Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


21. Bedtimes and Cuddles

Rose’s POV


    I lay on the bed and my phone lights up. I look at it and its only Lauren:


            Where the fuck are you??


I answer her with a ‘not that it concerns you in any way’ and then she immediately answers with:


            If you're with Zayn I swear

            to god. You don’t need him.


I put my phone down, and it goes off with a few texts from Lauren and I feel like crap now.


    I hear the bathroom door open as I cry softly. “Babe what’s wrong?” He asks me as he comes and lays beside me. “Nothing.” I say, sitting up. “Babe did I do anything?” Zayn asks me. I give him my phone and after a minute, I feel arms wrap around me, pulling me back. “Babe don’t let her get to you. She doesn’t see it and she doesn’t understand.” Zayn says before kissing my cheek, leaving a trail of kisses until he reaches my lips.


    He kisses my lips and I kiss him back, him and I fighting for dominance. He wins, as usual, and when he pulls away, he holds me. “I love you.” He says to me quietly. “I love you too.” I answer softly. “Are you gonna go take a shower?” He asks me. I nod. He kisses me before letting me go.


    I get out my pj’s and a towel, and then go into the bathroom and take a quick shower. I think about Zayn and how much he means to me. LAuren could never know just how much he means to me or how much I mean to him if she didn’t see what we had that she didn’t have.


    After a few minutes, I get out and dry off, then putting my pj’s on me. I dry my hair with the towel and then brush it out. When I’m done, I go back into the bedroom and then put my dirty clothes in my bag. Zayn gets up from the bed and he holds his arms out. I walk into his arms and he wraps

his arms around me. He kisses me and I kiss him back. He pulls away and we go downstairs to talk for a bit.


    Zayn and I sit on the couch next to eachother and we watch TV with Doniya and Safaa for a bit, watching whatever is on. The shows ends just as Zayn wraps an arm around my shoulder and to my luck, Sherlock comes on. We watch it and I feel somebody look at me. “She’s glued to it.” Safaa says. “She loves it.” Zayn explains.


    The show ends an hour later and then I pull myself up by Zayn more. “I’m heading to bed for the night. See you guys in the morning” Doniya says as she gets up. “Night.” I say before she leaves. I yawn slightly and I feel Zayn looking at me. “You tired?” He asks me. I nod. He picks me up as he gets up. “Night guys.” Safaa says. “Night.” Zayn says to her. He carries me up to our room and then lays me under the blanket.


    “Don’t leave me.” I whisper. I feel arms wrap around me, pulling me close. “I’m not leaving you.” He tells me. I look at him and he looks at me. “Babe?” I ask him. “Yeah?” He answers me. “I love you.” I tell him quietly. “I love you more.” He replies softly.


    “I’m not gonna stop loving you until time runs out and infinity doesn’t exist.” Zayn whispers quietly. I bury my face into his chest just a bit. “I don’t wanna leave you.” I tell him, looking back up at him. “I didn’t say you had to.” Zayn says. He kisses me and I kiss back. He enters my mouth and he plays with me.

    He pulls away and I look and Zayn. “You want me to sing to you?” He asks me. “Please?” I ask him. Zayn sings to me softly and I slowly fall asleep in his arms.

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