Not My Brother.

"I don't understand. What do you want me to do again Sir?" I asked confused "I want to pay you to act like Luke's sister. You'll be great for his publicity." The man told me. I don't know what I think about this. Pretending to be someone's sister just so they can be more famous? That seems kinda weird to me, but I need the money. "Okay I'll do it" I said still unsure.


5. Interviews and Secrets.


Author's Note: 

Hey guys! I'm so sorry I haven't updated in forever! I've been really busy lately, but I promise I'm gonna update more! here's a chapter for you guys. I hope you like it! 



"And here is the Gorgeous Caroline Hemmings!" Ellen said announcing me. 

I walked onto the Ellen stage. The audience was so loud. I didn't know this many people already knew about me. I smiled and waved. 

I sat in the chair right next too Ellen. When the crowd stopped cheering Ellen said, "So how are you Caroline?"

"I'm good, I'm a little over whelmed at how many people are here" I said honestly. 

"Oh I bet, is this your first interview?" She asked 

I nodded. "Well my first one without 5sos" I answered 

"Well your doing a great job so far" She said. I think she could tell I was a little nervous. 

"So I herd your on tour with the band, got any funny stories too share about the boys" She asked smiling 

I then told her about how we pranked Micheal, and she laughed along with the crowd. 

Once she was done talking about the prank She asked, "So recently there's been some rumors about you and a member in the band dating?" she asked smirking. I bet Rick asked her to say this. 

I had too confirm the rumors. "I am dating Calum" I said nodding and smiling. All the girls started screaming and cheering. I smiled at them.

"Awwh I ship it! Otp!" Ellen said making everyone laugh. "You all herd it here first everyone! Calum Hood and Caroline Hemmings are dating!" She said too the screaming girls. Then they just cheered louder. 

Once they were quiet Ellen siad, "Everyone here gets the new 5sos album! And 1 lucky winner gets a free ticket too their concert, and gets to hang out time with Caroline and the band at the VMAs" Ellen yelled. I didn't even know about this. I wonder if the boys did? I looked over at them in back stage, they looked just as shocked as me. 

Everyone looked under their seat and one teenage girl stood up holding the ticket up and screaming. 

"Come down here please" Ellen said. 

She came down. She looked like she was about 13 or 14 years old. She was smiling so big as she stood in front of me, her eyes were watering. 

"Aww don't cry oh my god" I said hugging her. 

"I'm just so happy" She said in a shaky voice. 

She sat down next too me on the couch across from Ellen. "What's your name?" Ellen asked 

"Sydney" She answered. 

"Tell me Sydney, why are you so happy?" Ellen asked her 

"I'm happy because I'm sitting next to my idol" She said wiping her face from the tears. 

Did she just call me her idol? I'm someone's idol? I was shocked. 

"I'm your idol?" I asked surprised 

She nodded. "When I turn 16 I hope I'm just like you" She said smiling. 

I smiled back and gave her another hug. 

"Well this is just so touching" Ellen said fake crying. 

I laughed, and so did Sydney. 

Then Ellen talked too her and me  for a little while, the boys performed, and pretty soon it was over. 

Once we all got in the Limo to leave and go back to the jet, I asked "did you guys know about about the prizes?" 

"Nope, they don't tell us anything" Luke said shrugging and putting his earbuds in. 

"That's not cool" I said looking out the window. 

"It's whatever. Maybe rick set it up or something" Calum said 

"So Caroline, how was your first interview without us?" Ashton asked 

"It wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be" I said nodding. 

"She's growing up boys!" Micheal said fake crying

I laughed. "Yep" 

"Our little baby is getting so old" Ashton said playing alone 

"I'm not that much younger than you guys" I said laughing 

Just then I got a call from Rick. 

"Hello?" I answered 

"Hey Caroline. So tomorrow your going on a date with Calum at Disney Land before the boy's show. You guys will arrive there at 8:00am so you can get in right when it opens and leave at 5:00pm so Calum can make it back in time to get ready for his show. You and Calum will wake up at 6:00am to get ready by your styling teams because all the paparazzi will be there to capture your romantic date." He told me. 

"Romantic date?" I asked 

"Yep. I hope you and Calum have an amazing date. I'm sending Calum a list of things to do to make it as romantic as possible. Who knows, maybe you'll end up liking him" 

"I don't know" I answered 

"Well we'll see what happens tomorrow. I'll call Calum to tell him the info goodbye Caroline" 

"Bye rick" 
I Hung up. 

"What'd he say?" Micheal asked

"Me and Calum have a romantic date tomorrow" 

"Yes!" Calum said happy. Just then he got a phone call. He answered it saying "Hello Rick what's tomorrow's plan?" 

"You excited about this date?" Luke asked having one headphone in and one out. 

I shrugged "I don't have a choice so I guess." 

"You always have a choice" Luke said shaking his head. 

"No mate, she really doesn't." Ashton said. 

"This is why sometimes I hate this industry. None of us really have an option with what we do with our lives anymore." Luke said 

"That was deep" Micheal said 

Pretty soon the limo stopped.  Right now we are in Hollywood because that's where the Ellen show is located. So, we don't have to drive far to get to Disney Land. I assume we are going to get a hotel around here just for the night, and I was right. We got out of the Limo and entered a fancy hotel, we were already somehow checked in and our clothes that we needed were already in our rooms. We all had our own rooms this time. Mine was of course right in the middle of Luke's and Calum's. Micheal and Ashton's were next to each other. We had 2 bathrooms and a huge living room aria and kitchen. It was the biggest hotel sweet I have ever seen. 

