Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


1. Welcome To London

Rose’s POV    


“Here we are! We’re finally here!” My best friend, Lauren says. I don’t say anything. “Rose, say something.” Lauren says to me. “It’s big. The room is big.” “That’s it? Out of everything you see, that’s all you can think of?” Lauren asks me with a little bit of disappointment in her voice. I nod. She walks away from me.


    I, on the other hand, would be excited.  If it weren’t for the fact that I’m 19 years old, with my best friend, in a city I have never been to in my entire life.


    To be honest, I’d rather be in California. Riding roller coasters and riding horses on the beach, right on the surf. Because that’s how I grew up. Being the crazy and wild one. And now I am the quiet one.


    I’m not so sure, not knowing what will happen while we are here. It’s an adventure that I was given and I don’t know what to do. But I don’t intend on wasting it.


    “What do you wanna do?”Lauren asks me. “I don’t know. Just stay here for a little bit and sleep for a little while I guess. “I answer Lauren tiredly. I didn’t sleep on the plane when I wanted to because the plane was playing Titanic and that’s my all time favorite movie. My parents named me after the main character, Rose Dewitt Bukater, because they think I turned out like her. I guess that’s true.

    I don’t question the things that I do. Never. I think that there is no need to question yourself, let alone your actions. You do what you want to do.

    “Well, you can do that then.” Lauren says to me.Her phone begins to ring and she answers it. Lauren goes into the kitchen and I don’t question her in any way. I don’t know who she is talking to but it

just might be important.  I get up to get some water when I hear her say something. “What time should we be there?” I hear her ask.


There’s a short silence then I hear something else. “I’d say about 7pm. I can come and get you two if needed.” I hear. Oh god what has she done now? What does she have planned now? Please don’t let it be something bad.  Please don’t let it be a trap.    


“Can you get us? My friend hasn’t brought me a  car she said I could borrow while we are here yet.” Lauren asks whoever she is talking to. “Yeah. I can do that. I can come now if you want me too.” The voice says. It’s a deep voice, so I guess it’s a boy she is talking to.


“Yeah that works. We’re like 15 to 20 minutes away from you I think. But you can totally get us now.” Lauren says. I begin to get nervous.


“Alright then. I will see you soon.” The boy says to Lauren. “Alright. Bye.” Lauren says.


I guess Lauren hung up because I don’t hear anything after that.


“Rose, change of plans. We’re going somewhere.” Lauren says. “I know. I heard part of the conversation.” I say to her. “Stalker.” Lauren proclaims. Its not stalking when you need water and that somebody has their phone on speaker.” I explain to her. “I rest my case then.” Lauren says to me after.


20 minutes passes by slowly and the next thing we know we are walking outside. A car pulls up and Lauren walks around to the passenger side door. I get in the back. “Hey Harry.” Lauren says. “Hey Lauren. It’s been so long.” The boy says to Lauren. “And I’m guessing your friend is Rose.” He says. “Yeah. She’s being quiet today. We got here and she didn’t have very much to say.” Lauren explains to him. I stare out the window.


“Where are we going?” I ask. “My place.” Harry says. “Okay.” I say and the I become quiet. This is really just insane. I’m in a car with two people, one I know, and one I don’t know. Why? God only knows. God I’m scared right now.


“You know, Rose reminds me of Zayn.” Lauren says to Harry. “I figure that they should meet. I thought about it when you said that you two were coming.” Harry says to Lauren. “Because they act alike? I know. I told him that she was coming and I told him about her. I think he might like her. He sounded interested.” I hear her say.


This makes me scared. I don’t know what the two of them are doing. I don’t even know Harry. God I don’t know who they are even talking about!

    Soon enough, we are pulling into a driveway. “Zayn’s place.” Harry says. The door behind Lauren opens and another boy enters the backseat. “Zayn what’s up man?” Lauren asks him in a funny voice. “Vas Happenin?’” He answers her, also in a funny voice. It takes my entire will not to laugh at them.


    I stare out the window. Being extremely quiet is pretty easy. Just not think of anything and not talk. How hard is it? It’s so easy for me you wouldn’t believe.


    I feel as if I’m inside of one of those movies. Where the main character gets kidnapped and everybody looks for her and next thing you know you never see her again because she’s either dead or she’s somewhere far away and nobody knows how to get there.


    Minutes pass by and I don’t say anything. “Rose?” Lauren addresses me. “Hmm?” I answer her. “Just making sure your still alive. You’re being quiet.” Lauren says to me. “I know.” I answer her. Quiet is my specialty.


“Why don’t you talk or something. Connect with people.” Lauren tells me. I look at Harry. Then the guy sitting behind Lauren. “Why?” I ask her. “You need to.” Lauren says to me.


Next thing I know, we are at what I think is Harry’s house. “Welcome to my place.” Harry says. I was right. Just a lucky guess really.


We all get of the car and Harry leads us inside. The house is freakin huge. Bigger than mine actually. Its insane. “God I haven’t been here since last year.” Lauren says. “Welcome back.” Harry says to Lauren with a smile. I can tell he likes her a lot. She told me she’s known him forever. Since they were like 1 or 2. Supposedly Lauren’s mom was close friends with Harry’s mom and so on and so forth.

I find that this whole thing is stupid. Extremely stupid. I don’t know anything, I don’t know where I am really. God I can’t 

tell where this is actually going right now.

I just hope I’ll live to see daylight tomorrow, if there will be.

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