Not My Brother.

"I don't understand. What do you want me to do again Sir?" I asked confused "I want to pay you to act like Luke's sister. You'll be great for his publicity." The man told me. I don't know what I think about this. Pretending to be someone's sister just so they can be more famous? That seems kinda weird to me, but I need the money. "Okay I'll do it" I said still unsure.


1. I'm Caroline.


"So will you do it Caroline?" The man asked me for the second time. 

Any other sixteen girl would say yes in heart beat, but me...I guess I'm different. 

"I don't understand. What do you want me to do again Sir?" I asked confused  

"I want to pay you to act like Luke's sister. You'll be great for his publicity." The man told me. I don't know what I think about this. Pretending to be someone's sister just so they can be more famous? That seems kinda weird to me, but I need the money.

"Okay I'll do it" I said still unsure. 

I can't say no. My family needs that money. My mom agreed with me even though this means the whole world will think my name is Caroline Hemmings not Caroline Carter. My parents are kinda not going to be my parents for a long time. 

"Perfect! here's my number." He said giving me a card. "I'll tell you when to meet me and the boys" He said then thanked my mom for letting me do this and left. 

"Are you sure your okay with this mom?" I asked worried. 

"Yes I'm sure. He's giving us 1 million dollars every 3 months. We need that money" She said nodding. 

"I guess" I said starting to walk away. 

The reason why he wants me to pretend to be Luke's sister is because Luke recently got into a lot of trouble. He went from being the cutest one in the band to being known as the 'bad boy' of the band and there manager wants to fix that. He thinks with everyone seeing how great Luke is with his 'sister' the world will forget about his bad choices. I don't see how this will work but I guess it's worth a shot.  

The manager picked me because him and the band saw me be the lead in a play I was recently in. Actually he said they saw a couple plays I was the lead in. They saw me be Sandy in Grease, and  Dorthy in The Wizard of Oz. Those are the only the plays I know they watched, there may be more. I'm happy they saw those ones though, they were my finest hours. 

It's been my dream to be a famous actress, I guess pretending to be Luke's sister is a life time acting job. 

Okay now let me tell you about myself, I have wavy blonde hair with blue eyes. I'm sixteen years old in 11th grade. My dad died when I was seven. I didn't fully believe he was dead till I was 11 though. For a long time I just thought he was on a really long vacation. I remember asking mom when he was getting back, her answer would always be "never". I didn't believe her then though. 

My best friend's name is Sarah. She has brown hair with brown eyes. She the most sarcastic person I know, which is bad for me because I will never understand sarcasm. She is also the most funniest, and kindest person I know. I'v known her all my life. 

Just then I got a message from that Manager. I opened the text. It said: 

From: 222-3561

Hello Caroline this is Rick 5sos's manager. The boys have agreed to meet you tomorrow at there hotel they are staying at. I sent your mother the address and the info. See you then.

"well okay then" I said to myself. 

"You got the text too?" My mom asked 

I nodded. "wait tomorrow I have school." I said confused. 

"I know it will be after school, and since you may have to travel with the band, I'm thinking about getting a home school teacher for you." She said unsure. 

"A home school teacher?" I said while laughing.

"I'm not kidding Caroline. Soon the whole school will know you as Caroline Hemmings. Things will get really crazy. The only person You can maybe tell who you really are is Sarah, just because she's the only one who has known you your whole life." She said. 

"Well if you think a home school teacher is best for me then I guess I don't mind" I said shrugging. "Why am I doing this again?" I asked 

"Because our family is running out of money, and this is the only way to get the money we need." She said rubbing my shoulder. "I know it'll be hard but just try this out. I'm sure it will be fun" She said kissing my for head. 

"Okay mom" I said.

I then walked up stairs. I went into my room and decided to call Sarah and tell her about this. Mom said I could only tell her who I really am and I'm okay with that. 

~*~*~the next day.~*~*~* 

I woke up the next morning to my alarm clock. I got up to turn it off. Today may be the last day people will treat me normal, and I'm looking forward to it. I brushed my teeth. I brushed my hair and decided that I'm just going leave it down. I did my make up. Now all I have to do it figure out what to wear. I walked into my room and looked around. 

