Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


19. Family Affairs

The closer we get to Bradford, the more nervous I get. Zayn has his hand in mine and I look at him. “So your sisters, are they like you?” I ask him. “Not exactly. Doniya likes the fashion stuff, and she can draw a bit too. Waliyah is the smart one, she’s like Megan from Drake and Josh, and Safaa is really nice and loving, and she’ll love you the most.” Zayn explains. “What about your parents?” I ask him.


    “My dad is like me, loves to draw and that, and my mom is really caring and loving, and she’ll love you.” Zayn answers. I look at our hands as he lets go, setting his hand on my lower thigh, close to my knee. “Everything’s gonna be fine.” Zayn says.


    We get to Bradford and I get twice as nervous as before.


    We get to the street his parents live and when we pull up in the driveway, butterflies completely fill my stomach. “Hey its fine.” Zayn says to me. “Hey look at me.” Zayn says and I do as I was told. “You’re gonna be fine.” Zayn tells me before he gently presses his lips onto mine. I feel a bit better and when he pulls away, I still feel better. “Better now?” He asks me. I nod.


    He gets out of the car, helping me out when he gets to my door. He gets our stuff out and then a girl who looks about a couple years younger than Zayn comes out, followed a girl who looks about 12 or 13. “Hey.” The older one says to us. “Hey back at you.” Zayn says back. We follow them into the house and the older girl takes our stuff. “Zayn?” Somebody asks. “Yeah?” Zayn answers as somebody comes into our view.


    “I thought it was you.” She says. “Hey Mom.” Zayn says to her. “Oh, this is Rose. Rose this is my mom, Trisha.” Zayn introduces the two of us. “Its nice to meet you Rose.” She says to me. “Its nice to meet you too.” I say in return.  “Are you two alright with sharing a room?” Trisha asks. “Yeah.” Zayn says, looking at her. A guy comes up from behind Trisha. “And that’s my dad, Yasear.” Zayn introduces. Him and I exchange hello’s and then a girl comes down the hall.


    “That’s Waliyah.” Zayn says. “Hi.” I say. “Hey.” Waliyah replies. “You’re the clever one?” I ask her. “Cleverest out of Zayn and the other girls.” Waliyah answers me. “Where’s Doniya and Safaa?” Zayn asks her. “Watching a game.” Waliyah answers. “Alright.” Zayn says. We all go and Zayn reaches for my hand, taking it in his. “Who’s winning?” Trisha asks. “Liverpool.Two against zero.” One answers. The game goes to a commercial and the younger girl looks at me.


    “Is that Rose?” She asks. “I am.” I answer her. “That’s Safaa.” Zayn introduces her to me. “Hi.” She says. “Hi.” I reply back. “And that’s Doniya.” He introduces me to his sister. “Faded Glory?” She asks me. “How did you figure that out?” I asks her. “Just by the color.” She answers me. “Doniya’s the fashionista in the house.” Safaa adds.


    “You’re not from here are you?” Waliyah asks me. “I’m not.” I say. “Where from?” Safaa asks me. “She’s American I can tell you that.” Trisha says. “California.” I answer. “Really?” She asks me. I nod. “When do you leave?” Doniya asks me. “The 30th.” I answer. “Another three weeks then.” Waliyah says just before Zayn says anything.


    Safaa laughs and I can’t help but smile. “What did I tell you?” Zayn says to me. “That’s clever.” I reply. “Game’s back on.” Waliyah points out. “I’ll show you around the house?” Zayn asks me. “Sure.” I say. Him and I go and he shows me where’s where and where him and I will be sleeping. After a few minutes, he concludes the tour.

    We go to the living room and Zayn sits on the couch. I go and sit by him and he lays his arm on my shoulder. “Rose you don’t have any allergies or things you can’t eat right?” Trisha asks me. “Not really no.” I answer her. Zayn kisses the side of my head lightly. “I told you everything would be fine.” Zayn whispers to me. I look at him. He kisses my forehead and we go back to watching the game.

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