I'm Emma Andrews. The tall one over there is Luke, the Asian one is Calum but he isn't Asian, he's kiwi. The one with the bandana is Ashton and the dude with the colored hair is Michael.

We are just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


15. Six

Emma's POV

"Hello and welcome to safety," the woman says nodding her head at us. 

"Please follow us," The other man says and starts walking down the hall with the woman.

We follow them down twists and turns until we come across the hallway with 6 doors on each side.

"Now, these are your rooms. The showers work so don't use the hot water for too long. Meet us in the main room at 6," The woman says and walks away with the man.

I pick a room and open it to reveal modern furniture, with a bed and couch and even a TV on the dresser.

I drop my bags and collapse on the bed, tired, sore and stressed.

I lock the door and step into the shower, nervosus to turn it on. 

Yet, I do so and feel the cold water rush on me and I smile, having not had this feeling for awhile.

After, I get dressed, I walk out and walk around, trying to find the main room.

I walk down a grey hallway and see a girl, talking to a boy, looking around the age of twenty. 

"I can't stay here any longer! Evan is out there!" The girl says biting her nails.

"What other choice do we have? There is no way out of here Violet," the boy says.

Violet....Violet Peters? Evans sister....

"A new group game in here today. When they find out about what happens, they'll flip! We have 24 hours until this thing-" Violet gets cut off when the boy pushes her against the wall, kissing her.

Okay.....I turn in the other direction, not wanting to disturb the kiss, maybe Calum and Michael should take lessons on that.. What did they mean no way out? They could've just stepped right on outside. What happens in twenty four hours? 

I hear friendly laughter from the end of the hallway, interrupting my thoughts  and I step inside.

Everyone is already there, eating and laughing.

"Em, here I save ya a seat," Luke calls over to me.

I sit down next to him and a plate is already set up in front of me.

"What took you so long?" Luke asks, eating some of his mash potatoes.

"The shower, I didn't know how to work it," I lie trying the chicken. 

It's good, not as good as the food back home, but good enough for the apocalypse.

The table seats 10, 4 on each side and one person at the ends.

I sit next to Luke and Michael, with Logan on the other side of him.

Ashton sits across from Michael with Faith next to him. The 2 people whos names I haven't learned yet are on the ends.

The man clears his throat as everyone stops chatting.

"I'm Dr. Tran, this lady next to me is Dr. Miller. We would like to thank you for being our company tonight. It's usually just us 4," Dr. Tran says nodding his head.

"Four?" Ashton asks.

Violet and her friend come in as Ashton asks that and sit next to him.

"Meet Dr. Peters and Dr. Overstreet," Dr. Miller says.

They nod their heads and smile.

"Well I'm Calum, this is Emma,Luke, and Michael" Calum said, gesturing over to us,"Next to you is Ashton and his daughter Faith and Logan." 

"Well nice to meet you guys. I'm sure you have a lot of stories about what is happening out there." Dr. Miller says refilling her glass of wine.

"Actually, we were hoping you could tell us. And maybe have the cure?" Luke asks.

The room is eager with silence and Dr. Tran sighs,"Please, follow me."

He leads us to another lab area as I hold Luke's hand.

We stand on a platform and look at the screen.

"Computer, lights please," Dr. Tran says as the lights get dimmer.

"Play Patient 6, " Dr. Tran says.

Our attention goes toward the screen and it plays a 3D image of a person laying on a counter.

The time-lapse MRI video demonstrates the disease attacking the brain, similar to meningitis, ultimately killing the victim. Brain activity is restarted a few minutes later, simultaneously reanimating the body to mere basic functions. 

"See when infected, it slowly creeps up on the brain. The farther away from the brain, the longer it takes to get infected. When the virus reaches the brain, it kills the host, for a series of minutes, to hours, to days. The brain starts up again, so they host is able to move and function however, it gets rid of some things...." 

"In your brain, there is some parts called Ventromedial Hypothalamus, which tells you when you're full. The Amygdala, which controls emotion and memory, and the Frontal Cortex which helps with problem solving. The virus takes these things out and all it learns to do is eat," Dr. Miller says.

"Some doctors in France were close to finding a cure, but communication was lost," Violet spoke out.

"So it's worldwide?" I ask.

Dr. Tran nods his head.

"Everyone should get to sleep...we have to rest," Dr. Tran says.

We leave but I grab Calum and lead him towards Violet.

"We need to speak to you privately," I told her.


"Please have a seat," She said as she closed the door to her room.

"I'm fine...Violet...Dr. Peters..we have some news to report," I tell her.


I signal Calum and he reaches into his pocket, pulling out Evan's necklace, and giving it to Violet.

She takes it and starts to look confused. 

"Wh- what I don't understand? Where's Evan?" She asks.

"I'm sorry. He's gone..he was bit..He was my partner, he saved Emma and Luke and we were all in a group..Then we got into a crash and was bit fighting off walkers...I'm sorry," Calum said.

Violet starts to shake uncontrollably and starts to cry.

Calum can't help it as he starts to breathe weird and leaves the room. 

"What can I do to help?" I ask her.

"Le- lea- leave m- me alo- alone," She says in between cries.

I nod and turn over to her desk where I see a peculiar looking bump under the bed sheets.

I pull the covers off and see a grenade.

"Why do you have this?' I ask picking it up.

"Stop! Gi- give it back!" She cries.

Why do you have a grenade?' I ask again.

"Ju- just in case," 

"In case what?" I ask.

"In case of death..but it's too late anyway..we are all gonna die."

"I don't believe that.."I said shaking my head.

"Yea I like that about thinking the world is all filled with good isn't though. But maybe if you do keep your head up, good things can happen to good people."



Anyway, I updated Disney in the making and I will update Nerd next door tomorrow!

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