Not My Brother.

"I don't understand. What do you want me to do again Sir?" I asked confused "I want to pay you to act like Luke's sister. You'll be great for his publicity." The man told me. I don't know what I think about this. Pretending to be someone's sister just so they can be more famous? That seems kinda weird to me, but I need the money. "Okay I'll do it" I said still unsure.


3. Starting the life of Caroline Hemmings.


"Are you ready to go?" Lacey asked me. I nodded. "Well you look adorable" She said. 

I looked at myself in the mirror. She's right. I do look cute. Lacey and her styling team gave me a make over. My hair is curled and put up in a high ponytale with a red ribbon holding it together. My dress is tighter at the top the poofy past my waist. It has red roses all over it. It's of course showing no cleavage. I have on black flats. My lips are red and my eye shadow is light pink. I have no eye liner. They put fake eye lashes on me. My eyes felt heavy and really itchy because of them, I didn't wanna complain though. 

"I do look adorable. Like a little girl" I said shrugging. 

"Well I know your sixteen and everything and you wanna look old but we are going for cute little sister type look." Lacy said

I nodded. "I know" 

"Now get out of this dressing room and go be Caroline Hemmings" she said pushing me a little bit. 

I nodded. I walked out of the dressing room to our kinda messy hotel room. The guys all had suites on. They all clean up well. 

"You guys look fancy." I said impressed. 

"Us? look at you!" Ashton said taking my hand and twirling me around making me laugh. 

"Thanks" I said once he stopped 

"No problem. I know this wouldn't be your first choice of outfits to wear to your first red carpet, but I mean it still look great!" Ashton said smiling. 

"Thanks all you guys look amazing too" I replied. 

"tell our style people that!" Calum said 

I looked over at Luke. He was looking out the window with head phones in his ears wearing a nice suit. 

"Luke!" Micheal tapped Luke on the shoulder. 

Luke turned around, "what?" He asked annoyed. 

"Look how cute your 'sister' is" Micheal said pointing at me 

He looked at me up and down, it made me feel uncomfortable. "eh" Luke then said. 

"Wow thanks bro" I said 

"Okay now lets go guys! The Limo Is here!" Rick said. 

Okay. Show time. 


"Now tell me Caroline. Why haven't we ever herd about Luke having a sister?" The lady asked. 

"Well When Luke became famous our mother didn't want me getting into that world yet. You know paparazzi and everything" I said smiling. 

"Oh yes. That makes sense" She said nodding.

It does? Luke just stood there staring at the floor. He really needs to work on being involved in conversations if he wants his reputation to get better. 

Me and Luke walked down the red carpet smiling, looking like we'v known each other our whole lives. 

People kept asking questions, I kept lying. People kept taking photos of me and Luke laughing at nothing. It got pretty tiring after awhile. Me and Luke walked side by side, the boys following us from behind. We stopped at some blonde lady holding a microphone. 

Hello, my names Marry from teen pop magazine can I ask you guy some questions?" She asked 

I nodded smiling. "Hello Marry! I'm Caroline" I said shaking her hand. 

"And I'm Luke" Luke also said smiling. 

"Oh I know who you are sir" She said chuckling. "So Caroline, Luke has done some questionable things in the past, what's you opinion on that?" she asked holing the microphone up to my face. 

This question would be a lot easier to answer if Luke told me what he did. I shrugged. "I know everyone makes mistakes" 

"hm I guess you right. Tell me, is Luke a good brother?" she asked. 

This question has been asked multiple times through out the night. It's like people don't think he would be a good brother. 

I nodded. "Yes Luke is a amazing big brother!" I said trying to sound as sure as possible. 

Then she asked a couple more questions and then let us continue walking. 

We got to a spot where there were a lot of stars posing for pictures, and the flashing was brighter then the sun. 

"Ready to be blind?" Luke whispered in my ear.

We stood where everyone was and smiled together. The boys met up with their bestie form one direction, Niall Horan. 

Niall posed with us for a little while and then walked over to me.  "You must be Caroline Hemmings" He said shaking my hand.  

"Yes, and you must be the famous Niall Horan" I said smiling 

Niall smiled back "Well I must get back to my boys, We should hang out later" He said before he left. 

The cameras flashed everywhere we looked. Now I know why stars are always wearing sun glasses in pictures. I just stood there smiling like idiot with Luke next me with his arm around me, trying to look all nice. 

pretty soon It was over faster then I thought. 

I walked into the Limo that was going to take me and the boys back to the hotel. 

