I'm Emma Andrews. The tall one over there is Luke, the Asian one is Calum but he isn't Asian, he's kiwi. The one with the bandana is Ashton and the dude with the colored hair is Michael.

We are just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


20. Sneaky

Emma's POV  

"Emma, Emma come on. Wake up Emma," Someone shakes me. I open my eyes and see Michael with a worried expression.

"Michael..where are we?" I look around and the room is cold, the walls painted a sickish grey color. 

"Meat locker maybe. Those assholes I swear to god when I get my hands on them I'll-" Michael clenches his fists, quite pissed.

"Where is everyone?" I asked only seeing Calum and Ashton.Luke....where is he? Calum is banging on the door loudly, shouting all different types of orders and you could tell how worn out he already was.

"Calum, Calum stop," I said quietly, putting my arm on his shoulder. Calum stops and sits against the door, cussing.

"We were eating Violet...we are cannibals!" Calum shouts into his hand. 

"Not me...I stopped when Luke told us not to," Michael sighed.

I looked over at Ashton and he was emotionless, staring at the door. I sat next to him, waiting for a word to say. 

"They took them...Logan and Faith...I don't know where they are," Ashton says with tears running down his face.

"We're going to find them I promise Ashton," I reassure him. I look around, looking for a way out. There was only a steel door, bolted shut. 

"What happened? I blacked out in the dining room," I said rubbing the side of my head.

"After Luke got knocked out, you punched Noah and then they hit you with the end of the gun. Then Noah took the kids up stairs and of course Ashton freaked out and got knocked out. They escorted us and carried Ashton to the barn and here we are," Michael sighed rubbing his eyes.

"So you did guys see where Luke went?" I asked.

"No, we left when he was still there...Hope he's okay," Calum said. 

I looked over at the door waiting for something, anything to happen.  What if Luke is dead? I know I should probably be positive and think he should be alive, but this isn't a movie. This is the apocalypse, people die, and knowing that Luke was willing to kill himself, to give up on life at the CDC, I feel like he might give up now. 

"Shh do you hear that?" Michael says interrupting my thoughts.

Seconds later, the steel door opened slowly as we all backed up. A girl with short blonde hair pocked her head in with a worried expression. 

"Riley? Oh my god Riley," Ashton said rushing over to her, giving her a hug. 

"I'm so sorry, my family is crazy. You need to get out of here now!" Riley says rushing us out of the room.

"Where are the kids?" Ashton asked. 

"Where is Luke?" I asked at the same time.

"In the house in the basement but be careful, my brothers and mom have guns," Riley sighs and gets the bag from behind her and opens it. 

"That's a lot of guns," Calum whistles picking up a 3rd gen lock 17. 

"You need to hurry, go find your friends," Riley says as we grab some guns and melee weapons. 

"Why are you doing this?" Michael asks.

Riley shakes her head,"For months I have been watching people die and I have never done anything about it. My so called Mother treats me like crap ever since I turned seven. My brothers are pigs, the things they have done don't even deserve the title of a brother. I hate them so much , they robbed me of my childhood, this is payback," Riley snarls. 

"Lets get going then," Ashton says as he leads us out of the barn. 

We sneak our way through the darkness, careful not to run into these crazy people. Every room in the house has a light on, even the tiny window connecting to the basement. 

"The kids are in the basement, Luke is upstairs where Violet was. Here's the extra key," She says handing it to me.

"We need to hurry, we have some more guests," Michael nods over to the fence, seeing walkers trying to get through. 

"The fence is shut off, it's only a matter of time before they run through here," Riley says.

"Emma, I'll come with you to get Luke, Michael you should go with Ashton and Riley," Calum commands. 

"Sorry I have one more thing to do. I'll see you guys later, hurry" Riley interrupts and runs near the fence.

"No time to waste lets go," Ashton says as he opens the window.

Calum and I nod and go through the back of the house, where less of the noise is.

"Make sure they don't get out Jacob! I mean it I don't want a war breaking out ya hear me?" I hear Rachel yell from the dining room. 

