Hard Love

Luke and Mirna are best friends but then Luke asked her if they wanted to hang out at his place. Movie night. Cuddles.drinks. And $&#?!?!?!?!?!


2. pizza then ####!!!!!

"Yea sure, why aren't calum and ash going?" I asked."Calum needs to clean his room and Ashton needs to do some stuff with his little brother Harry" he said, "oh" was all I said.

*skip school*

Finally school is over now we get to have summer break. As I went outside I saw Luke leaning against his car. Oh god he looks so cute.

"Ready?" He said with a cheeky smile

"Yea I'm ready" I said back. I got in the car with him. We listened to Blink 182 Midnight. I love that fucking song. I started singing to it quietly, but then I noticed that he was looking at me from the corner of his eye. I kinda blushed but hid it so he won't see.

"Don't think that I can't see you blushing Mirna" he said smiling like an idiot. I blushed even harder. Then he started to laugh BC of me blushing hard.

*pizzas place*

We met Mikey at the pizzas place, then we ordered and went to go find a table for the 3 of us.

"Hey Mirna wanna come over tonight with-"No she's not she's gonna come tonight with me at my house later on" luke said after cutting off Mikey. "Oh yea I forgot, sorry Mikey" I said a little bit sad for Mikey that he wanted to hangout.

"It's ok Mirno"he said "Mirno?" I said a little confused. "Yea.... Mirno..like Hemmo but Mirno instead" he said like a dumb little idiot. "Oh my god Mikey your so adorable" I said laughing and pinching his cheek. Our order was ready then we left to go to Lukes house.

We got to Lukes house and we ate pizza. "PIZZA FIGHT!!!!!!!!" Michael shouted. "YAAAAAAY!!!!!" I shouted "UGHHHH no BC then Michael always puts sauce in my hair and then I have to shower!" "Omg Luke it's just a pizza fight, I'm gonna get sauce in my hair to" I said trying to hold back laughter. "Ok fine princess" dang why do I blush a lot.

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