I'm Emma Andrews. The tall one over there is Luke, the Asian one is Calum but he isn't Asian, he's kiwi. The one with the bandana is Ashton and the dude with the colored hair is Michael.

We are just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


5. Smoking

Emma's POV

"Emma, Emma get up," I hear someone say quietly.

The ringing in my ear won't go away and it takes me awhile to open my eyes. I look up and see Calum with a worried and scared expression. 

A pain shoots up my leg as I look down and my leg is bleeding.

"Thank god, Emma we gotta go," Calum says as he helps me up.

I yelp in pain as I shift some weight on my injured leg.

"Are you okay?" Calum asks frantically.

"I'm fine...where's Luke and Evan?" I ask looking around.

I see Evan fighting off some walkers and I don't see Luke.

"Luke, Luke!" I yell louder limping toward a body on the ground. 

I come closer and it is Luke, hunched over in pain. 

I limp towards him and lift him up.

"Luke? Luke are you okay?" I ask making sure he isn't bleeding or hurt badly.

"I- I'm fine" Luke says shakily as he stands up straighter.

A scream is heard and I look behind me to see Evan sprawled on the ground wrestling a walker.

"Evan!" Calum yells as he runs over to him.

"Emma, you're hurt," Luke says motioning over to my leg.

"I'm fine. We should go help," I say to him as he nods his head.

Calum kills the walkers on Evan and lifts him up.

"You alright man?" Calum asks patting him hard in the back.

"Never been better," Evan smiles.

"We should probably get going. We don't wanna attract more of those things," Luke says.

I look around. Where are we supposed to go?

"So we just walk?" I ask.

"Might as well," Calum sighed.

"Lets not do it for long..we are all tired and injured," Luke says pointing to my leg.

"I told you I'm fine," I sigh. I wasn't but I didn't want to be a burden on the group.


I was on Lukes back as we walked across a empty road filled with neighborhoods.

We all walked in silence, not aware of our destination.

I put my head on Luke's shoulder and sighed.

Even though its been days since this started, he smelled of cologne.

"Do I smell nice?" Luke asks smirking

"Like Hollister," I say laughing a little.

"Guys shush...Here that?" Calum says as we all stop.

I can hear a vehicle..a lot of them...

"Shit run!" Calum says as we all run toward a neighborhood opening. 

Even when I'm on Luke's back, he still manages to run just as fast as the other boys.

We run to the back of a house,"Emma lets go," Evan says as I get off and he lifts me over the fence. I hit the ground and wait for everyone to get over.

Calum walks over to the door and opens it with a shiv. We all step inside and close it. We hear the cars come and pass us. We all sigh and make ourselves comfy. I check my leg and the bleeding has stopped, the cut not as bad as I thought.

"We'll check the rooms, you guys check the pantry and see if there is food," Calum says as they check downstairs.

Luke heads toward the kitchen and I follow him.

He checks the fridge and groans.

I look through the pantries and just see a couple cans of soup.

"This will have to do," I mutter as I grab a pot and put the soup in. 

Minutes go by and Calum and Evan haven't come back yet.

"I'll be right back, I'll check on the boys. You watch the soup," I say as I check the rooms.

I check some rooms and see a little girls room, all pink with dolls and stuff animals displayed.

The one across from it is a boys room with mario kart posters on the walls and a car bed. 

The next room is a bathroom and the other room beside it has band posters on the wall like Green Day, Fall Out Boys, The Cab, and other varieties. 

Still no sign of the guys. The room at the end is slightly opened and I slowly walk toward it. 

I have my bat in my hand, just in case.

I open it wider and see Calum sitting down crying softly.

I look at Evan and I can hear him silently saying words at the wall.

My gaze goes toward the bed. A mother and father lay at the ends of the bed, with a little girl in the middle. All with gunshots toward their head.

Where are the other two boys? 

I go to the bathroom where I notice a small puddle of dried blood in the front of the door.

I open it and all I see is darkness. Then slowly comes out the little boy, who is a zombie.

I back away slowly, tears spilling out of my eyes. He only looks about 4, with footie pajamas on. 

Killing it is wrong. It's still a little boy. I cry more and I see Evan and Calum still not noticing my obstacle.

"Please..stop," I cry out silently.

The boy doesn't stop. It's arms are held out trying to grab me. 

I can't kill it. I can't kill him. But it can kill me.

I raise the bat and I close my eyes as I swing in front of me and I hear it fall toward the floor, already dead.

Luke comes in and rushes toward my aid. 

"Emma I'm sorry," Luke says quietly but I just cry. Not loudly though, I need to stop being such a baby.

Calum clears his throat," We should bury them..." Calum says.

Evan gets up and helps Calum and Luke carry them outside to bury them.

It really hits you..that this world is fucked up...People are dieing. Families are getting separated. 

The boy is still laid out i front of me. Why is he walking among us while his family is dead? I examine the body and see no gun shot wounds...

A hour later we all sit and eat. 

"I'm gonna go smoke real quick," Evan says as he gets up and goes toward the backyard.

Calum and Luke chat about getting to know each other and I leave and follow Evan outside.

"Hey," I say leaning against the porch.

"Hey," Evan says blowing out smoke.

"Want one?" He asks holding the box out.

I shake my head,"No thanks."

"We are all gonna die anyway.. might as well huh?" He says.

"No, we can survive this...We will. We just need hope and faith..Trust me," I say reassuring him.

"Hope and Faith? Emma, we are all doomed. We will all die. You know that right?" Evan says taking the cigar between his lips.

"Not when you have Calum and Luke. I'm pretty useless...but you have us. We can protect each other," I sigh.

"I guess," Evan says throwing the cigar to the ground and stepping on it.


Hey guys! Pretty proud of this chapter actually.

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Family- committed suicide 

little boy- killed by bat

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