waiting on them to come back out. “You’re going to try to get the girl.” Harry goes, breaking the silence that hung. “I’m going to. I’m not letting her slip away from me.” I tell him. “But you know that we’re us. And they’re them. They’re visiting London, Zayn. There’s no way that you can do it in a short amount of time.” Harry says back. “Just watch me make it happen. I’ll get the girl.” I reply. “You really think you can do it?” Harry asks me.

    “I know I can.”


Rose’s POV


    “So what you think?” Lauren asks me. “Well, I like it. Or, well, so far.” I answer. Lauren looks at me. “Not about that.” Lauren goes.




    She meant Zayn.


    “Well, he’s cool. I like him.” I say. “He’s like you.” Lauren says. “Doesn’t seem like that. But I can see resemblance.” I reply in return. I smile at the thought of Zayn.


    “He really wanted to get to know you. He’s wanted to meet you for some time now. He’s been wanting to get to know you since I told him we were coming.” Lauren says. I grab my bag and I open the door as LAuren follows me. “Well, okay.” I go. “You like him?” Lauren asks me. “Too early to tell.” I answer him. Lauren gives me a look.


    We head back out to meet the others in the car. “Harry, do we have to go to your house to get yours?” I ask him. “Nope. We already stopped at my house while you and Zayn were busy talking.” Harry says. “Okay.” I say to him.

    After a minute, we head out to the beach.


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