Hard Love

Luke and Mirna are best friends but then Luke asked her if they wanted to hang out at his place. Movie night. Cuddles.drinks. And $&#?!?!?!?!?!


1. Mirna's pov

Hi I'm Mirna Reyes I have long brown hair.

And hazel eyes. I live in Australia I'm 17.I only have my dad I don't have siblings, my mom died when I was 3 years old BC of an car accident. And my bff is Luke Hemmings I kinda have a lil crush on him but he said he already likes someone else so I know it's not really gonna happend BC he likes someone else. Yea that's it.

Ugh morning. I'm not that kind of a morning person. I got in the shower.

*skip shower*

I putted on black shorts and my full black Vans, then a black muscle shirt (I like black). I decided that I wanna ride my red scooter to school since my dad is at work. So I did. I grabbed my black and red checkered backpack and went off.

I made it to school in time. I locked my scooter and then went inside. I went to my locker to grab my books and then go to Luke when I'm done. As I was grabbing my books someone smacked my butt then covered my eyes.

"Guess who this is???" Luke said

"It's Luke" I said laughing

(He just does that but we're not dating)

"Hey, wanna come with me and Michael to get pizza after school?"

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