"Congrats you just survived your first red carpet!" Calum said clapping. 

I laughed. "It was very overwhelming" 

"You'll get used to it" Luke said starring out the window. "It gets annoying after awhile" He said

I shrugged. "I'm just happy It's over." 

"Oh it's not over." Luke said laughing. "You thought that was overwhelming, just wait until people with cameras follow you everywhere, and your only social life is with these losers. You have no time for anything else but this band." He said rolling his eyes. 

"Ignore him. He's just mean" Calum said. 

I shrugged. "I hope I don't regret agreeing to this" I said. 

"You probably will" Luke said. 

Luke has no idea how good he has it. There are millions of guys who would switch places with him in a heart beat! I was going to say something about how he should be more grateful, but I decided not to cause problems. 

"Thank you Luke" Calum said sarcastic. 

When we got back to the hotel we weren't there for long. We checked out and went into the tour bus. The Bus was just how I expected it to look. When you first walked in there was a small table for eating, a mini kitchen, and a small couch.  It had little bunks in the hallway for us to sleep. It has a smaller couch in the front of the bus, with a mini tv. Our suite cases were already all packed for us and inside our bunks. It had one bathroom and shower at the end of the hallway. 

"Well now we have to share this bus with one more person" Luke said being a downer. 

I gave him a dirty look. 

"Okay boys, you guys aren't going to stay here long, the bus is only for when you have to drive, but you will mainly be in the privet jet. Your Stuff that you need for right now is all in the buss, see you guys soon" He said 

We all walked into the bus and closed the door behind us. 

"We are on our way to the privet jet now" Calum said like it was normal. 

"You guys have a privet jet?" I asked confused. 

"yep. I mean we are the biggest boy band ever, besides One Direction" Micheal said nodding. 

I nodded back in response. He's right. I don't know why I'm surprised. 

"Wait so what did rick mean we have all the stuff me need for right now?" I asked 

"he means he put only the stuff we need for our stay in the bus on our bunks. Like a change of clothes, if we going to sleep a tooth brush, PJs ya know" Ashton explained. 

"ohhh"I said nodding. "So how long till we get to the air port?" I asked 

"About 3 hours probably" Calum said plopping down on the couch 

It's already so late, when we get to the air port it's probably going to start becoming morning. 

I decided to get some sleep before we get on the privet jet. I know that It's going to be hard trying to sleep away from my mom, and having so much on my mind, but I gotta try. 

The bus started moving. All the guys went into there own space. They all changed out out of there suits right away except for Calum, who just staying on the couch playing on his phone. I joined him. 

"Why don't you change? That suit must be uncomfortable" I said 

He looked up from his phone. "Oh it is. I just don't wanna get up" He said shrugging. 

I chucked "Lazy!" I said shaking my head. 

"Why are you still in your dress then?" He asked 

"ummm, I'm not going to be soon. I'm getting up to change right now because I'm not Lazy like you" I said teasing him and getting up 

"What ever" He said shaking his head laughing

I got some chill clothes out of my bag which were, black yoga pants, and a navy blue tank top. I quickly changed in the bathroom. I put my curly hair in a pony tail. I then put my pink dress into my bag that was on my bunker. 

All the boys were doing there own thing. Luke was like always looking out the window listening to music, but also eating a some chips. Micheal was sleeping. Ashton was watching a movie on the mini tv that was near the front of the bus. And Calum was now changed, but still sitting on the same couch, now fulling laying on it while also on his phone. 

I decided to try and sleep. I climbed onto my bunk. 

I closed my eyes and tried to clear my mind, but it was no use. I opened my eyes and starred at the wall for a little while. I then pulled out my phone.The main twitter trend was #LukeSucks. It's been like this for a long time. I still had no idea what Luke had done to deserve all this hate. I went on google on my phone and looked up 'What Did Luke Hemmings Do?' If Luke wasn't going to tell me what he did himself then I'm gonna find out myself. I mean If I'm gonna be his sister I should know.  

I found a youtube video. I clicked play. My opinion on Luke changed. I was more then shocked at what I saw. Well no wonder he has all this hate. 




Author's note: 

Hey guys! I'm super sorry this chapter is shorter then normal! I'm also sorry if you guys got bored with this chapter. I promise the story line will pick up. What do you think Luke did that's so bad? Please comment what you think about this story and what you think will happen next! annnddd if you haven't yet, if you wanna know when I update this story you should favorite this. ;) I love all of you! Keep reading! 


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