Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


5. Beaches, Bars, And a Little Something More

It takes about two hours to get to the beach, Zayn and making small talk to fill the silence. He’s a good guy in my opinion, and I can talk to him better than most people, let alone other guys in this matter. My parents would be pretty shocked if they saw me actually talking this much. There’s the something new. But, then again, I did try that place Nandos. I guess I’ve done two new things to tell my parents. They’ll be pretty impressed about it actually.


    I broke out of my shell somehow, or well, not really. But I tried to, let alone I am trying to. Zayn’s, wow how do I put it? Interesting? No that’s not the right word- well I guess I can use that. I don’t know another word to use to put what he is into use. Why can’t I?


    There’s something that I’m not understanding, and I’m really confused. Why do I talk to him better than anybody else I know? Am I letting Zayn into my life for a reason I have yet to figure out? Am I going to give my heart to him at some point in time? So many question rush into my mind, something that I’ve never done before.

    I just hope I can figure this out before I leave.


Zayn’s POV


    We set our stuff down after we round up all of the boys. Eleanor and Danielle couldn’t make it I guess. “Rose, let’s show them how its done.” Lauren says. Rose grabs her board and I watch them as they go out into the water.


    “Zayn says he’s gonna get the girl.” Harry announces to the others. “HARRY!” I shout at him. “What?! They were gonna find out at some point!” Harry exclaims. “Which one?” Liam asks. “Rose.” Harry goes. I give Harry a look. “Ohhhhh. Zayn, you really think you can do that?” Liam asks me. “Yeah. I know I can.” I answer him. “If all goes well tonight, he’ll have her number.” Harry has to tell them. I get up and leave to get a board and to join the Rose and Lauren.


    Lauren is out of the water with Harry and I go out into the water to be with Rose. “So, what do we do?” I ask her. “Just watch and learn.” Rose says. I watch her as she does what she does. She comes back. “Easy.” I say. I try one and then we do one together.


    We spend the day together just talking and being teenagers. We’re not crazy, just trying to get along. And to be honest I think it’s going pretty well, and I don’t wanna mess with it.

“So the others think I’m crazy.” I tell her. “Why?” Rose ask me. “I want to make this right between you and I, and they think it won’t happen.” I explain. “Well, they’re crazy because I know that you’re trying your very best to make it right and so far you it and you’ll have my number.” Rose replies. I smile.


    We stay and we just talk about random things, then we start talking about our lives. “Do you have any siblings?” Rose asks me. “Three sisters. Doniya, Waliyah, and Safaa. What about you.” I answer, adding the question after. “Only child.” Rose answer. “Lucky you.” I say to her. “Not really. I never really had a lot of friends growing up and I was close with my mom. Lauren really is my only close friend.” Rose explains. “When did you meet Lauren?” I ask her.


    “When I was like 14 or 15. We met on the playground one day.” Rose answers me. “Sounds ideal.” I say. “It was weird because I was home schooled and she went to public school. We’d meet everyday when she got home and go get ice cream and then play around.” Rose replies. I smile and then look into her eyes.


    She has the most beautiful eyes. “Have you ever fallen in love?” Rose asks me. “Yeah. A few times. But they never worked out.” I answer. “What about you?” I ask. “Once when I was 16. Turns out he was the wrong guy for me and he hurt me pretty bad. Never fallen in love since.” Rose explains as she looks into my eyes.


Rose’s POV


    He has some of the most beautiful brown eyes. They’re the perfect shade of brown, like chocolate chips, but a tad lighter.




He asked me if I’d ever fallen in love before.


“Why do guys play tricks on girls?” I ask him. “Some just want to mislead them into thinking they’re what they want, and then they just want to break them until they can’t break them anymore.” Zayn answers me. I look at his eyes before looking away, feeling my face turn a bright shade of red. “Why are you blushing for?” Zayn asks me. “Honestly, I’ve never spoken to a guy other than my dad in years. Its kinda new to me just a bit.” I answer his question.


