Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


33. Broken

Rose's POV

The next day was not really eventful, but Zayn was taking me out for dinner tonight, but he had interviews and meetings all day until about five, and we were gonna leave around seven. I was excited because it's with my perfect boyfriend, and since I leave in about 12 days, it's needed.

I was hone alone, and I was laying around, watching TV on the couch. Nothing was really on, but Sherlock came on around 11:30am. So of course, I watch it. 

The episode I had seen many times before, and it still was good. I kept watching it, despite that I'd seen it. 

After that, Zayn calls. 

"Hey baby what's up?" I ask him, turning the TV down. "I remembered I forgot to tell you something." He says through all the noise. "That is?" I ask. "I love you." Zayn answers. 

"I love you too babe." I say back. "Okay you gotta go work. Don't leave nobody hanging." I tell him. "Got it baby girl. I'll see you when I get home." He says before we end the call. 

He was so random sometimes with the I love you's. I didn't know why, but I liked it. We had a quirky relationship, which we loved, and nothing could have been better. I loved how we were like peanut butter and jelly, how we were perfect for each other. It was like nothing was stopping us from being together. 

Since I was on my phone, I decide to go on Twitter. I just got it about a week ago or so and had about half the followers Zayn did, maybe less. I wasn't sure. I was still new to the whole thing, and people were helping me out. A lot of the fans were really nice to me, with the occasional hate here and there. But I knew not to let those comments go to my head. They meant nothing, and I knew that. 

 I found something that made my heart stop beating for a second, and I felt like somebody shot me dead. 

Because what I saw was enough to kill me, and it did. 

I stare at the picture, unable to breathe until I throw my phone onto the couch beside me. I couldn't believe what I had seen, and I felt used. 

I felt like I was gonna be sick honestly, and tears find their way to stream down my face. 

I was broken.


But I found the strength to pick my phone up and call Eleanor.

"Hey Rose what's up?" She asks happily. "Can I stay at your place?" I ask her. She could tell I was crying, so she turned serious. "Why honey what happened?" She asks me. "I'll explain later but can I stay with you and Louis?" I ask. "Yeah. I'll be there in 30 alright?" She asks. "Okay. Thanks El." I say. "No problem honey." Eleanor says back before hanging up. 

I put my phone down and go upstairs, going to pack my stuff.

Eleanor's POV

I head out, wondering what happened. Louis was gone, and I knew I shouldn't call, so I text him that I'm going to get Rose because something happened, and not to tell Zayn. 

Rose was completely heartbroken, and I knew that. Zayn must have hurt her in some way, and I was going to be the nice, caring friend I was to help her get better. 

Louis texted back, saying okay and to fill him in when he got home. 

I pull up in the driveway, and Rose opens the front door, coming out with her suitcase. I get out and help her, and once we were in the car, she couldn't stop crying. "I'm calling Danielle and have her bring some ice cream for you okay?" I ask her. Rose nods. I hug her as best as I can, then we head back to my place. 

I had the radio off, only because a One Direction interview was on and I knew Rose wouldn't want to hear it. Zayn broke her heart into millions of shattered and cracked pieces that Rose couldn't pick up, and I knew that all she needed was ice cream and people who care. 

Danielle came over with ice cream, and Rose was on the couch, hurt. She had showed us what she saw, and we knew Zayn had probably used her. She was in so much pain, and all we could do was help her get back on her feet. 

"I'm so sorry he did this to you. He should have known better than that." Danielle says to Rose. "I'm sorry too. Zayn should have known this was gonna get back to you." I add on. "It hurts." Rose says quietly, eating her carton of chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream. "I know honey. I know." I say, letting Rose set her head on my shoulder. 

"Guys are stupid sometimes." Danielle says. "True that." Rose says, whispering. She was back to being the quiet one now, and that was okay with me. I knew Rose well enough to know she could be in this time of hurt. 

All Rose needed was her two girlfriends. 

After all, Lauren wasn't one since she kissed Zayn. 

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