Hidden secrets

Two months after Hope dies, her boyfriend Cody finds a letter addressed for him.....
The letter is from Hope, and tells him, her sight of there relationship. Before and after a huge secret comes between them.


2. 5.12.14

Cody was nothing like any other boy I had ever met. He was funny, beautiful, and so incredible sweet. I can honestly tell, I fell in love at first sight. I was walking on the beach, when I first met him. He was there with his friends, and they were playing football. Suddenly I got hit by the ball, and there he was. Bending over me, with a look of sadness. "Are you okay beautiful?" He took my hand and helped me stand. "Yes. Thank you..." I smiled at him, and he smiled back.... His smile was amazing, and it reached his eyes.... "Can I help you back to your house, just so you don't fall on the way?" He smiled a little, and turned red when I nodded. "You may" He took my hand again, and started walking.

"So what's your name?" He asked. "Hope, what's yours?" I looked at him, he had wrinkles around his perfectly green eyes. "Cody" I smiled. "Nice to meet you Cody" "Nice to meet you to Hope...." We kept walking for a while, holding hands. When we reached my house I stopped. "This is me" he looked at the house. "It's cute!" I let out a giggle. "Yeah. My mother likes pink, so of course the house have to be pink." I giggled. "How's the head?" He took my hand and looked me in the eyes. I couldn't resist, I leaned forward and peeked his lips, I looked in his eyes while I did it. "It's fine." I ran to the door, and he was standing there, all red. "I'll see you tomorrow, at the beach?" I looked at him, and he nodded. "Yeah... Yes.... Sure!" He smiled a huge smiled and began walking. "Bye Cody." He smiled. "Bye beautiful."

I walked in and looked in the mirror. What did just happen? I had never felt this way before. It was an odd feeling. My stomach was rumbling, my cheeks were red, and my head spinning. It was love at first sight.


This was the day I met you.... And every day since I have had these feelings.

- Yours Hope

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