Distant Memories

Alaska state is just your average Aussie teen fair hair, pale face and average weight. There was nothing special about her apart from the fact that she knows Ashton Irwin, there's one problem she hates him. What happens when they have to see each other again.


2. Filler


I swear I cried an eighth sea. My heart was broken, now it's missing althogether, I need family so I went home. I walked into my house, I didn't tell anyone as it's a surprise. I let myself in and set off to find Lauren when I heard some sobs from her room I literally dropped everything I heard a smash but I didn't care. I ran to her room I opened the door and there sat mum and Lauren, I noticed a photo missing it was a picture of her and her boyfriend at the Christmas barbecue... If her hurt her he's dead. If you can't tell I'm very overprotective of Lauren and Harry. I must have moved and made a noise because they looked up at me a started hugging me and smiling, god I love them. Then suddenly I felt like crying Lauren's smile reminds me of Alaska I miss her so much, I promised myself then and there that I will get her back no matter what I have to do.


I was working so hard to edit the video of the interview and have the article ready for my boss in 2 hours. But it was hard to concentrate when all that's in your head is Ashton, his eyes, his smile. I will never forget the first time I met him I looked at him and then he came up and talked to me and I thought he was some kind of tough guy with all that muscle he has, then I said something funny and that all went out the window. His laugh is amazing!

I have been talking to Cal, Mikey and Luke lately but I haven't had the guts to call Ashton. Somehow I know I have to but I just couldn't. The other boys have been really nice to me and for some weird reason I can tell I will be friends with them for a long time but as for Ashton I have no idea, I'm just going to see where life takes me.

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