I'm Emma Andrews. The tall one over there is Luke, the Asian one is Calum but he isn't Asian, he's kiwi. The one with the bandana is Ashton and the dude with the colored hair is Michael.

We are just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


7. Sick

Emma's POV

I waited patiently for Evan and the doctor to figure out what was wrong.

Calum's leg was going up and down, nervously. He was worried...I know I would be if my close friend was in the "hospital". Suddenly a girl, who looked no more than 23, approached us.

She had strawberry blonde hair with green eyes, and wore a doctor robe.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Martin,  please follow me," she chirped as we went into the hallway. We followed her and when we went from left, to right, down the hall, and left again she stopped.

She turned to us, her eyes filled with fear. "Mr. Evan Peters...he...he isn't going to make it," Dr. Martin said softly.

"W-what do you mean? He seemed fine..." Calum started, tears filling his eyes. Luke placed a hand on Calum's shoulder for support.

"You might want to step in here," She said opening the door and in the back I could see Evan, laying in a hospital bed.

Calum runs up to him frantically looking at him.

Dr. Martin closes and locks the door, and comes over to us, in a fast quicken pace. 

"Your friend is experiencing a high fever, sore throat, as you can tell his eyes are red...lack of blood or oxygen...his skin is very pale and his heart rate is slowing down. Earlier I gave him medicine because he was thrashing around violently." Dr. Martin says, my heart drops.

"What does this all mean? What caused this?" Luke asked looking up from Evan to her.

Dr. Martin sighs and lifts up Evans leg. A small walker bite is shown.

" can'!" Calum said clinging onto Evan, sobbing.

"'re crushing me," Evan says weakly, smiling. 

"Evan, dude, why didn't you tell us? We could have helped..." I said holding his hand.

He shook his head,"I couldn't bring myself to it...God I'm a murderer...I killed innocent people... I deserve to die," Evan says, a single tear escaping his eye.

"No, no you followed orders. You are a better person now Evan! You need to stay strong," Calum cried letting his tears fall onto Evan.

"Evan.. you got bit after the car crash...when you were smoking, you said everyone was gonna die soon...I promised you that we would keep you safe," I chocked. I tried hard not to cry, I am so sensitive, I cry like a waterfall.

"You did what you could...Calum...give this to Violet...please," Evan said slowly as he took of his necklace. I didn't catch what was on it, but it was just a ring on the end of it.

Calum took the necklace from Evan, clutching it in his hand,"I will, I will Evan goddamn Peters..." Calum sniffled.

"Stop crying Hood. Man up. I love you man. Thanks for everything. All these years...The only thing I regret was being such a jerk to you when I first met you," Evan laughed lightly.

Calum wiped the tears away from his eyes. "Man you were like a brother to me. You can't go, don't leave man," Calum begged.

Evan just smiled,"Hey if you survive this whole thing, I'm gonna be proud of you. The day if you do pass, you have better died a hero dude," Evan joked smiling.

Calum cried even more.

"Emma, Luke, I hope you guys make it to. You guys made me turn good actually...I'm glad we saved your asses back in the museum," Evan laughed but coughed.

"I'm glad you saved our asses too," Luke thanks.

Evan smiles and closes his eyes. 

"Evan...Evan...god damn it no! Evan don't leave me!" Calum cried out shaking Evan.

Dr. Martin said something into her walkie talkie and seconds later, 2 people unlocked the door and rushed in. They rushed us out and Calum sat against the wall crying. 

I sat down next to him, placing a arm around him as he embraces me for a hug.

My shirt is stained by dry blood, and now a new coat of Calum's tears. But I stayed there comforting Calum. I wanted to cry, gosh believe me I was about to cry a storm..but Calum was doing it for me...Calum doesn't have anyone..he needs us..

Footsteps come closer to me and I look up to see Michael. "Sorry about your friend...." Michael sighed. 

Calum raised his head up and nodded. 

Michael held his hand out and pulled Calum up, I followed the same steps.

Michael led us to a balcony in the school, near the teachers lounge.

The view wasn't pretty. In the distance, I could see buildings, from Downtown, burning...Scream were heard even from that far away. 

"The world is fucked up..but we can do this..I know we can.." Michael sighed.

He took out a cigar and light one up. It crushed me, it reminded me of Evan.

Michael never put it to his mouth though. He just lit it,standing there, leaning against the cool railing. 

I looked up at downtown and heard more screaming..but it was from inside the building.

"Shit run," Michael yelled as we rushed out. We saw people running in one direction(lol) and more screaming. "Lydia! Lydia!" Michael screamed rushing toward the opposite direction. 

"Wait where are you going?" Luke asked frantically. 

"Here," Michael said tossing keys to Luke,"Start the jeep up, I'll be there in a second." and with that Michael ran off calling someones name.

"We sprinted toward the parking lot, people running all around. 

I followed Luke, holding Calum's hand since I didn't want him to wander off. We found Michael's jeep and we got in. Luke sat in the front with Calum and I sat in the back this time.

"Where the hell is he?" Luke asked starting the car.

Suddenly, a walker hit my window, and I screamed backing up to the other side.

"Luke drive!" Calum yelled.

"We have to wait for Michael!" Luke shouted back.

More walkers came as they began arguing. "God damn it Luke go!" Calum ordered.

"I'm waiting for Michael Calum just wait!" Luke shouted. 

"Guys come on quite fighting," I begged.

"GOD DAMN IT LUKE DO YOU WANT US TO GET KILLED?!?! JUST DRIVE!" Calum yelled and it was loud enough to attract even more walkers.

This is it I'm gonna die..I'm sorry Mom..Dad...Gosh I want to live I want to fricken live for crying ou- I was interrupted by gun shots and all of the walkers went down one by one. Michael opened Luke's door and Luke stepped out, sitting beside me. Dr. Martin, who apparently was Lydia, stepped next to me and closed the door.

"Drive!" Luke said as we drove off. 


"What happened back there?" I asked Michael who starred at the road.

"Evan..he turned into...and he attacked both nurses," Lydia sighed looking out the window. 

"You didn't put him down?" Calum asked outraged.

"Yes, after he attacked the nurses...but something isn't right.." Michael said. 

"What?" Luke asked. 

"There was a guy, named Nate..he was shot when we were looking for survivors. We took him back to the school...we checked him just in bites. But we left him in the room for just a second and...he turned" Michael questioned.

"But he wasn't bitten?" Calum asked.

"Nope, no bites at all," Lydia sighed.

"Which means..." I asked.

Michael shrugged," I don't know..but something isn't right. There are a lot of questions. What started this.. Where is the vaccine..has all the world gone to hell..."

"Answers that can be provided by Violet.." Calum mumbled.

"Who?" Lydia asked.

"Evan's sister..she words for the CDC in Nevada...She might know," Calum said but it was more of a question.

"Then that's where we are going? Nevada? What about California?" I asked. The whole reason we got together was to go there..Right?

"Emma, right now, we can either save the world and end this. We could be put down in the history books..or we can go to California then what? The virus would still be here." Michael sighed.

I sighed. They were right. I was being selfish. I held Luke's hand and squeezed it tight. I'm coming mom and dad. Just wait.. Please don't be sick.

RIP Evan Peters

oooo this is gonna be good! Lydia Martin is played by Holland Roden from MTV Teen Wolf!

I have big plans for this book! Very big plans!



Evan Peters-"Hey if you survive this whole thing, I'm gonna be proud of you. The day if you do pass, you have better died a hero dude," turned into walker

Nurse one and 2- bit by Evan

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