Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


27. First Me, Now Him

Rose's POV

​ I felt better and had a normal temperature by 7pm, and Zayn and I went to bed at normal time. When I woke up, Zayn had the thermometer in his mouth. He looks when the triple beep comes and he groans slightly. "What's wrong?" I ask him. "101.4 fever." Zayn answers me. I give him medicine and then go make tea. 

​ "Now I get to play the doctor." I say as I hand Zayn his cup of tea. "You don't have to baby." He says, sipping on his tea. "Your my boyfriend. It's my job." I say as I lay beside him. Zayn looks at me and I look at him. "No 'I told you so'?" Zayn asks me. "No." I answer him. 

​Zayn gets cold and I give him a sweatshirt to put on, then at around noon, he complains about being sticky. He had been sweating for about an hour or so, and I tell him to go take a shower. He does as I said and then after a few minutes he comes out shirtless. He lays down back in bed and I trace some of the tattoos he has on his chest. After a few minutes, I check his temperature. It had gone down to 99.2 now, and he was getting better. 

​"Your getting there." I tell him. "Finally." He says. "You want something to eat?" I ask him. "Some crackers to snack on." Zayn replies. "Crackers. Got it." I say before getting up to fix a bowl of crackers. When I come back, he eats. 

​"What would I do without a girl like you?" Zayn asks me. "Honestly, I don't know." I answer his question. I look into his eyes and then he looks at me. "I love you." He says to me. "I love you too." I say before he holds me close. He wasn't as hot, and I know that he wanted to lay down with me all day. 

​Zayn was better by 3, and we spend the day watching movies. We had started watching Titanic at around 8 but we ended up falling asleep. 

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