I decided on some pre-ripped jeans and folded them up at the bottom, I then but on a red plaid flannel, I unbuttoned it reveling my grey under shirt. I but on black convers to finish the outfit. 

I walked down stairs and found my mom watching the news eating break fest. 
"Hey mom" I said smiling. 

"Hi sweety" She said giving me a smile back. 

I grabbed a piece of toast. "I'm gonna drive myself to school" I said 

"Bye honey" She said before I walked out the door. 

I walked off the porch and into my car. My aunt got me this car for my sixteenth birthday. I love this car like it's my baby. I began on my way to school. 

As I was driving I started thinking about how different my life is really going to be after I become Caroline Hemmings. The manager told me this will work so well because no one at school except Sarah really knows me and my family. The teachers don't even know my last name. 

I'm a no one at this school. The only time I talk is when I'm trying out for a play or I'm talking to Sarah. The reason why I don't talk to anyone isn't because I'm shy. If I were shy I wouldn't be in all those plays. The reason I don't talk to them is because they all hate me. Why would I talk to people who hate me? I don't really know why they do though. I think it's because of this girl Annie. She's been making up these rumors about me since 8th grade. 

Anyways, I don't care what other people think about me. Another reason why they picked me to me to be Caroline Hemmings, is because no matter how much hate I will get I won't be so upset I would wanna kill myself like most teens. 

I then arrived at school. I parked in a back parking lot where I always park because it's closer to my first period class.  I got out of my car, closed the car door behind me and locked it. I began walking to the place me and Sarah always meet before school. Which is next to the back gate.

I walked in the parking lot alone. I then started feeling like someone was watching me. I looked around. No one is here. I began walking a little faster. I found hands pulling me into a van. I tried to yank them off but it was no use. "What the hell" I said as I was pulled in. 

I looked in front of me and saw 5sos's manager and the band right in front of me. "Sorry we didn't mean to scare you mate" Calum said. 

"Well when a white creepy van pulls me into a car, yeah I'm gonna be a little scared" I said still breathing hard. 

"Sorry we tried being discrete. If the boys are seen at the school, the girls will go crazy" Rick said(5sos manager). 

"I get why you did it, but not even a text message to warn me you were going to do that?" I asked 

"Sorry I guess I didn't think about it" He said. 

"Okay well anyways" I said pushing my hair behind my ears. It's weird how roomy this van is. 

"I'm gonna drive us to there hotel so your can have a proper introduction to the band" Rick said. 

"Wait what about school" I asked confused. 

"School?" he said like he didn't know what it was. 

"Um yeah. The place kids my age go to learn" I reminded him.

"Oh yeah. I talked to your mom. Change of plans. We couldn't meet at the other time because we need more time. Tonight there's a red carpet thing. That's where we will show the world Caroline Hemmings. We have lots of work to do before then." He said and began driving. 

"What ever" I said looking out the windows. 

"So I'm Calum" Calum said looked at me smiling from the seat next to me. 

I smiled back. "I know who you are, but Hi I'm Caroline" I said 

I looked behind the seat I was sitting in and saw 3 more seats. Ashton was sitting in the one right behind me, Micheal was sitting in the middle, and Luke was sitting in the last seat starring out the window with headphones in. 

"Hi Caroline!" Ashton said smiling. 

I waved smiling back. "Hey Caroline" Micheal said with a small smile. 

"Hi" I said in return. Luke didn't say anything though. "Luke" Ashton said. Luke still didn't do anything. "Mate!" Micheal hitting him. 

"What?!" Luke said annoyed taking out ear phone out. 

"Say hello to your soon to be sister" Calum said with a small smile. 

"Hi" He said quickly then put his ear phones back in. 

Well he doesn't seem very up for the idea of having a fake sister. I guess my whole idea of having one normal day before I get into all this band stuff isn't going to happen. I looked at my phone. I texted Sarah that I'm not going to school. 

"We are here" Rick said opening his door. "Hoods up boys" He said 

The all put there black hoods on and walked out of the car one by one. Why they just do that when they kidnapped me at school?  I followed them out of the car. 

