Not My Brother.

"I don't understand. What do you want me to do again Sir?" I asked confused "I want to pay you to act like Luke's sister. You'll be great for his publicity." The man told me. I don't know what I think about this. Pretending to be someone's sister just so they can be more famous? That seems kinda weird to me, but I need the money. "Okay I'll do it" I said still unsure.


4. Maybe Luke isn't so bad.


I wasn't sure how to react after watching that. How could Luke do something like that? I watched the video again. I watched Luke insult his band mates and fans on TV. Maybe he was drunk or something? Why would he show up to an interview drunk? 

"My band mates are fake, my fans are fake, and my life is fake" He spoke.

"Luke stop your on TV mate" Calum whispered. 

"I don't care the world should know how much I hate my job. I feel bad for my fans because they like such a stupid band." He said 

Just then someone looked in my bunk, it was Luke. 

"if your gonna watch a video of my dumbest moment then please use head phones." He said 

I turned the video off feeling bad that he herd me. "Sorry I didn't know anyone was listening" I said 

"Yeah well it's pretty loud" He said then walked away from me. 

I wanted to talk to him about this. What would make his do this? Why would he do this? Even though I don't think he would answer my question I decided to talk to him about it anyways. 

I got up from my bunk and found Luke watching a tv show at the mini couch in the front of the buss.

"Can I join you?" I asked

"do what you want" He replied. 

I then sat next to him. Luke was watching How I met your mother. This show is so funny. It's one of my favorites. I watched the rest of the show with Luke. When it was over Luke turned the TV off and went on his phone. 

"Was watching tv with me as eventful as you thought?" He asked looking up from his phone. 

I nodded. "I love how I met your mother. Seen every episode" 

Then there was a long awkward silence. "So is that all you wanted too do here? Watch TV with me?" He asked 

I nodded. Even though it wasn't.

"Caroline if you wanna ask me questions about that video then just ask and not make up lame excuses to be with me" He said annoyed. He was really looking at me though, not just at his phone. That's a first. 

"Okay. I just wanna know, why'd you do it?" I asked 

He shrugged. "I don't know. I was drunk, I don't even remember saying those things to be honest" He said 

"So none of the things you said you really mean?" I asked 

He shook his head. "Look that was a really hard time in my life. I wasn't fully into my job. Believe it or not that's not the first interview I showed up drunk too. It was just a mistake."

"Well It was a pretty big mistake" I answered 

"You think I don't know that?" He said getting defensive. 

"Sorry I didn't mean too sound rude" I said. 

"It's fine, just don't talk about that video with me again. It was one of my lowest moments, and I already have the world reminding me about it , I don't need you doing it too" 

"Okay Luke. I'm sorry I brought it up" I said 

He looked at me and half smiled "It's fine" 

Just then Calum came in. "Hey guys I have an Idea!, Wait were guys having a moment or something?" He asked 

I shook my head. "What's your idea?" I asked excited 

"Lets pull a prank on Micheal" He whispered.

"I'm down" Luke said 

"Okay what are we gonna do?" I asked 

"We could draw on his face?" Calum asked 

"Alright" I answers. Calum pulled a black sharpie out of his pocket. "Do you just carry that around everywhere?" I asked laughing

"You know it" He joked. 

"Your a weirdo. okay come on lets do this" I said 

We tip toed threw the bus. Ashton saw us and joined us. He caught on too what we were going too do. 

We quietly walked to Micheal's bunk and opened the black curtain. There in front of us was a sleeping Micheal. Luke first drew a fake mustache. I held in my laughter. "Okay mate my turn!" Calum said whispering. Luke handed him the sharpie. Calum drew on his forehead the word 'Loser'. 

"are you in 1st grade?" Luke said quietly laughing.  

"Guys I got an idea!" Ashton whispered 

Calum handed him the marker and Ashton colored Micheal's eye lids all black. I can't believe Micheal isn't awake by now, he must be a really light sleeper. 

"Okay Caroline your turn" Ashton said hanging it too me. I drew a star on both his cheeks and I gave his a beard. I couldn't hold in the laughter. I laughed my loud laugh without thinking.  All of us ran away knowing Micheal might open his eyes, but were wrong because Micheal never got up. 

I laughed. "Micheal will be so mad when he wakes up again and looks in the mirror" I said 
"True" Luke said laughing with me. I never even knew Luke could have fun. Hm maybe Luke isn't so bad. 


"Okay boys we are at the air port time to get into your private jet! And look nice, there will probably be paparazzi " The buss driver yelled. 

"Okay thank you for driving us!" I said 

"aw your so nice" he said then opened the door for us and walked out. 

I kept my yoga pants and tank top on, but I brushed my hair and put some natural make up on. The guys did nothing. They stayed in there sweats and T-shirts. 

Ashton walked out first. I saw some camera flashing as he walked out. A body guard walked with him as he walked to the jet. Micheal came into where me, Calum, and Luke were.I had almost forgot that we drew sharpie all over his face.  We all started laughing so hard. "What?" Micheal asked. 

"Dude Look in the mirror" Luke said still laughing. 

Calum put his front face camera on and saw himself. "OH MY GOD!" He yelled. 

"did you guys do this?" He asked as he was still looking at himself. 

"Nope" Calum said laughing. 

"Might have been Ashton" I said nodding. I wasn't really lying. It was half Ashton. 

"I'm so going to get him back. What am I going to do about the photographers?" He asked 

"Where a hoodie!" Luke said handing up a black hoodie. 

"Good idea!" He said and put it on. He put the hood on his head. "Lets do this Calum" He said. Calum laughed. 

"we are in this together" Calum said. 