As soon as I got there I turned into a child and jumped on my bed. I could tell which room was mine because they had name tags on the door. Which was clear I guess there must be a ton of people working for these boys. I looking inside my room's closet that was already full. It had a girly sun dress in it. I guess that's what I'm wearing tomorrow. I also saw some PJ's. I quickly changed into the pink PJ's they provided for me. 

I then put my hair in a messy bun and took off all my makeup. 

I walked out of my room and I looked to my right and I guess me and Calum walked out the same time. He had PJ pants on with no shirt. I'm not gonna lie he does have a nice body. 

"Take a picture it lasts longer" He said smirking

I looked up at his face embarrassed he could tell he knew I was starring. "huh?" I asked pretending to be clueless. 

"You know what I'm talking about Caroline" He said smirking then walked the opposite way. 

I face palmed. 

"So smooth Carter" Luke said leaning on the door frame smiling ans shaking his head. 

"Oh you saw that?" I asked walked toward him. 

He nodded. 

"Well forget I did that, and did you just call me Carter?" I asked confused 

"Yes, isn't that your last name?" 

"Yeah it's just weird hearing my normal last name now since everyone is calling me 'Caroline Hemmings'." I said shrugging. 

"For the record I think Caroline Carter sounds much better" He said nodding 

"Same, but sadly your last name is Hemmings. Therefor my last name is kinds Hemmings" I said shrugging 

"Good point. Are you doing anything right now?" He asked awkwardly 

"Um, no?" 

"Um do you wanna go somewhere with me?" He asked 

I nodded. "where?" 

"Just follow me." He said then walked into his room. I followed him, and he closed the door behind me. "I wanna show you this spot I found last time we were in cali. There is no cameras, and no people" 

"Sounds like a dream where is it?" I asked 

"In order to get there we have to sneak out of this hotel. You up for it?" He asked 

I nodded.

~*~Time skip~*~* 

It took awhile but we got out of the hotel. We are now in a black car going to Luke's spot. Everything seemed normal until he went off road. He drove off road up hill for awhile. He then stopped at the top of the hill over looking LA. I don't know where we are, but wherever we are is the most private spot I've been since I've been with the band. Luke then turned to me. "Come on it's better outside of the car." He stated. 

He opened his door and walked outside. He sat on the front of the car. I followed. We just sat there for a couple moments taking in the view. 

Then I said, "It's amazing Luke." 

"I know. I found it on our last tour. I needed to clear my head one night, so I just went driving and came across this place. I just sat here with music and thought about my life. It turned into a great place to write songs. I wrote all these songs here that aren't on the album" He said shrugging and looking at me. 

"Why not?" I asked 

"I haven't played or showed anyone these songs. To personal" 

"Oh. I understand. I write songs like that to" 

"You can sing?" He asked 

"Yeah, I've been in all these plays remember?" I asked 

"yeah, but I didn't know your write songs" He said shocked 

"I only do when I have a lot on my mind" I said shrugging

"I'm sure they are amazing songs" He said smiling 

"I don't know about that" I said unsure 

"Someday I wanna hear them" He said nodding

"Maybe someday you will" I shrugged 

"yeah" He answered , then he laid down. "Wanna look at the stars?" 

I nodded,and laid next to him. Our sides were touching, so we were kinda close. I made sure it wasn't to close though. 

"So why did you bring me here Luke?" I asked 

"I don't know. I was already going here, I guess I just wanted company this time. To be honest, you'er the only one in that hotel room I feel comfortable bringing here" He said shrugging 

"Really? why is that?" I asked confused. 

"The boys wouldn't understand as much as you do. I don't know, I just feel like I can tell you anything" He said. He paused a moment while we both looked at the stars. "Is that weird?" He then asked 

"No, I feel the same way" I said smiling. 

"You looked really pretty today by the way" He said smiling 

"Thank you" I said and blushed "You didn't look so bad yourself" 

"Why thank you Carter." He said 

I then stopped myself from blushing. Oh no this isn't good. He's supposed to be my brother. What are doing Caroline? 

"Don't say Carter in public Luke" I said shaking my head. 

"why? No one is here." He yelled "CARTER". He laughed 

I laughed. "I guess we are safe." 

We sat there and looked at the stars for a little while without talking. 

"Do you see the big dipper?" He asked pointing at the sky

I shook my head. "Where is it?" 

"Look to the left of the moon" 

I smiled when I saw it "There it is!" I shouted louder then I wanted to. 

Luke seems different right now. When I first met him he didn't even want to talk to me. Now he's showing me his secret spot.

"Can I ask you something Caroline?" He asked sitting up and looking at the view again. I sat up and looked at the view as well. 

"Sure, what is it?" I asked looking at him. 

"I need advice. I think I like this girl" He said 

"oh really?" I asked. I didn't know he even had time to get to know a girl. 

"yeah..but It's complicated. I shouldn't like her but I'm starting to" He said shaking his head.

"Why shouldn't you like her?" I asked looking at him confused. 

He looked at the view for a little while. "It's just complicated, like I said." 

Just then I got this funny feeling inside that this girl could be me. "w-what does she look like?" I asked to make sure. 

"Does it matter?" 

"I guess not." 

"so what should I do?" He asked now looking at me. 

"Well, um, um I think you should-" I stopped talking when I heard a camera flash from far away. "Oh no." I said 

He looked over where I was looking but didn't see it. "What?" he asked confused. I pointed and he saw. 

"shit" He said under his breath. 


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