I'm Emma Andrews. The tall one over there is Luke, the Asian one is Calum but he isn't Asian, he's kiwi. The one with the bandana is Ashton and the dude with the colored hair is Michael.

We are just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


14. Short

It really means a lot when you guys write nice comments like that! It motivates me to write so thank you!

My new story I'll be publishing is called Disney In The Making. After this chapter I'll publish it! I'm sorry but I feel so motivated about this one since it hits close to home! If you want a role in this story, just kik me - miniharajuku and I'll get you a role in this story and maybe one in the new story. 


Emma's POV

I opened my eyes to rustling noises around me. 

Calum and Michael were packing things they needed and I saw Logan in the corner, reading a comic book. I got up and searched for Luke.

I smiled when I found him and Faith, braiding his hair. 

I got up and laughed.

"I can't braid your hair," Faith huffs.

 "Why?" Luke whines, winking at me.

"Your hair is short," Faith smiles and gets up and walks away.

"Weirdo," I say as I sit in front of Luke.

"Yea she gets a-"

"I mean you!" I laugh. 

"Oh well that means you're a weirdo too!" Luke smirks.


"Because you almost kissed this weirdo," 

I turn away so he can't see my face. 

"I almost did, didn't I?" 

"Yea you you wanna do it again?" Luke asks, smiling scooting closer.

I smile and lean in when Calum comes in.

"Ewwwwwwww herpes,' Calum says dumb struck and leaves laughing. 

"Damn it," Luke sighs smiling.

"Lovebirds, get over here and help!" Ashton called from the back.

"Coming!" We both said together.


I sat in the back of Ashton's car with Faith, Logan, and Luke.

Luke held Faith while Logan and I chatted about what's been going on, since he has been asking questions.

"So the CDC can help?" Logan asked.

"Yea, we could get a antidote and stop this thing," I reassured him.

'Maybe we could even stay in their till it's over?' Logan asked.

I hope not,"I hope so." I lie.

Logan smiles at me and rests his head on the window.

"How much longer?" I ask Ashton.

"Maybe about 10 more minutes. We're close,' He says and I sigh.

While you're waiting, open the duffel bag in the back seat," Ashton says, smiling at me through the mirror.

I grab the bag and zip it open.

"Woa...lot's of guns.." Luke says looking over at the bag.

"There are 3 pistols in there, a shotgun, a katana and a machete in there. Everybody gets something," Ashton says.

"Except you Logan,"

"Aw man!"

I carefully grab the sword and put it to the side. I feel my asian heritage kicking in and I smile to myself.

Michael grabs another gun and same for Calum. Ashton grabs the shotgun and Luke grabs the machete.

"Hey, a pistol is left..maybe Logan could use it?" Calum asked.

"Please dad! What if I die!?" Logan cries.

Ashton takes this into consideration.

"Dad I know how to shoot! Harry taught me before,' Logan sighs.

"Fine whatever,"Ashton says and Logan grabs the gun.

"But be careful, please," Ashton ordered.

"Yea yea,"Logan says.

I look out the window and see the CDC. 

"Alright everyone out!" Michael says as we scramble out.

"Shit walkers!" I say.

I grabbed my sword, sinking the blade into the walkers head and pulling it out. 

I kill another one, chopping it's head in half as we run toward the entrance.

"Please! Let us in!" Luke yells banging on the door.

A voice comes on the speaker.

"Once these doors close, they will not open again,"

"Please just let us in! We have kids!" Ashton says, looking over to his kids.

"More walkers!" I shout and I guard them with Luke while we wait.

I stabbed two at a time, kicking them off the blade as Luke slices through some.

"Are any of you bite?" The voice says.

"No we are clean!" Calum shouts.

"We can't hold them for much longer!" Luke says.

The doors open and we rush through. The steel doors close and we are left in the big room. 

'Hello and welcome to safety."


Cliffhanger I know. It was short but I wanted it to end there.

If you watch and love twd like I do(THE WALKING DEAD IS LIFE!) then you know what happens in season 1 last episode....

But I'll change it up sorta.

Check out Disney in the making!!!!



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