We walked into a really fancy hotel.  We went to floor 20. Once we got there we walked into room 50 I found out what I was getting myself into. It was a huge room. It had 5 beds, a spa, a huge bathroom, and even a flate screen TV. 

"This is a normal hotel room for you guys?" I asked in shock 

"Yep. Normally we just sleep in our tour bus, but when we have to stay somewhere for a long period of time we get these kinds of rooms in hotels. We have to stay here because we have to  'train' you to be Luke sister" Micheal said nodding 

"5 beds?" I asked confused. 

"One for you" Rick said. "Huh?" I asked confused. 

"Oh your mom didn't tell you. Your going on tour with the guys." He said smiling

"What about my clothes?" I asked confused. 

"We got half your wardrobe here in this bag. Picked it up this morning" Calum said.

"great" I said sarcastic. 

"Alright well you need to get to know my friend Luke so I'll be going for now" Rick said and left. 

"I'm gonna call my mum real quick" I said taking my phone out. I dialed her number and stepped away from the band. 

It was ringing...

"Hello?" my mum said 

"Hey you never told me I'm going on tour with them we never even got to say good bye." I said sad

"I was going to do it when you get back from school but they changed the time you have to start being with them. so I never got the chance" She said

"Well I'm going to miss you a lot" I said smiling small. 

"I'm going to miss you too sweety. Make sure to stay yourself. I know these kinds of things can sure change someone" She said 

"I know I'll stay myself" I said nodding. 



"And one more thing." She said 


"make sure to not go anywhere alone and look both way before crossing the street" She said real motherly 

"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine" I said 

"Alright" She said unsure 

"Okay well I better get going now. I have to get to know my soon to be brother." I said

"Okay bye. I love you Caroline"

"I love you too mum" I said and hung up 

I went back to the group. They all stopped talking when I went over there. 

"Well okay then" I said awkward.  

"We weren't talking about you or anything" Calum said shaking his head. 

I chuckled. "Hm okay then. Good things or bad things?" I asked 

"Huh?" Ashton asked

"Were you guys saying good things or bad things?" I asked again 

"Good. For sure good. No worries" Micheal said nodding 

"Good to know" I said sitting on the 5th bed that I guess is mine. I looked over at Luke. His bed was right next to mine on the very end. On the other side was Calum's bed. Luke was just sitting there with his head phones in playing with his phone. 

"Luke doesn't talk much huh?" I asked 

"Yeah..He hasen't really talk at all unless he has too. since the whole world thinks of him as the 'bad boy' of the band I guess he never wants to talk" Calum said shrugging

"That's too bad. But I'm here to change that right?" I asked  

"I guess" Ashton said shrugging 

I looked over at Luke again. "Should I talk to him?" I asked 

"I mean if you want" Micheal said. 

 "Luke!" I yelled. But he didn't hear me with his loud music in his ears. "LUKE!" I yelled again. This time throwing a pillow at him. 

"What do you want?" He asked annoyed and taking one of his head phones. 

"I know you kinda hate this whole brother sister idea, but we have to at least get to know each other" I said 

"I don't want to get know my fake little sister that my manager is making me get. I think this whole thing is dumb,but when we have to act like we are siblings at the event I will try my best to play pretend for a night" He said putting the other ear phone in. 

"Luke!" I said. I threw another pillow at him. 

He took the head phones out again. "What the hell do you want? I told you I'll play pretend for a night" He said even more annoyed 

"It's not just for a night. I'm going on tour with you. It's kinda forever you have to 'play pretend' Sorry about it" I said crossing my arms. 

"What ever fine I'll get to know you." He said rolling his eyes 

"We made progress!" Ashton yelled 

Luke pointed his direction toward me, he sat in the side of the bed at was facing me so he could see me better. 

"Okay. Now tell me about yourself" 


Author's note: 

Hi everyone who decided to read my new story! I am really excited about this one! I hope all of you like it! Please comment what you think. Like and favorite this if you like this movella! I love you all. XOXOX 

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