Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


13. Boardwalks, Fights, and Walks on The Beach

Rose’s POV


    “What’s up with Lauren?” I ask Zayn. “Well she’s your friend. You tell me.” Zayn says to me. “She keeps giving you evil looks or something.” I say. “She doesn’t think you and I should be together.” Zayn says. “Now that’s up to her to decide.” I say. “That’s exactly my point.” Zayn says as he takes my hand in his free one. “Don’t worry. I got this. She just needs to see that you love me just as much as she loves you.” Zayn says. I don’t say anything.


    “Thats what I wanted to tell you the other day.” I say to him. “That you love me.” Zayn says. “Yeah, but I didn’t want to tell you until you said it first.” I say. “I figured that out.” Zayn says, a smile forming on his face. “Did you mean that you wanted to date me?” I ask him, the words just flowing out of my mouth before I could take them back. “I meant it. And I still mean it.” Zayn says to me. “I wouldn’t have a problem with that.” I say to him.


    “It’s just that you’re only here for a bit and I don’t wanna lose you because you can’t see me. Its a thing, I guess.” Zayn says. “That’s alright. I was thinking the same thing.” I say to him in return. “I wouldn’t leave you. I’ve got social media, that sort of thing. Email works and so does my phone. We’d have it.” I say.


    It goes silent for a minute. “Zayn?” I say his name. “Yeah?” He answers me. “What you thinking about?” I ask him. “Just you. Which sounds weird but it’s an cathartic.” Zayn says. “Ah.” I say. “Like writing is for me.” I say. “Writing?” Zayn asks me. “That’s my cathartic.” I say. “I didn’t know you could write.” Zayn says to me. “Its my secret. I have this box with tons of writings in them. Never show them to anybody but people say that they think I’d make a great writer.” I say. “I see it.” Zayn says to me.


    When we get to the boardwalk its about 7pm, and the lights are on, making the boardwalk come to life. “Here we are.” Harry says. “Its pretty in the dark. With the lights on.” I say. “The London Eye is beautiful with the lights on.” Zayn says. “What we gonna do?” Niall asks me. “Doesn’t matter. I guess whatever.” I say. We go and we play around. Eleanor and Danielle join in later on, when we decide to play of of the games. Liam, Louis, and Zayn play against eachother, Zayn beating them. He picks out this little light brown bear and he turns to face me, still looking at it.


    “Here.” Zayn says, giving it to me. “Aw! Look he’s giving it to her!” Louis shouts, being a little bit more than crazy. I take it and I hug Zayn, Lauren looking at me. “Alright you two break it up.” Niall jokes. Zayn and I separate, but his hand goes to mine. Our hands intertwine and we walk with the others. Lauren keeps shooting these looks at me and it’s kind of getting annoying.


    We walk and then we stop for bit. “Rose can I talk to you alone for a minute?” Lauren asks me. I nod and sadly have to leave Zayn’s side. We walk out and onto the beach, and Lauren looks dead at me. “Look, you wanna go and date him that’s fine. But you need to hear me out.” Lauren says to me. I look at my little bear. “Rose I’m dead serious. He’s not good for you. He’s not anything. He’s gonna break your heart and mess you up.” Lauren says. I look up at her. “Why is it you don’t want me happy?” I ask her.

    “Rose it’s not that. You could do better than that. Zayn’s only gonna break you into extremely tiny pieces that not even God can pick up. You’re getting involved with the wrong guy.” Lauren says. “Who would you know? You say that about every guy I only talk to.” I say back. “Because you need to see that all guys are bad news. You need somebody like you. Not guys like Zayn.” Lauren says. I look away.


“I want him. Nobody else and I need you to know that. If I get hurt then that’s my fault. But let me date who I want.” I reply. “Rose, please don’t get involved. Don’t. He’s- Rose he’s gonna break you. He’s gonna hurt you to the point you won’t even be here anymore. You won’t be my best friend. Your parents wouldn’t be your parents anymore. You’d be laying in the ground somewhere.” Lauren says. “You’re lucky I haven’t killed because of you and Zayn in the hotel room.” Lauren adds. “We didn’t do anything. All we did was lay in bed, talk, and kiss. Nowhere in there did we do anything we’d regret.” I say hotly.


    “Rose I can’t trust you. I know him better than you do. For all I know you two did it.” Lauren says. I look up at her. “Lauren we didn’t do anything. I told you and Zayn told you. We didn’t do anything that would result in something regretful. We knew what we were doing and we always will.” I say back. “Rose, you two don’t work. You and him are total opposites. I can have him stand right here and say many different juxtapositions about the two of you. There’s no way you two would ever work.” Lauren fights back.

    “Lauren admit it.” I say. “Admit what? That I’m right?” Lauren asks me hotly now. “That you don’t want me happy.” I say. “I know you lied. Just admit it.” I say. “Rose, I don’t want you to be happy.” Lauren says before she walks away.


Zayn’s POV


    Lauren comes back and Rose still stands by the waves, but far enough they aren’t touching her. “What did you do to her?” I ask Lauren. “Just tried talking to her about you.” She answers me. “I’ll be back.” I say, leaving them to go to Rose.


    I walk up behind her and I place my hands on her shoulders, letting her know that I’m here. She turns her head to try to see me. “Its only me.” I say. She turns her body around and she looks at the bear in her hands. “Hey you’re okay.” I tell her quietly. She shakes her head, still not looking at me. She wraps her arms around me and I do the same thing. “I wanna go home.” I hear her say. “Hey don’t listen to her. She’s just being an idiot.” I say before kissing the top of her head.


    She looks up at me and I meet her gaze. “You’re gonna be alright baby. Trust me.” I say, moving a bit of her hair away from her face. “I love you.” I say to her. “I love you too.” She says to me quietly. I kiss her forehead lightly and then her lips. I kiss her like we did when we were in her hotel room, just so she knows she’s okay. And because I want to kiss her that way.

    When I pull away she smiles, looking away from me. “You wanna take a walk?” I ask her, Rose still looking down. She nods. Rose keeps one arm around me and she goes to my left side. I keep an arm around her and we walk away. “You’re my cathartic.” Rose says to me. “What does that mean?” I ask her. “Somebody’s escape. Something that helps somebody when they need it most.” Rose answers me. I look at her. “That’s what you are to me then.” I say as she meets my gaze just a bit. I hold her close to me and we continue walking, leaving the others there behind us.

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