Distant Memories

Alaska state is just your average Aussie teen fair hair, pale face and average weight. There was nothing special about her apart from the fact that she knows Ashton Irwin, there's one problem she hates him. What happens when they have to see each other again.


3. heyyy

Hope you had a great Australia Day or just day in general.

Two months later


I haven't seen the boys in a while well two months to be exact, sure we've kept in touch over Skype and Twitter and just social media in general but it's just not the same.

I finally get to see them again today I invited them to a small coffee shop in the heart of Sydney. Yes I invited all of them because I know what it's like to be left out.

Being a girl I couldn't decide what to wear and I have to leave in half an hour.

I arrived at the coffee shop and was surprised when i saw them there, they're always late! I sat between Luke and Mikey and we talked so much we didn't order for another hour, oh well.

After we ordered and talked some more our drinks came, they were surprisingly good.

I excused myself from the table and went into the girls bathroom, i didg back to the table.

I sat down and picked up my drink but I immediately put it down as the was something stuck on the bottom, I looked underneath to see there was gum on it EWWWWW! I looked up to see the boys laughing, I really hope I am smart enough to get them back. I looked back at the cup to see something else on it. It was a note that said:

To Alaska

Would you like to go out with me tomorrow?

From Cal

OMG did Calum hood just ask me out?

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