Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


36. Accidents

Zayn's POV

"Zayn don't do it!" 

I was about to open the front door to chase after Rose, in an attempt to fix my relationship, when Liam told me that. 

"Let her have her space right now. She needs to clear her head after what happened." 

I run my fingers through my hair, and I walk out the door. 

I go to my car, getting in, and drive away. I remember the other night, and for the first time in a long time, I break down at the thought. 


Rose laid in my arms, mouthing lines form the movie. I knew she knew the lines like she knew me, and I smiled. 

Rose was my everything. 

And nothing could change that. 

At some point Rose would be my forever, and I'd love her more than words could show. 

End of flashback

"Everything is so fucked up." 


I was driving, and I had no idea where I was. 

I couldn't think, at least not straight, and Rose was on my mind. 

But how, do you expect me, to live alone with just me? 

Cuz my world revolves around you it's so hard for me to breathe

I stare at the road in front of me. 

Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air 

Can't live can't breathe with no air

It's how I feel whenever you ain't there

There's no air, no air

I couldn't focus.

Got me out here in the water so deep

Tell me how you gonna be without me 

If you ain't here I just can't breathe

No air, no air

Life wasn't going to be the same if Rose didn't come back to me. I couldn't lose her. I just couldn't lose the girl that I love. 

I can't lose my baby girl. 

Not now. 

Not like this. 

"You should have turned her around and kissed her. You should have made things right at that moment. You shouldn't have cared if she hit you or if she dumped you right then and there. You should have held her as she cried and made her feel like the only girl in the world. But you, Zayn Malik, have fucked up so much Rose probably won't be coming back to love you." 

I wasn't giving up without the fight. Rose was my forever after. I couldn't lose that. 

At that moment, everything went black. 

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