Hard Love

Luke and Mirna are best friends but then Luke asked her if they wanted to hang out at his place. Movie night. Cuddles.drinks. And $&#?!?!?!?!?!


3. staring 😳😁😳

Lukes pov

"Ok princess" whoa she blushed. Really hard. Haha it's super cute.

I throwed pizza sauce on her hair and she gasped.

"HUUUUH OH YOUR GONNA PAY LUKE ROBERT HEMMINGS!!!" Then she throwed the WHOLE pizza at me. Dang shes everything I asked for.

"Ok well I need to leave, my mom wants me home now bye guys."

"Byeeeee" me and Mirna said in unison.

Mirna and I sat on the couch after Mickey left the house. I heard a beep from Mirna's phone.

"Mind if I stay here?" She said like if she wanted me too say yes.

"Yea sure" I said it with happiness tingling inside of me.

"Want clothes?" I asked her

"Yes plz Luke haha" she said then started laughing. She's so aborable I love her. I said to her that I liked someone else but that someone is her. Damn she's so amazing.

"Uhhh Luke? Your staring at me" she said with a smile.

"Huh? Oh umm come to my bedroom to get the clothes" why am I an idiot. She caught me staring at her ughhhh.

I got to my bedroom and saw her sitting in my bed waiting patiently.

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