Not My Brother.

"I don't understand. What do you want me to do again Sir?" I asked confused "I want to pay you to act like Luke's sister. You'll be great for his publicity." The man told me. I don't know what I think about this. Pretending to be someone's sister just so they can be more famous? That seems kinda weird to me, but I need the money. "Okay I'll do it" I said still unsure.


2. Getting ready.


"Well tell me about yourself" Luke said to me. 

I stopped to think about what to tell him. I was debating on whether or not I should tell him my dad died. Is that too personal? "Well My name's Caroline, I'm sixteen, and my best friends name is Sarah" 

"Good to know" He said nodding. "Now are we done?" He said rolling his eyes. 

"Um No. I hardly know anything about you" I said crossing my arms 

"Well as you already know I'm Luke Hemmings, I'm eighteen, I'm the least liked band member in 5sos, and I like the color red. There Now u know me." He siad starting to turn back around. 
"If you don't mind me asking" He stopped turned around when he herd me say that. "Huh?" He asked facing me again. 

"What did you do that was so bad?" I asked. 

"You don't know?" He asked. 

"She's not a crazy fan of 5sos if you haven't noticed mate" Calum said from behind me. 

"ahh, okay well lets just say I did something so bad that our whole fan base kinda hates me." He said annoyed 

"Oh" I said nodding. I respect that he doesn't wanna tell what he did.

"Now are we done?" He said annoyed. 

"I guess" I said shrugging. 

Honestly, Luke's first impression with me isn't too good. He seems rude. Maybe there's a reason he has no fans. I don't see any hope for him getting his fans back anytime soon. I don't understand how just having a sister will change things. Maybe at some point of his life if he wasn't like this, but right now he is and he's seems pretty set on not changing who he is, but I'm payed to act like his sister whether it works on not he's stuck with me. 

"Well that went well" Ashton said nodding 

"No it didn't" I said confused. 

"yeah I know. It's called Sarcasm." He said laughing 

"Well I'm sorry I don't really understand sarcasm." I said laughing with him. 

"I can tell." He said still laughing. 

"We can teach you!" Calum yelled from behind Ashton. 

"You guys can do that but, I'm gonna see what's on TV" Micheal said grabbing the tv remote from the small counter. 

"Go for it." Calum said 

Just then Rick came back. "I guess we can't watch TV. Ugh right when I start relaxing he shows up." Micheal said rolling his eyes. 

"Sorry man" Rick said kinda laughing. 

Micheal responded with a shrug. 

Rick walked over to me and Luke. "So how we doing? Good?" He asked smiling at us. 

Luke didn't answer. He had his head phones in again. I rolled my eyes at Luke. "Well by 'good' You mean Luke being super rude then Yes it was good" I said trying to be sarcastic. 

"SHE SAID SOMETHING SARCASTIC!" Ashton yelled excited and clapping. 

I chuckled. "Okay then." Rick said "Well we still have a lot of time before the red carpet thing tonight so you guys have more time to learn everything about each other" He said changing the subject. 

"Rick. He's hopeless. I'm pretty sure he hates me." I said crossing my arms.

"I can hear you" Luke said with one head phone out. 

"Don't care" I said not looking at him. 

"You know in order for him to be nice to you, you have to be nice to him" Rick said like he was my parent. 

"Yeah!" Luke said 

"What ever. I tried being nice and he still was rude" I said rolling my eyes. 

"Again, I'm right here" Luke said giving me a dirty look. 

"Come on. Whether you too like it or not you will kinda be brother and sister soon so get it together!" Rick said crossing his arms. "Now I'm going to go get your stylist Caroline. " He said then left again. 

"Stylist?" I asked confused 

"Yep we all have one." Calum said 

"have fun with that, all the stylist ever do is insult you and tell you everything that your wearing is bad" Luke said laughing still have one head phone in and one out. 

"I'm sure I can manage. I'v been threw a whole school insulting me, I'm sure just one stylist won't be any different" I said shrugging.

"Alright" Luke said the payed attention to his phone 

"Wow. I think that was the first time you haven't said something rude to me" I said clapping. 

"Don't get used to it" He said rolling his eyes. 

"And rude Luke is back" I said rolling my eye back. 

"He's getting better though" Micheal said nodding. 

"I guess." I said shrugging. 

Not long after that Rick showed up with a some girl who had brown hair. He went up to me with her. "Caroline, This is Lacey, Your stylist" He said motioning toward a girl with long brown hair and a face full of make up. 

"Hi" I said smiling

"Hmm" Lacey said back looking at me up and down. "Your hair is a good color for you, but it has split ends like crazy. We can fix that hon, don't worry" She said still looking at me. "I can see you don't wear much make up?" She asked with a dirty look. 

"Yeah I feel too fake with a lot of make up" I said shrugging 

"Well your going to have to get over feeling like that because, no offence but you need some make up cover those forehead lines, and that acne on your nose. Ew" She said shaking her head. "and did you pick out this outfit on your own?" She asked raising one eye brow. I nodded. "Well next time don't wear a flannel. They look bad on you. But those boots are kinda cute." She said nodding. "Nice legs, flat stomach, I can work with you." She said half smiling. 

"Thank you?" I said unsure. 

"Wow don't sugar code anything" Calum said with a chuckle.  

"I gave her a few complements I'm not that mean" Lacey said. 

"true. You not as mean as my stylist" Luke said 

Lacey turned to me. "I'm so happy I get to style a girl, It's way more fun" She said smiling. " come on. I have a credit card with over 500 dollars on it just for getting Caroline Hemmings a new wardrobe. You won't need any of those bad cloths anymore. You might as well throw them away." She said laughing. 

"I have some cute clothes" I said crossing my arms. 

