Hidden secrets

Two months after Hope dies, her boyfriend Cody finds a letter addressed for him.....
The letter is from Hope, and tells him, her sight of there relationship. Before and after a huge secret comes between them.


3. 6.12.14

It's been a month since I first met Cody. And I admit I fancy him, not a little, very much. He's so different from all the other boys I've ever met. He care about me and how I feel.

Today he brought me to a café, it was at the beach, and near the place we first met. We've been dating for two weeks now, and it's amazing. Every time we kiss I feel butterflies in my stomach, and I believe he does to.

So we were sitting at the cafe when he asks: "How was your last boyfriend?" He could easily just have stabbed me instead. Tears filled my eyes and I stood up, and ran for the bathroom. I saw Cody's jaw drop, and if my heart hadn't been in pain, I would have laughed. I looked in the mirror and started crying even more. Cody was knocking on the door, and I was scared. I couldn't tell him what had happened to Niall. Because then he would realize who I was. The famous ex-girlfriend to the famous Niall Horan. I reached for my phone, and dialed a number I never thought I'd dial again.

"Hello. This is Liam." I started crying again. "Li it's Hope." I could hear him gasp. "Hope? It's really you, I've missed you so much! How are you?" I could hear someone yell Hope. And right after another familiar voice yell Hope in my ear. "Hi Harry" Harry goes silent. "I've missed you so much! Why didn't you call me back?" I can't barely hear him, because he's whispering. "I need you to pick me up! I am at the beach cafe, and I need to see you guys!" I could hear Liam take the phone again. "Harry and Louis is on the way. What happened?" I remove a tear from my eye. "I'll tell you when I come." I can hear him sigh. "You promise?" I smile to myself. "Of course Lila." I can almost imagine him smile at me calling him Lila. "I miss him!" I blur out. "I know you do, so do we. But there's nothing we can do about it!" I nod. "I know."

I can hear Cody yelling at someone, saying: She's my girlfriend! And then a very cold Harry saying: And she's my best friend. "Hope, you can come out now." It's Louis and he sounds eager. I slowly open the door, and two pairs of arms embrace me. "God I've missed you!" Both Louis and Harry looks at me. "I've missed you guys to!" I look around. "Where's Cody?" I can only imagine him angry, cause I've never experienced it. "The guy who claimed to be your boyfriend?" Harry looks at me, his eyes looking for an explanation. "Yes. Cody is my boyfriend." Louis look happy. "You've moved on." He hugs me again and looks excited. "We need to tell the boys!" Harry grabs my arm and drags me to their car. "Come on we need to get home." He puts my seatbelt on and starts the car.

We pull up the driveway. "Welcome home."


Now you know what happened that day, hope you start understanding who I was....

- all the love in the world Hope

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