Calum and Micheal then walked out together. After they left me and Luke walked out together smiling and stuff. The cameras were flashing everywhere. Some were even in the bushes and trees like the photographers were trying to hide themselves. 

Me, Luke, and the body guards walked quickly to the jet. The privet jet was awesome. It had reclining chairs for each of us. Looks like they added a pink one for me. 2 black chairs were on the right side and 2 black chairs were on the other side. One pick chair was randomly in the middle of the 4 chairs. 

Past the chairs there was a mini fridge, and a mini micro wave on a counter. A pretty nice Tv  was on the wall and a Mini couch was in front of the chairs. Behind the chairs there was just places to sit and hang out. The staff was taking our stuff out of the buss and onto our jet. Most of our stuff was already here though. I didn't see Rick here I guess he's going to meet us there.  

Just then I got I call from him. 

"Hello?" I asked 

"Hey Caroline how are you?" He asked. 

"I'm good" I replied

"How do you feel about having a love relationship with one of the boys?" He asked 

"Um I haven't thought about it" I said 

"Well start thinking about it because we think it would make the band better if you were dating someone in it." He said

"Like who?" I asked 

"How do you feel about Calum?" He asked 

"He's a good friend" I said 

"Okay well you guys are now fake dating so I'll call Calum and tell him the news" He said 

"Do I have a choice?" I asked 

"Nope. Bye Caroline. I'll see you at the first show" He said after hanging up. 

"What was that about?" Calum asked 

"Your about to find out" I said. Just then he got a phone call. 

I hope it's not awkward with me and Calum after this. Calum really is a good friend. Do I wanna fake date him? No. But I don't have a choice. This is what I'm getting payed for. Once Calum got off the phone he sat next to me on the couch. 

"I  guess your my fake girlfriend" He said shrugging.  

"I guess so" I said also shrugging. 

He nodded. "It doesn't have to be fake you know" He said putting his arm around me. 

"Calum, I feel like I would need to get to know you more first" I said taking his arm off of me. 

"But maybe in the future?" He asked smiling  

I shrugged "Maybe" I smiled back. 

"Okay love birds, The plane is going to take off soon so put your seat belts on." Ashton said. 

 Each of us sat in our comfy chairs and buckled our belts. 


We've been flying for almost 3 hours and I still couldn't sleep. I guess we are going too america first, which is amazing because I've never been there. I sat in my pink chair with my seat belt on, even though the little sign says we could take our seat belts off and walk around. I don't feel safe in this jet without a seat belt. 

"Having a hard time sleeping?" Luke asked turning his head so he can see me. Luke is on the chair that in front of Calum and on the right side of me. All the other boys had there chair reclined and were sleeping. 

"Yeah. What about you?" I asked 

"I can never sleep on plains, even though half this tour is on a plain" He said now looking up at the ceiling. 

"I just can't sleep because I have so much on my mind." 

"Like what?" He asked 

"If I can keep up this whole Caroline Hemmings thing, If taking this job was a mistake." I said still looking at him. 

"I'm sure you'll be fine at being a Hemmings, your an amazing actress, and if you think it's a mistake why'd you agree to do it?" He asked turning his head to look at me. 

"I don't know. I need the money. My mom doesn't have a job, or family members who can help her get money, so I had too say yes, for my mom" I answered not knowing if that mad sense. 

"Can't your dad help her?" He asked

"I don't have one" I said 

"Oh sorry I asked" He said. 

"It's fine" 

It was quiet for a long time then Luke said "Caroline, Do you really wanna do this? Or are you just doing it for your mom?" He asked 

"Ummm..." I didn't know how too respond. "I don't know Luke" 

"Okay Just wondering" He said. 

"Can I ask you something?" I asked 

"Yeah go for it" He said putting all his attention on me. 

"did being in this band change you at all?" I asked 

He shook his head. "being in the band never changed me, but being in the industry did." He answered. 

"How so?" 

"Well you'll learn if you already haven't that being in the industry is a lot of pressure. They always try too make me someone I'm not." He said with a sad look. 

"My job is being someone I'm not" I said looking at the roof of the plain now. 

"Well try not too turn into who they want you too be, because I like Caroline Carter way better then Caroline Hemmings so far" He said 

"I'll be true to myself don't worry about that Luke" 

"Promise you won't forget who you are?" He asked 

I looked back at him and found that he was looking straight at me. It was weird to me that he was asking me too make such a big promise to him when I barley even know him. "Yes" I answered

After that there was no talking. I think Luke might have fallen asleep. I decided to try. I reclined my chair and pulled out the pillow and comforter that was under the seat. 


The next day was a ton of work. 

We got up, Brushed our teeth, then went to the dressing rooms. I don't know what they are getting us ready for but I just went with it. Lacey dressed me in a sun dress with sun flowers on it. She curled my hair and gave me light make up. 

"Where am I going?" I asked 

"Oh you are going too an interview with Ellen" She said

"On TV?" I asked 

She nodded. "Haven't seen Ellen is a long time tell her I said hi" She said doing my lip stick. She gave me nude lip stick. 

"Okay cute little Caroline your ready" She said

I didn't look too bad. This outfit is a little girly for me but what ever. 

"Oh and your not going to be with the boys for this interview. Ellen wanted just you" Lacy told me 

"Oh that's scary I've never done an interview without them" I said 

"I'm sure you'll be fine" she said smiling. 

I shrugged "I hope so" 

Lacy then walked me out of the dressing room and into a limo that I'm guessing in going to take me too the Ellen show. I'm all alone in this Limo and I'm getting more scared and more scared. 


Author's Note: 

Hi guys! I'm so sorry if this chapter is boring! I promise the story line will pick up soon. Please Keep reading! I love you all! 


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