"Sure you do" She said "Now let's go shopping" She then grabbed my arm dragging me out of the hotel. We went into her really nice car and drove to a really expensive store. 

"I'v never even stepped foot in that store" I said 

"I know, I can tell by your clothes. Let me guess you don't have a lot of money?" She said opening her car door. 

I opened my door and followed her threw the parking lot. "Well that hurt" I said 

"Sorry I tend to judge people" She said shrugging. 

"No kidding" 

We got up to the golden doors. A lady opened the door for both of us. 

"Welcome Ms.Hemmings. We already picked out over 40 outfits for you based on what you stylist said she wants you to look like." The lady who opened the door for us said. "Follow me" 

As we followed her Lacey began telling me how she wants me to dress. "So because your Luke's cute sweet little sister we need you to look cute and sweet. So you will be wearing mostly colorful clothes, clothes with flowers on them, and just stuff that makes you look adorable, but not adorable like little little girl adorable, but just cute adorable. I hope your okay with dresses and skirts. Nothing too reveling." She said as we were walking. 

"I hate dresses and skirts" I said rolling my eyes. 
"well looks like that's going to have to change,and cut the attitude. Your so post to act all sweet and nice tonight so you better start now because this is a high class place. Some of the people here will be on the carpet tonight" She said 

"Okay okay" I said 

The lady took us to a room that had a tone of outfits on fake models. 

They were all girly looking outfits. "Perfect. We'll take all of them" Lacey said leaving the room. 

I followed. "wait I don't need to try them on?" I asked confused.

"I have a gift of looking at someone and knowing there size in clothing. They will all fit you" She said making her way to the place where you pay for the stuff. She payed for the all stuff. They gave us a tone of bags of clothes. The dresses and skirts on hangers. 

"I'v never even owned this much clothes before" I said 

"Clearly" She said as she gave the lady the credit card.

Once we were done getting all those clothes. Lacey had some of the people who worked there help us get the clothes in the car. Lacey sure wasn't kidding about the whole new wardrobe thing. I just thought I would be able pick out my own clothes. I guess not. 

We made our way to the car holding so many bags of clothes and the workers holding even more then us following. We loaded all those clothes in the car. The people who helped us went back to the store. Me and Lacey went back into the car. 

"Well that didn't take long" I said 

"Yep. it normally doesn't take too long" she said as she began driving. 

"Oh so um why does it have to be so fast?" I asked confused. 

"We need to get you back to the hotel. You have a lot to do." She said still driving. 

"Like what?" I asked 

"You sure are asking a tone of questions. It's kinda annoying" She said rolling her eyes. "you'll find out when we get at the hotel" She said annoyed. 

"Okay" I replied. I was quiet for the rest of the car ride. Once we got back to the hotel I started wondering how we are going to get all these clothes out of the car. 

"What are we going to do with the clothes?" I asked confused. 

"We are going to take the clothes that your going to need for the time your staying at the hotel. The rest of the clothes will be packed in the tour bus." Lacey said. She then parked and opened her door. "You can go head up to the hotel I'll get the clothes" She said 

"Are you sure?" I asked 

"Yeah your only staying in the hotel for one day it's not that many clothes" She said 

I then got out of the car and began walking up to the hotel. I knocked on the hotel door. Rick answered the door. "Glad your back." He said half smiling and let me walk in. 

"Hey" I said while on my way in. 

"She back! yay!" Ashton yelled. I laughed. 

"Hi guys" I said sitting on my bed. 

"So did you like the shopping?" Calum asked

"It wasn't really shopping for me" I said shrugging. 

"I don't get it" Micheal said. "it was you who was there. you were shopping for you" He said confused. 

"Well we were shopping for Caroline Hemmings, Not Caroline Carter." I said shrugging. 

"ohh. I get it." Calum said nodding. "Well not really because they let us pick out our own style but still." He said again. 

"Okay! Caroline! Your acting coach is here!" Rick said

"Acting coach?" I asked confused

"Yes. I know you'v been in a tone of plays, but this is different. This is real life. We have a acting coach here to help you with real life acting. He's also here to help Luke as well because let's face it. Luke can't lie for his life" He said. 

"Hey! I herd that!" Luke said throwing a pillow at him. 

Rick ignored his comment. "now, Luke and Caroline meet Joey." He said. Then he opened the door to a young looking man. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked like he was around 20 years old. 

"Hello I'm Joey." He said walking toward me and Luke. "I'm here to make sure your secret of not really being related stays a secret." He said 

"Okay. Well I'v been in plays ever since I can remember I kinda don't really need you" I said crossing my arms. 

"What if a reporter asks what's your best childhood memory of Luke? What would you say?" He asked 

My mind went into a blank. "Ummm" 

"See? You need me" He said standing in between me and Luke.

"What ever" I said rolling my eyes. 

~*~2 hours later~*~

"So now tell me Caroline what's your best child hood memory of Luke?"He asked for what it feels like the 100th time. 

"It would have to be when I was 8 and he was 10, We went to the beach with the family, and we went into the ocean and he helped me swim because I'm such a bad swimmer and I just remember thinking 'wow I have such a great brother' " I said nodding 

Rick clapped. "Now that's how it's done! I think I almost believed you! Okay ask her another question"Rick said. 

"Caroline, is Luke a good brother?" He asked. 

In reality Luke would probably not be a good brother but I have to lie. "Yes he is. He always comforts me when I need him, and he has never failed to make me smile" I said smiling all cutely like they wanted me too. 

"Okay now ask Luke something" Rick said. 

"Luke, What do you and your sister like doing together?" Joey asked. 

"We love going to the park together. I always help push her on the swings" He said nodding. 

"okay I think we are ready" Rick said. "Now time for Caroline to get into hair and make up" 

So this is really happening.

Say good bye to Caroline Carter and Hello to Caroline Hemmings. 

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