I'm Emma Andrews. The tall one over there is Luke, the Asian one is Calum but he isn't Asian, he's kiwi. The one with the bandana is Ashton and the dude with the colored hair is Michael.

We are just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


4. Shifts

Emma's POV

"You are going to help us?" Luke asked.

Evan nods his head.

"Come with us," Calum says grabbing my hand and lifting me up.

We follow Calum and Evan, Luke holding on to my hand for dear life. To think I almost think I almost lost him..

I shake the thoughts out of my head. We are alive now. I shouldn't dwell on it too much.

We all walked downstairs and I ran into Luke as we suddenly stopped.

"What?" I ask whispering.

I look over the statue we are hiding behind and see about 10 walkers.

"Can we take em?" Luke asks the boys.

Calum shakes his head," We don't want to attract more Roamers or even more Soldiers."

"Roamers? You call them that" I ask.

"Ya know cause they roam around," Calum says.

"I call them Lil Shits," Evan smiles winking at me.

I smile back but Luke interrupts my thoughts.

"Back to reality people. Go around and get caught by the Soldiers or go through without our guns."

"I'm not risking getting shot to death thank you very much," I say trying to not be sassy.

"Do you guys have any weapons besides guns?" Evan asks.

"I have a bat," I say holding it up.

"We have knives so Luke be careful yea?" Calum smirks.

Luke rolls his eyes sighing,"I'll be fine." 

Evan nods and he goes first, Calum follows him and I go after Calum.

I walk up to a Walker and hit them on the side causing it to fall down.

It reaches toward me but I hit it hard in the head, blood and his brains falling out.

For safety, I hit it hard again and it stopped moving. 

I wiped the fallen tears away, but this time, I didn't break down at least.

I looked up and there were a couple left so when the walker came up to me, I swung at its legs and it fell to its side. I got ready to swing but I stopped in the middle of it.

It was a women in here late thirties. A name tag attached said,"Ms. Monica - Lincoln Carson Elementary "

My heart broke. These were people, with lives like I had. And here I was about to bash it's head in.

If I of these I certainly would hope someone would take it easy on me.

But I tightened  my grip and swung at her head, blood painting my jeans and the ground.

They could kill me,  I had to survive this.

Someone's hand was placed on my shoulder and I thought it was Luke.

I turned around and actually saw Calum smiling slightly.

"Nice job Emmers. Ya did good," Calum said and it was this time that I heard his accent, but didn't ask him about it.

"Thanks," I said.

When we reached the door, I could see a RV parked near the side.

We all got the same idea and ran to it. We all piled in and I sat down on the couch and sighed. Evan sat in the driver side, with Calum sitting next to him and Luke sitting across from me.

Calum opened the overhead mirror and the keys fell out.

"Lucky me," Calum laughed as he started up the car.

I looked out the window and saw a big blob of brown and black.

"Ugh guys lets go. There's a hoard coming our way," I bursted out.

Calum drove off and we all sighed. I looked back to the hoard as it got smaller and smaller.

"So Calum...why are the soldiers killing innocent people?" Luke asked.

"Well, we don't know much but here's the thing. Our leaders said a virus broke out and to basically kill everyone off to lower the chances of it getting spread. Stupid of him though...There are two groups of the military. There's us, the people who do orders and think they are helping society. Then there are the Blood hounds."

"Blood Hounds?" I ask.

"A organization who kills people to steal their stuff, rape, and to torture them for fun. It's sick really," Evan sighs shaking his head.

"Where are they?" I ask.

"Usually they form around the southern area but they are spreading pretty quickly. So if we cross paths with them, it will not be pretty."

I stare at the window, looking at the horizon.

"This happened way to fast," Luke sighs as everyone agrees.

I lean my head on the couch and my eyelids start to droop and before I know it, I'm dead asleep.


It has been days since the Museum accident and the rides have been pretty uneventful.

We stopped for gas, grabbed food, ate food, I have spent the whole time on the RV. But I wasn't complaining.

"Hey Emma, can you take the next shift? I'm tired as hell," Luke yawned from the front.

"Sure, you rest," I reassured him as he pulled over and I got into the front.

I started driving and thought of the time I went camping with my parents. It was a disaster, it rained on us and dad forgot the tents so we slept in the RV. Then a bear was in our campsite so we had to wait until it left to use the restroom since the one in the RV didn't work.

I hated the trip but now I wish I could go back.Relive the terrible experience.

Calum sat next to me, slightly snoring. 

It always hits me that I wouldn't be able to do stuff in life. Like go to Prom, graduate, college, get married, have kids...all gone.

I was so excited for school the day I was sick.

I remember a kid named Oliver, was going to ask me out and how I was gonna wear the outfit I'm wearing now. I wonder how he's doing...Is he dead? I hope my friends and family are okay.

My baby cousins, my aunts and uncles, my hot neighbor, Ivy.

IVY! I really hope she is okay.

I remember she had to go on a trip to Europe with her parents to visit her Aunt. I wonder if the other countries are like here....

"EMMA THE ROAD!!!" Calum yells as I zone back into reality and everything goes black.


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