“Since whoever broke you.” Zayn says. “Pretty much. That’s why I’m so quiet sometimes, but most of the time its just me and the fact that I’ve always been so quiet since I was young.” I say to him. I look at him. “I’ve always been like that. But it takes a little bit to break out of whatever it is that’s holding you back.” Zayn says to me. He meets my gaze just before I turn away.

“Why do you do that?” Zayn asks me. “Do what?” I ask. “You look away when I look at you. Or you look at me and immediately look away.” Zayn says. I shrug my shoulders. “Its just a thing.” I answer him. “Here look at me.” Zayn says. I look at him, wanting to look away. His eyes almost sparkle but the drops of water make it look like he’s shining like a diamond. “Not so hard.” I say. “My point exactly.” Zayn says.


    I continue to look into his eyes as he does mine. “What’s your favorite thing about me?” I ask him. “Just based off of what I know? You’re better than most of the girls I’ve talked to.” Zayn answers me. “What about me?” Zayn asks me. “That you’re easier to talk to and you’re so much better.” I answer.


“Why be so afraid?” Zayn asks me. “I’m not really sure.” I answer, trying to find the reason. “I think its just because I’m just afraid that it will happen again.” I answer him after a minute. “What do you mean?” Zayn asks me, wanting to know. “I don’t want to get hurt again all because I let another guy in.” I reply.


“What do you want to drink?” Zayn asks me. “Umm doesn’t matter. Just do a margarita on the rocks I guess.” I answer him. Zayn goes to get drinks. “So what you think?” Liam asks me. “What do you mean?” I ask him. “What do you think about Zayn?” Liam asks me. “Oh, I like him. But I mean its too soon to tell where things will go between the two of us.” I answer his question.


“He seems to really like you. And I think you know you like him.” Lauren says. “I just said I like him but I don’t know where things will go.” I tell her, repeating what I said. “You two seem to get along.” Lauren says. “It’s weird because I’ve never really said as much to another guy since I was 16 remember? What’s really weirder is that we get along so well that its like I’ve known him longer than what I have.” I tell her.


Zayn comes back a minute later and he sets a drink out in front of me. “As you requested.” Zayn says, sitting next to me. I take a sip. Fruity and strong. Just the way I like it. “The guys a mind reader.” I say. “Strong and fruity?” Zayn asks. I nod, taking another sip. “Damn Zayn how do you do that?” Lauren asks Zayn. “Lucky guess.” Zayn answers. I look at him as I take another sip of my drink.


“Okay come on.” Zayn says, getting up and holding his hand out. “What?” I ask him. “Come on. Dance with me.” Zayn says to me. He looked amazing in his shirt and I looked okay in my dress. “With you.” I say. “Yeah.” Zayn answers me. I put my drink down and I take his hand. We walk and we dance.

“You’re a good dancer.” Zayn tells me when we go back, the others already getting lost. I sit down and take a sip of my drink. Zayn looks into my eyes. “I’m a good dancer? I don’t know…” I say to him, blushing just a tad. “Hey you are.” Zayn says back. I look at him. meeting his gaze. “Why do we get along so well?” I ask him. “That is a question that I don’t have an answer for.” Zayn replies.


continue to look at Zayn and he continues to look at me. “I’m surprised you haven’t looked away.” Zayn says, moving a bit closer to me. I continue to look at him. “Me too.” I say, fighting the urge to look away. I’m somehow drawn to him. “Why?” Zayn asks me. I shrug my shoulders. “I don’t know. Maybe its the alcohol taking over.” I say, even though I haven’t drank very much.


“Let me see your phone.” I say to him. He pulls his phone out of his pocket and hands it to me. I put my number in his contacts and I give his phone to him. “What you do?” Zayn asks me. “You’ll see.” I say. We continue to look into each other's eyes. He moves closer to me and I move closer to him until we’re touching.

  He looks into my eyes as his hand goes for mine, and he takes it. I don’t pull back. I like this. And maybe its the alcohol talking, but I really like this. He looks into my eyes still and he leans in just a bit as I do the same. We continue to lean in and after a few seconds, our lips collide.

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