Distant Memories

Alaska state is just your average Aussie teen fair hair, pale face and average weight. There was nothing special about her apart from the fact that she knows Ashton Irwin, there's one problem she hates him. What happens when they have to see each other again.


1. Just think of happy days

My name is Alaska State, just your average Aussie teen girl fair hair, pale face and average weight. I never thought I was special until I met him the love of my life. I gained his love in a matter of days and lost it in a matter of seconds.

So me... If your wondering about me I'll tell you and if you weren't bad luck.

• I'm 20

• my birthday is the 21st of January

• my Favourite movie is The Maze Runner which is awesome cause in Aus DVD for TMR is came out on my birthday

• My favourite colour is Purple

• and I'm almost always an outcast



It's been two long hard years since he left and I've hated every second of them! I loved him and two years ago to the day I woke with a note on the pillow next to me, it read:

'To my dearest,

This will be hard to take in and I know that but, I'm leaving today... and I'm not coming back

Love Ash

It was the hardest thing I'd ever had to read and I never fully recovered. Ashton is now in a boy-band called 5 seconds of Summer or 5sos for short, and me, I'm an interviewer in Melbourne, Australia and today I had to interview 5sos and no one could fill in for me. Time for torcher. I hope Cal, Mikey I and Luke will be alright.


"So boys how are you?" I ask politely

" we're good" they replied simultaneously that made me laugh, something I hadn't done in a long time.

"Let's start with some questions, do you like being back in Sydney?"

" we love being back and we are so welcome everywhere we go and the Aussies haven't changed one bit, don't ever change Australia" Calum spoke almost like he was the prime minister.

After a few more of my questions.

" so boys you have, surprisingly, never been asked about girls so tell us have you ever had any special girls in your lives"

Finally we got to Ashton's turn and my heart skipped a few beats. He looked me straight In the eye and said

" well I really loved this girl about two years ago and I thought she was the one but I guess she wasn't ." He ended with a sigh and stared at the ground, I can't believe those words came out of his mouth Caring, Sweet, Loving Ashton I once knew and loved was gone in my mind. Those words hurt and I won't forgive and forget for a long time.


As we finished the interview ash just sat there with his head in his hands while the other boys left, I went over and sat next to him and to my surprise he looked up and hugged me and I hugged back I missed him but I didn't want to admit it. Then he pulled away and broke down in tears, I was slightly taken aback as he never cried when we were together. He broke the long silence by speaking words that he had obviously planned out in head " I know what your thinking I never used to cry like this, well I cry now because of you, everyday I regret that stupid note I wasn't thinking straight I was mad and when I tried to call to explain you never picked up. I'm so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?" After he said that I was lost for words. Finally I found them "I'm touched but it's gonna take more than that to make it up too me" then I walk away and out of the room.

I felt bad for doing that but I know it was the right thing to do, as I was thinking I got interrupted by Calum "oh, sorry. Hey I was just looking for you, you looked a bit distant during the interviewing just wanted to make sure you were alright." He said looking worried. I decided that Calum was trust worthy enough so I pulled him aside and let everything go I stopped after about five minuets as I couldn't go any further and I just broke down in tears and then Calum just hugged me and I cried into his shoulder he was so understanding then ash walked out of the interview room his eyes red and puffy from crying? all the boys rushed to his side but didn't utter a single word, he didn't even look at them his eyes were fixed on the door and he just pushed past them. Slamming the glass door as he left and to the car. Suddenly Calum walked behind me and scared me real bad then he handed me a piece of paper, after they left I opened it and it had Luke's, Michael's and Calum's phone number but then I saw another number… Ashton's!

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