Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


11. Art Rooms and the I Love You's

Rose's POV

We sit next to eachother, painting our own creations. Zayn’s tries to sneak a peak of my drawing. “Stop it!” I tell him. “I wanna see what your painting.” Zayn says, looking back at his work. “I’m almost done.” I tell him. I continue to work on my little project. Little does he know that I’m painting a picture of him and I.


    I finish a few seconds after Zayn finishes his. “Done.” I say to him. “What did you paint?” I ask him. “Let me see yours and I’ll let you see mine.” Zayn says to me. I turn mine around. “Here you go.” I say as I do. “How did you do that?” He asks me. “Magic.” I say to him. “Let me see yours.” I say to him. “Close your eyes.” Zayn says to me. I do as he told me to.


    “Okay now open your eyes.” Zayn says to me. I open and there’s a painting of me from when we were at the bar the first night I was here. “Yours is better than mine.” I say to him. “Their equally good baby.” I say as we get up to put the painting up against the wall. “But mine doesn’t look as good.” I say. Zayn kisses me. “Hey sit right here.” Zayn says to me. I do as he says. “Why?” I ask him. “Because I’m gonna paint you.” Zayn says to me.


“Okay, sit facing the wall, and look down at your lap.” Zayn says to me. I follow his instructions. Zayn comes over and he moves some of my hair. “Okay now don’t move.” Zayn says to me. he leaves and I stay in the same position. “Just breathe.” Zayn says. “Mmm hmm.” I mumble enthusiastically.

I stay this way for about an hour and then he lets me take a break. “Almost done?” I ask him. “Yep. I’ll let you take a break for a couple minutes and then I’ll finish up.” Zayn says to me. “Can I take a little look?” I ask him. “Nope. You can see it when its done.” Zayn says to me. He kisses me lightly. “It looks good though baby.” Zayn says to me. I smile at him.


After a few minutes, I get back into position and stay that way for about 30 minutes or so. “Done.” Zayn says. I jump up and walk over to him. “Here we are.” Zayn says, letting me see. “Its beautiful.” I say. He had done it black, white, and gray, and it looks amazing. “Glad you love it.” Zayn says before I kiss him.

We stay and just paint and draw for no reason until about 4, and then we get ready to go out for the rest of the day. “Where are we gonna go?” I ask him. “You’ll see.” Zayn answers me. “Can I ask you something?” Zayn asks me. I nod. “Would you maybe wanna stay here tonight?” Zayn asks me. “I’d love to.” I answer him. He kisses me and then we go out. “Do you wanna walk or you want me to drive?” Zayn asks me. “Doesn’t matter.” I say to him in return.


He opens the passenger side door and he helps me inside. I put my seatbelt on as he closes the door, then gets in himself. After a minute, he pulls out and he takes my hand in his free one. “Where are we going?” I ask him. “Somewhere that will be extremely special after tonight.” Zayn answers me. I look our our hands. “What do you mean after tonight?” I ask him. “You’ll find out.” He answers me.


I look up and out the window, watching the trees go by. Its not dark yet and I know it will soon. “What are we gonna do about my stuff?” I ask him. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll figure something out.” Zayn says to me. I nod. “What was it that you wanted to tell me earlier?” Zayn asks me. “Nothing to worry about.” I say. “You sure? You can tell me I won’t judge.” Zayn says to me.


“Its just- its-” I say, searching for the right words. “Its hard to say.” I say to him. He nods. “When you wanna tell me you can tell me okay? I’m not gonna judge you.” He says. I nod. “Okay.” I say quietly. I don’t want him to think I’m crazy about what I really wish I could tell him. I can’t say it without getting tongue tied, and the words get trapped. It sucks to know that I can’t say it without that happening.


It takes a bit to get to where we’re going and its dark. “Where are we?” I ask him. “England country side. Not far from the outskirts of London.” Zayn says, my hand still in his. “Here.” Zayn says, taking his varsity jacket off. He helps put it on and his hand instantly finds mine. We walk and after a minute, we lay in the grass, looking up at the stars. His arm goes around my shoulder and I lay my arm on his chest, his other hand finding its way to mine.

“This is perfect.” I say quietly. “Just like you.” Zayn says to me. I hide my face. I can hear him laugh just a bit as I do. “I’m imperfect.” I say after a few minutes. “Don’t you say that.” Zayn says back. I shake my head. “Hey look at me.” Zayn says. I look at him, meeting his gaze. “You’re extremely perfect. You’re not imperfect.” He says to me. “You’re beautifully perfect and don’t you dare let anybody tell you different. You’re perfect in every way imaginable, in every way possible.” Zayn says to me. I look away.


“I really mean that Rose. I really, truly mean it. And I need you to remember that I mean that.” He says to me as I look back at him. “Promise me you’ll remember?” Zayn asks me. I kiss him lightly. “I promise.” I say to him.


Zayn’s POV

    I kiss her, and she kisses me back. We kiss like this morning and last night, the perfect way to seal a promise. I slightly pull away, my lips brushing against hers. “Come back.” Rose says to me. I gently press my lips to hers and her hand goes and lets go of mine and settles on my neck, her fingertips on my jawline. My hand goes and caresses her cheek, the way I was doing it this morning


I deepen the kiss just a little bit, making sure it doesn’t get too heated. I don’t wanna take it that far just yet, but I know that it’ll get that far at some point. I know it will.


    We kiss off and on like this for awhile, just letting it happen. I can tell she’s got something on her mind, but I don’t let it bother me. She’ll tell me when she’s ready. I’m not going to force it out of her as if I have to know. I look into her blue eyes, the moonlight shining off of them  at the angle she’s in. She meets my gaze, the shine still there. “You have extremely beautiful eyes.” I say to her. She looks away. “How am I used to you doing that?” I ask her.


    She looks back up at me. “With the whole looking away thing?” Rose asks me. I nod. “I don’t know.” She answers, her arm wrapping around me. I wrap mine around her and pull her a bit closer. I hold her tightly but not tightly, about somewhere in the middle. She looks away and I look at her. I move a piece of her hair out of her face, then wrapping my arm back around her.


    “Why did you choose me?” Rose asks me. “What do you mean?” I ask her. “Out of every girl in England, you fell for the visitor. The American one.” Rose says. “You’re perfect, as I said earlier. And you’re everything I look for a girl. Yes I fell for an American, but that was honestly beyond my control.” I explain to her. I decide to do what I wanted to do.


    “Rose, I need you to look at me.” I say to her. She looks into my eyes. “I’ve fallen for you. I can tell you that. You’re the one girl that stands out from every other girl in the world. I know that you’re only here just for a bit, only for a month or so, and It hasn’t even been a week since I met you. I kissed you the day we met and our relationship grew since then. I’m falling for you now and I’m only going to continue to fall for you for as long as I live.”

“You’re beautiful and perfect, and everything related. You’re not anything bad. You’re all things related to all of the good things. I’m not letting you slip away. And I need you to remember that I can’t just do this by myself and that I really want you in my life. I can’t afford to lose you even though I’ve only just met you. It would kill me to see another guy do the things I do, to say the things I say, to do anything with you. I don’t wanna see that happen.” I say to her.

    “Rose I love you.” I say, not even thinking about the four words that just came out of my mouth. She kisses my lips, her touch is so warming and comforting to me. “I love you too.” Rose says back to me.
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