Calum puts a finger to his lips, demonstrating how quiet we have to be. He opens the door slowly, kneeling down low. I follow his actions and go behind him, closing the door softly. We sneak our way near the stairs until something touches my leg. I look over and see Peaches, the dog, hitting my leg with it's paw.

"Shoo go away please," I whisper and Calum turns around. 

Peaches tilts its head to the side and jogs over to Calum, nudging him with it's head. 

"It's cute," Calum snickers as we continue to climb over to the stairs. 

Peaches bites Calum's sleeve and pulls him back, growling softly.

"Fuck please stop,"Calum tugs back on the sleeve.

"Shh quiet," I whisper back.

As we approach the stairs with Peaches still tugging on his sleeve, he picks her up and slowly walks up the stairs. 

"You should go check on the barn Jacob. Stop fooling around," Rachel shouts and it shows how close she is.

When we get on top of the stairs, Peaches decides to let go and go down the stairs.

"Finally," Calum sighs rubbing the bite mark of his sleeve.

"Mom I'm going to check on the dude," Noah tells her.

"Fuck," Calum curses as he grabs my arm and opens up a random door, but ends up being locked.

"Here," I rushed and stuck the key into the door, causing it to creek open.

We rushed in and closed the door, Luke was no where to be seen.

Noah's footsteps grew louder and louder, Calum and I still unsure of where to hide.

"Under the bed!" He whispered loudly as we ducked down and crawled under.

We rested on the ground my hand over my own mouth, too scared to breath. 

The door opened and a pair of feet walked in closing the door behind him. Noah walked around the room stopping at the foot of the bed and cursed. Suddenly the door opened again and another pair of feet came in.

"Where the hell is her?!" Rachel yelled at her son. 

"I- I don't know he was here last time I checked! I tied him to the bed, someone must have cut him loose!" Noah groaned.  

Calum's arm was around my back securely and my breathing increased as Rachel moved closer to the bed.

"You worthless piece of shit!  Go find them! They probably escaped! Go into the basement! They are probably in there!" Rachel shouted and a loud smack was heard. His feet scrambled out of the room and downstairs.

Rachel ran after him as Calum and I got out from under the bed.

"We need to go help them," I said walking out the door and hearing a loud scream. 

"That was Faith," Calum said as the color drained from his face. We rushed downstairs but something grabbed my leg, causing me to fall down the steps of the stairs. 

Every part of my body ached, especially my shoulders from hitting the steps.

I looked at my leg and gasped.

"Violet?" I said but it was no longer Violet. She was dead, well sorta, the walker like state had consumed her. Her only arm that was left was attached to my ankle as she tried to pull herself towards me.

"Get off!" I shook her off as Calum put a bullet into her head, her body going limp. 

"Are you okay?" Calum asked as I got up.

"I'm fine...Let's just go," I said with a shaky breath as we went downstairs into the basement. 

No one was there except Noah, laying on the ground, beaten badly. I already knew Ashton probably beat the shit out of him, so I was surprised that he was still alive.

"Where did they go?" Calum asked kneeling toward Noah's bloody face.

"To hell," He snarled, trying to smile.

Suddenly, a loud gun shot was heard from outside, Noah laughing uncontrollably.

"You guys are going to die," He spat.

Calum aimed his gun toward him rolling his eyes.

"Calum..don't," I said putting my hand on his shoulder as he put the gun down. 

Calum sighed and went upstairs to the commotion. 

"You whore, you are nothing but a pathetic little-" Noah said but I cut him off as I rested my foot on his back, pushing down slightly until a groan escaped his lips.

"Yea well words cannot describe how fucked you are," I said back, kicking him in the side with my foot.

He groaned in pain as I jogged up the steps into the house until someone touched my shoulder. I grabbed my gun and turned around quickly, meeting the eyes of Luke.

"Luke!" I sighed happily as I put the gun away and wrapped my arms around him. 

"Oh my god you're okay! I thought something bad happened!" He said as I rested my head in his chest. 

A few shouts were heard from outside and Luke and I exchanged a scared look.

"Let's go," Luke said as we ran out of the house and onto the porch.

"Oh no," I said as my eyes wandered over to Michael, sprawled on the ground. 

