Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


14. A Little Something More

Zayn’s POV


    Rose and I walk, one arm around eachother, until Liam finds us. “Where you two go?” Liam asks us. “Just went for a walk.” I answer him, Rose by my side still. “Alright. We were gonna go catch some movie that Harry wants to watch. We need to know if you guys are gonna wanna come.” Liam explains. I look at Rose. “What movie?” I ask. “The one you already saw. I don’t remember the name or anything but he wants to get the tickets to see it.” Liam answers me.


“I’m good.” Rose says, looking at the bear in her hand. “Okay. I guess we’ll see you guys tomorrow then?”  Liam says. “Yeah. We can meet up for ice cream or something. Whatever Rose wants to do.” I say. “Alright. I’ll see you later.” Liam says before he leaves.


“What do you wanna do?” I ask her. “Doesn’t matter.” Rose answers me as she meets my gaze. “Well, we could go home, continue walking, or stay here for a bit and do nothing if you wanna.” I say to her, giving her ideas. “The last option works.” Rose says to me. I pull her close with both of my arms, and she wraps her arms around me. “You’re axiomatic.” I say to her. “I’m what?” Rose asks me, confused. “You’re unquestionable.” I say to her.


“Not sure how that applies to me.” Rose says before she sets her head on my chest. “You’re not one to be questioned.” I explain. “True.” She says to me in return. I hold her somewhat tightly, making sure she’s okay and safe again.


“Do you still wanna go home?” I ask her. “Not anymore.” Rose says to me. “Good.” I say. “But letting you know, I’d follow you home and still be with you if that’s what it took.” I add. “Lauren would find you and kill you. Trust me she really doesn’t want me to be happy. Her words not mine.” Rose explains to me.


“She’s just apprehensive. She doesn’t like much.” I counter. “True.” Rose replies. “She falters though. She never admits it. She always thinks she’s right on everything.” Rose adds. “Now that’s 110% true.” I say to her in return.


We stand there and after a few minutes, she looks up at me. I look down at her, meeting her gaze. I kiss her and she kisses me back. When I pull away slightly, she tells me to come back. I kiss her again, and I can tell she’s okay.


“I love you.” I say in between kisses. “I love you too.” Rose replies, the same thing in between kisses. I kiss her again.


One of her hands go and wrap around my neck just a bit and my hand goes to her cheek. I know she likes it when I do that, let alone kiss her. I know the way she likes, but let alone her first kiss might have been me.

“You wanna head home?” I ask her. She shakes her head. “Not yet.” She adds. I nod. Her hand falls from around my neck and my hand goes and finds hers and she lets me take it.


I love her. More than anything, and yet it’s only been almost a week. Why I’ve fallen so hard this fast amazes me. She’s perfect to me and I can’t lose that. She’s everything to me. There’s no way I’m letting somebody like her slip away from me. If anybody thought that, then they’d be dead wrong.


If she let me have her, let me be her boyfriend, it would be the greatest thing that’s ever happened besides being put in the band. That’s where it ranks, but it would be my number one. I want her to be in my life and I know that I can make that happen.


The moonlight shines, igniting the color of her eyes just a bit. I think it’s beautiful. It’s a blue color, with a perfect shine. If only she could see what I could.


She meets my gaze after a few seconds. “Can I ask you something.” I ask her. “Anything.” Rose says to me. I nod.


“Okay. Now yes I know, you’ve been here for almost a week. And I know that you love me and I love you. I know that you heard me when I said I wanted to be with you. I meant that. I wanna be with you for as long as possible and no matter what I want you to see that there’s possibly nobody else who can love you just as much as me.”


“I know that it’s been a week, like I said, but I really want this. More than anything really and it’s killing me on the inside.” I say to her as she smiles. “Please tell me you know where I’m going.” I say, hoping she knows. “I know where you’re going.” Rose says back. “Now, knowing that your kinda old school, all the old fashion stuff and that, I figured I should still ask you.” I say. Rose nods.


“Rose, would you please be my girlfriend?” I ask her.


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