I'm Emma Andrews. The tall one over there is Luke, the Asian one is Calum but he isn't Asian, he's kiwi. The one with the bandana is Ashton and the dude with the colored hair is Michael.

We are just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


17. Shallow Creek part one

Emma's POV

Los Angeles we all went, Luke, Calum, Michael, Violet, Ashton, the kids and I that is.

No Dr. Tran, Overstreet or Miller.  It still hung in my mind...that Luke wanted to die. To just quit on life.

I know how hard this life is...but we should keep on fighting to live...

I remember watching this movie when I was younger....this apocalyptic world had taken over. They had been surviving for months and then they decided to kill themselves all except one. So when he goes outside on his roof, about to jump....then the army comes...and then the world slowly turns back to normal.

What if that happens? What if the world does go back to normal? Maybe this is just like the Plague and it will end one way or another....

We were all stuffed in a honda. Calum and Michael in the front, Violet, Luke and I in the middle, and Ashton with his kids in the back. Our plan is to go to LA, find my parents, Luke find his brother and then head to San Francisco, where it was supposedly safe. If it didn't work out, we would get a boat and sail to Hawaii, or a small island.

If this doesn't  work, I don't know what will. To get to LA, we had to pass by San Fran, so we could drop off Ashton and Violet there...only if it was safe, which I have been doubting.

We were driving through a wooded area, no people or walkers in sight. 

It was getting dark, and hopefully we had enough gas to last us.

The road slowly turned into dirt, and the road became bumpy and it started to wake some of us up.

 Faith whined in the back, Ashton shushing her.

"Where are we?" Ashton asks from the back.

"I have no clue to be honest," Michael says squinting at the road.

"Can you not see?" Luke asked.

"No it's dark," Michael says continuing to squint in front of him.

"Turn the lights on," Logan yells and Ashton scolds him.

"Which button is the lights again?" Michael asks.

"This one," Calum says leaning over and pressing something.

"Shit!" Michael yells, pressing on the breaks. 

A force hits the car hard as we all get pushed forward. 

After a few seconds, I open my eyes and see that Michael ran into a big tree.

I unbuckle my seatbelt and check on everyone.

"Luke?" I shake him. He has blood dripping from his forehead but is alive.

"Emma help me," I hear Ashton say.

I crawl near the back to see Ashton, looking fine, but Faith crying and Logan rubbing his neck.

"Take Faith please," Ashton says handing Faith over.

I take her and see a big rock, close to the car and sit her down.

"Stay here while I help daddy okay?" I tell her.

Faith sniffles, but nods. I go back into the car and help Ashton out, while Ashton holds onto Logan.

Logan sits beside his sister, holding onto her.

I check on the front seat and see Michael and Calum, glass all over them, and I knew they had to have some kind of injury.

"Michael?" I ask shaking him, careful not to touch any glass.

Michael is awake, shaking off some of the glass.

"Careful," I say opening the car door as he steps out carefully.

"Ashton," I call over as Ashton helps Michael sit down.

I check on Calum and he is struggling with his seatbelt.

"I got it," I say as I lean over him and try to click open the seatbelt, but it's stuck.

"Hold on, do you have a knife?"I ask Michael and Ashton.

"There should be one in the back," I hear Logan say. 

I go over and open up the trunk, searching for a knife. When I find one, I hurry back to Calum as I start to cut the seatbelt off.

"Emma, I got it, check on Luke and Violet," Michael says.

I nod and open the door to the middle seat and see Violet, whimpering. 

"Violet? Are you hurt?" I ask her.

"M- my my- l- leg," She cries. 

I look at her leg and see the seat Calum was sitting, crushing her leg, and I could tell she is loosing blood fast. 


In a few seconds, Ashton comes over, mouth open.

"Help her out," I say.

He carefully takes off the seatbelt, and tries to move Violet carefully. She cries out in pain and Ashton goes pale, but continues to help her out. When he does, I could see closer that he foot is limp, broken. When you get a piece of paper and you roll it up, then with all of your force, you push it up against a wall, causing it to be crushed together.