Calum hung close to Michael while Jacob had Faith in his arms, Ashton pointing a gun towards him. 

"Let her go," Luke said as he aimed his gun towards him, I, following his actions.

"You don't wanna do that," I heard someone saw behind me. I already recognized the voice.

"Rachel put the gun down," I said still looking at Jacob. 

"Don't aim the gun at my son then," She snarled.

"Tell Jacob to let her go," Luke said.

"Put the gun down first," She said back. 

Suddenly a gun went off and I looked to see who it was.

Jacob fell to his side, Faith scrambling out of his arms, her face covered with his blood.

I looked to see Riley, letting the gun fall from her hands, as she looked down at her dead brother.

"Riley...." Rachel breathed out as she swung her gun around and pointing the trigger to Riley.

"Stop!" Ashton yelled running over and placing a protective arm around her.

What do I do what do I do?!?!? Rachel then instead pointed the gun toward Luke and chuckled.

I took the chance and with all my strength, I leaped toward Rachel tackling her back into the house. 

My gun slid across the wooden floor, far from my reach. 

My fist collided with her cheek and as she was distracted, I scrambled toward the gun at the end of the hallway but was pulled back.

"Let go of me!" I yelled trying to kick her away. 

I grabbed the leg of a small table to hang on.

The table shook and fell onto my leg causing Rachel and I to yelp in pain as thing like glass plates and picture frames fell from the table.

Rachel let go of my leg and I tried to stand up, but my leg gave in.

"Shit," I said as the house lit up with a new kind of light. 

I looked back to see a candle that had fell from the table, igniting the floorboards.

"Emma?!" I heard Luke shout from the other side.

I tried to shout back, but the smoke filled my lungs instead. I crawled as far back as I could grabbing my gun and could hear the screams of Rachel.

The fire made it's way through the front entrance, I sat there knowing I couldn't walk through there.

I tried to open the backdoor but it wouldn't budge. 

"Damn it! Hello! Someone help over here!" I shouted as I banged on the back door.

I saw the doggie door and mentally hoped I would fit.

I pocked my head through and started shimming my way through until I saw a faint shadow. 

"Hello?" I asked loudly but in return I got a few groans.


I tried to pull myself through but I was stuck, the doggie door around my waist. 

I tried to back out but I felt the heat of the fire starting to creep closer.

I screamed in frustration and shot towards the walkers, only killing two in the process.

"Help! Help over here!" I shouted again trying to pull myself out. 

A few other shouts were heard and more footsteps ran over.

"Emma where are you?!" I heard Calum shout over the fire.

"Over here!" I yelled trying to shoot walkers that were getting too close.

Luke and Calum appeared shooting some walkers.

"I'm stuck," I cried out in pain as the fire began to get closer, my leg almost feeling as tho it was burning.

"Here," Luke said as he put his hand above my waist and started to pull. 

"AH! MY LEG!" I shouted as I kicked my legs up, trying to avoid the flames.

Luke pulled again, and this time I pulled through.

"Fuck that hurt," I said rubbing my waist. 

"Let's go," Luke said trying to lift me up.

I shook of the pain in my ankle and limped over to the group, in the front. 

"Are you guys okay?" Luke asked looking over at Michael.

"We're fine, I sorta passed out," Michael sighed rubbing his head.

"Riley you okay?" Ashton asked her as she looked back at her home.

She sniffled and rubbed her eyes.

"I'm sorry about your family..." Logan said patting her on the back.

"No it's not them...I think Peaches was still in there," She cried, but wiped her tears away.

"We should go..the walkers are close," Calum said. We all nodded and walked away from the farm, and I silently thought that walkers weren't as dangerous as humans are.


Hey guys! I'm going to start writing some memorials for people in each chapter kinda like the Talking Dead so yea.


Violet Peters-"But maybe if you keep your head up, good things could happen to good people,"- Bled to death, turned into walker- shot by Calum

Noah Creek- beaten by Ashton, burned in basement

Jacob Creek- shot by Riley

Rachel Creek- burned to death

Peaches- eaten by walker(never mentions it but yea that's what happened)


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