Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


25. Cute Little Mornings

Zayn's POV

​Rose ends up falling asleep in the car and when we get home, I carry her to bed. I fix the bandages on her arm and then lay beside her. Its already 9pm, and the day had blown by. I watch as Rose sleeps and I look at her beautiful and gorgeous face. 

​She doesn’t deserve the things Lauren’s doing. She really doesn’t. The fact that she’s doing this hurts Rose. I’m not letting Lauren take this any farther. 


​I wake up and Rose is sitting straight up, breathing hard and fast. “Babe what’s wrong?” I ask her, sitting up to help her. “Bad dream?” I ask her as I wrap my arms around her. She nods, her arms hold onto mine tightly. “Hey its okay baby girl.” I tell her, comforting her.  I kiss her cheek, leaving a little trail of them and stop when I reach her lips. I kiss her there and she kisses me back, not fighting for the dominance she always tries to go to. 

​ I sing "Don't Forget Where You Belong" and then "You and I" to her, helping her fall asleep. Her arms hold onto me and hold onto her, protecting her. She's scared and I know that Lauren can take the blame for it. 


​I wake up, Rose still sleeping and her hair in her face once again. I move her beautiful brown hair away and kiss her forehead lightly. "Mmm." Rose goes, her eyes still closed and a small smile forms on her face. "Mmm what?" I ask her, kissing her forehead again. I go to kiss her lips and she kisses me back. "I love you." I tell her in between kisses. "I love you too." Rose replies in between. 

​ When I pull away, I look at her. "If I could hold you all day, I would." I tell her, knowing that today, I couldn't because I had to go to the studio today. "Can I come with you?" Rose asks me. "If you wanna but you don't have to." I answer her. She hides her face and I smile a bit. She's so cute when she hides her face like that. "Baby girl let me see you." I say, hoping that she'll let me see her face. She looks up at me for a second and then hides again. 

​"Babe come on please let me see your beautiful, gorgeous face." I beg her. Rose looks at me for longer than before and I kiss her again. she fights this time and she ends up getting the dominance she wants, but then I steal it from her. I pull away and she looks at me. We go and we get out of bed, going and making breakfast. 

Rose's POV

​After we eat, we go and get ready for the day. Zayn gets in the shower after me and I had snuck one of his shirts in here with me so I could wear it. Knowing he would notice it, I still wanted to wear it. Just because it's his shirt. I get out and put my clothes on, Zayn's shirt on me now. It was a bit too big, but I don't care. I brush my hair out and then fix his shirt. 

​  I go back into the bedroom and Zayn's not in sight. I lay my dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket and then I go back to put my necklace on. I go back into the room and it's not on the bedside table where I guess Zayn had set it. I look around the bathroom and it's not there. Knowing it could only be in those two places, I begin to freak out because that necklace is special to me and I can't lose that. 

​I go back to look in the bedroom and when I check the bedside table again, something cold hits me. I look down and find my necklace being out around my neck. "I had it the whole time baby girl don't worry." He tells me. I turn around and give him a look. "I love you." He says to me before kissing me. "I love you too." I say when he pulls away. "Why are you wearing my shirt for?" He asks me. 


​"Well, you see, I wanted to wear it and so I snuck it into the bathroom with me." I answer him as he follows me to the living room. "Well, I think that you look pretty cute in my shirts." He says, picking me up bridal style. I look into Zayn's eyes and he looks into mine. 

​He kisses me and then he puts me down, putting my shoes on me and then getting his on. He then carries me out to the car and we head to the studio. 

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