Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


9. Being With You is The One Thing I Want to Do Right Now

Rose’s POV

Later that night    


    “I had fun.” I say to him. “I’m glad you did.” Zayn says to me. His arms wrap around me and mine do the same. I lay my head on his chest and he kisses my head. “You alright love?” Zayn asks me. “Yeah.” I answer him. I listen to his heartbeat. His body warms me up just a bit and I smile. “Can you stay?” I ask him. I look up into his eyes and he meets my gaze. “If Lauren let’s me, I’ll stay with you.” Zayn answers me. His lips slowly and lightly land onto mine, my lips moving in sync with his. I feel butterflies explode all throughout my stomach.


    He pulls away and I look into his eyes. “Come on. Let’s get you up to your room.” Zayn says to me. He takes my hand and we walk to my room. We reach the elevator just as Lauren walks out of it. “Oh hey you lovebirds.” Lauren says. I look at the floor. “I was just going over to Harry’s place.” She says. “Okay.” I say, looking back up. “Can Zayn stay with me?” I ask her. “Ugh you ask for too much.” Lauren goes. “Yeah… I guess he can stay with you.” She says to me. “But you two better not do anything stupid. No sex you hear me?” Lauren says. “Yeah I know.” I say to her in return.


    “You two go. I’ll be back later tomorrow.” Lauren says as she walk by me. “And Zayn?” Lauren goes. “Yeah I know. No sex and don’t get her pregnant.” Zayn says. “Good. You can kiss and be all lovey dovey without the hardcore sex shit.” Lauren says as she walk away.


    We get to our hotel room and I show him around. After a few minutes, we lay on my bed. “Hey love?” Zayn asks me. “Yeah?” I answer as I look into his eyes. He gently presses his lips to mine and I kiss him back. My lips move in sync with his. I love how he does this to me, how he makes me feel the way he makes me with just one look, with just one move, or with just a kiss.


    “When’s your birthday?” Zayn asks me. “August 27th.” I answer him. “That’s in a few days.” Zayn says. “Yeah. Turning 20 in three days.” I say to him. “What do you like and what do you not like?” Zayn asks me. “Well, I don’t like parties.” I say to him. “No party. Got it.” Zayn says. “But I like walks on the beach, candle light dinners, and being serenaded by guitar.” I say to him. “Old fashion. I like it.” Zayn says. His arms wrap around me and he pulls me close to him body. I bury my face in his chest.


    Zayn laughs just a bit and I look back up at him. He meets my gaze. Our lips slightly meet, his lips brushing against mine. This one things cues the butterflies again and then he presses his lips onto mine. A strange adrenaline runs through my veins as he continues to kiss me. One of his hands goes and lands on my lower cheek, his thumb pulling down on my lower lip.


    His tongue finds its way into my mouth, playing with mine. The butterflies in my stomach multiply every second after. I play back with him and I can tell that he likes it. Zayn decides to deepen the kiss a bit more, and I don’t stop him.


    A kiss is a kiss, and that’s what this is. We both know better than to go at it. We continue to play with eachother and then Zayn pulls away slightly, but his lips brush against mine. “Come back.” I whisper to him, wanting to kiss him more. His lips land on mine and we kiss just like we did before he pulled away.

His tongue plays with mine, and mine playing back. I like it. My hand goes on Zayn’s neck, my thumb on his jawline, and his settles on my cheek. We continue and Zayn deepens the kiss. The butterflies that were in my stomach continue to multiply and I don’t care. His tongue goes and explores my mouth, leaving me to wait until he comes back. When he does, we play a little more.


    Off and on all night we kiss like this, and I love it every time. Its perfect to me and I can’t put it into words. It feels so right. It feels so right to be here with him and to kiss him the way he does. It feels like I was supposed to do this.


    I lay in his strong arms, in his warm and comforting embrace as I begin to feel sleepy. “You tired love?” Zayn asks me. I manage a nod. He covers us both with the duvet cover and I bury my face into his chest. “I’ll let you sleep babes. I’ll still be here when you wake up.” Zayn says. “Sing to me.” I say.


    “What song?” Zayn asks me. “You and I.” I manage to say. He kisses my head and he sings to me. I fall asleep, his arms still tightly around me.

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