"Luke?" I ask as Ashton carries Violet away.

"I shake him more and more until he wakes up.

"What happened?" He asks softly.

"We ran into a tree and Violet is hurt badly," I say.

"Emma, Luke, we got walkers coming and a whole hoard of them," I hear Logan shout.

"Crap! Lets get out of here," I tell Luke as I help him step out of the car.

We all scramble to get our things and try to walk fast, but it's hard when most of your people are injured.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" I hear someone scream as I look back and see Logan, fighting walkers off his sister.

Ashton looks back and drops Violet, and she shrieks, clutching onto her leg. Ashton looks back,guilty but runs toward his kids.

I watch Calum run over but soon the walkers fall to the ground.

"What the hell?" Calum asks.

"Someone is in the woods..." Michael says looking over to the walkers, on the ground, with a bullet through their head.

We look and see 2 men with guns coming our way.

"Wait stop!" Ashton says scooping up Faith and putting Logan behind him.

"Woa we come in peace," One of the guys says with black hair, matching the other one.

I watch the other one closely as he stares at Violet.

"Is she okay?" He asks nodding to Violet.

"Shit," Michael says as he carries her up.

"Her leg is broken..." I say.

"Yea, it looks awful....what happened to you folks?" The man asks.

"Car crash," Luke says.

The man nods.

"We have a doctor, back at, water, shelter...." the man says.

"You could be psycho's for all we know," Ashton says.

"Could say the same for you guys...." The man says back.

We say nothing, aware that they could possibly be a threat.

"I'm Jacob, this is my brother, Noah... We own a pretty small farm  called Shallow Creek not far from here," Jacob says but it sounds like a offer.

I am about to introduce the group but Michael beats me to it. 

"Rather not give personal information yet," He says.

"Well...if you do need help for the girl and get some food in the kids bellies...ya might need to tell us the names, for security reasons," Noah says.

"We will tell you when we get there," Calum says.

The two think about this and shrug.

"Fine by us."Jacob says and starts to walk away.

He stops and turns around,"You coming or what?" 


Luke's POV

I hold onto Emma's hand as we walk through the gates to the farm and I notice the fence all around the farm.

"How tough is the security around here?" I ask Noah.

"We have guards on the lookout, also the electric fence surrounds the perimeter," Noah smiles proudly.

"Any disturbances?" Ashton asks.

"Nope. Walkers never come around here. We have teams that walk through the forest making noise, leading them away if they get close," Jacob says.


When we walk into the house, they lead us to the dining room, and tell us to sit.

I sit next to Emma and everyone else finds a seat. 

A older women, sees Violet and jogs over.

"Aw here sweet thang, lemme get Arthur to show you upstairs so he can look at your leg," She says and a man comes out from the other room.

"Woa woa wait no," Michael says standing up.

"Don't worry, I'll fix her up and send food up there for her," The man Arthur says reassuring Michael.

Michael sighs and sits down.

"The food will be out momentarily," Jacob says as he goes into the kitchen with his brother.

When they leave, Michael says something quietly.

"Don't tell them your real name. I don't trust these people. Worst comes to worst we stay for a day or two, then we leave," Michael whispers.

We all nod and suddenly, Jacob comes in with his brother with food.

He lays a plate in front of each of us and it's steak, with vegetables. It smells good but I wait until everyone else starts eating.

"So your names?" Jacob asks.

Michael starts,"I'm Daniel, and beside me are Herbert, Ashley and Oscar,"

I sigh in my head, feeling stupid that he choose Oscar for my name.

"This is my daughter Felicia and my son Lucas," Ashton lies and luckily Faith is too occupied with her veggies to correct her dad.

"I'm Erica and upstairs is Veronica," Emma says next to me.

I almost snort at the names but I don't.

"Nice to meet you guys, now please eat!" Noah says.

Michael takes a bite of his food and then I do. It taste off but it's still food.

I can't help but notice the slight smirk on Noah's face.


Hey guys! I know I haven't updated but I had writers block and was really stumped.

But, here I am!


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