I'm Emma Andrews. The tall one over there is Luke, the Asian one is Calum but he isn't Asian, he's kiwi. The one with the bandana is Ashton and the dude with the colored hair is Michael.

We are just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


12. Seller's Keep part two

Luke's POV

I opened my eyes, trying to scratch my head and found out my hands were tied behind me.

I called Emma's name but there was a cloth tied around my mouth. The memories came flooding back as I remeber Emma was taken.

I tried getting out but they tied it so damn tight. 

I looked over and saw Michael and Calum both knocked out.

I took the cloth off by moving my lips down as it came off.

"Calum! Michael wake up!" I said as I tried to get my hands free. 

Loud banging came from the door and I could tell that it was walkers.

They woke up and they got the cloths off of their face.

"Dude what happened?" Michael asked.

"They took Emma to Seller's keep, the same place they took Lydia," I said and tried undoing the knot.

"Shit,' Calum said as he looked over to the door,"we have company"

I rocked back and forth on the chair until I fell, causing the chair to break and my hands becoming free.

"Get us out!" Michael said as I grabbed my knife and cut Michael's off.

The door to the Suite bursted open and Walkers spilled out. 

"Shit hurry!" Calum said as I cut him loose.

Michael grabbed his gun and shot 2 walkers down and I grabbed my knife, stabbing one in the skull.

"There's too many," I said as I killed another one.

"The balcony!" Calum said as we ran over there and locked it behind us.

"Now what?!" Michael says.

I look over and see the pool on the ground, part of the lazy river.

"Shit we can't make it," Michael says looking down.

"We can try," I say as I put my feet over the railing and jump off.

The wind blows so fast I can't hear and I try aiming for the pool. 

I thank god as my feet hit the water and I go under.


I come up for breath and move out of the way when I see Calum and Michael follow after me.

We all get out and are soaked head to toe.

"What now?" I ask walking toward the parking lot. 

"Now we walk," Michael says.


I sit in my cage, waiting for something, anything to happen.

Nothing happens.

It's been exactly one day and I haven't eaten anything.

Steph is still here, thank god. I can't imagine her leaving me. 

"Yea so like Taken I guess," Steph says as we talk about Seller's keep.

"So basically you don't have to leave?" I ask.

"No, but you usually do. See first you have the auction and you wear like your freaking bra and underwear in this dark room but they can see you. Then you get bought and taken to the playroom where they try you out. Then they take you or leave you here but they get to use you every week or whatever," Steph sighs.

"You sure know a lot about this," I say through the bars.

"A boy who used to work here told me about it. He's dead now, too bad," Steph smiles. 

"Steph I-" I get cut off as a man in a mask comes in, carrying a girl no older than 12.

"Where's my Mom?!" The girl asks as she gets thrown into the same cage as me. 

The man leaves and the girl looks at us.

"It's okay, you're fine," I try reassuring her as she embraces me with a hug.

"They took me, the- they just took me," The girl cries.

"Shhh I know it's okay," I reassure her.

"I'm Steph, nice to meet you," Steph says smiling at the girl.

"I'm Cara,"the girl says.

"Hello I'm Emma. You'll be okay, I promise," I say but I'm not sure of how long I'll keep the promise.

Dylan comes in moments later smiling at the new girl.

"Hello Cara is it? I need to speak with you dear," Dylan says unlocking the cage and letting Cara out. 

Cara looks at us, then to Dylan, back to us and sprints to the back door.

"CARA NO!" Steph yells out as Dylan pulls out a gun and shoots Cara, as she falls to the floor, dead.

I cry, wanting to rip my hair out in frustration. 

Dylan says something into his walkie talkie and 2 men come in and carry her away. 

After the same guys come in and unlock Steph's door and grab her.

"What are you doing?" I ask Dylan.

"Time for her Auction, then your's," Dylan smiles and leaves.

"Steph no! I'll help you I will," I yell as she doesn't struggle away.

"Don't make promises you can't keep," Steph says and that's the last I see of her.

I sit up, legs folded to my chest as I listen to the sounds of cries and laughter. 

Gosh I wanna go home.

I look over to Steph's cage and see her bouncy ball sitting near my cage.

I reach over and grab it, placing it in my pocket. 

I hear sounds of footsteps coming toward me and I look up to see Dylan.

"Emma, it's time," He says as he unlocks the cage, putting handcuffs on me.

"Great, just great," I say as he leads me out of the room. 

He walks me down the long hall and I look at all the different doors and the different colors probably mean different things.

He takes me to a room, locking it behind him. 

"Clothes" He says quietly and I look at him, begging him no. 

"Clothes or what happened to Cara will happen to you," He says sternly.

I sigh and strip down feeling exposed.

I tried pretending like I was at a beach but it was no use.

I hear Dylan leave and all of a sudden, lights blare at me and I stand up and block it with my eyes. I looked around and say black glass windows all around me. They can all see me.

This was it, I was going to die here.

It went on like this for a few minutes and then the lights came off and a man in a mask took me to another room while another man took my clothes.

They shoved me into a room, tossing the clothes at me, then locking the door.

I quickly put on my clothes and looked around.

"Emma Emma Emma..she never learns," Someone says as I look up to see someone on the bed.

"Dylan? You bought me?" I ask. 

"I may have. They were really fighting for you in there. I had to may 2 shotguns, 2 piles of food, and medicine for you," Dylan says getting up. 

"Don't touch me,'I said as my back hit the wall.

Dylan grabs me by the arm and pulls me forward causing me to fall.

He grabs my waist and puts it over his shoulder, as I kick and scream.

"Let go of me you pig!" I yelled.

He throws me on the bed, putting his knees on my legs and his hands over mine.

"Leave me alone! let me go!" I yell shaking my head.

Dylan ignores me, and tries to unbutton my pants.

"Stop please I'm begging you!" I yell thrashing more. 

"Shut up!" He says as he takes my pants off and he unbuttons my flannel.

"Get off of me now!" I order trying to get him off of me.

"Stop struggling Emma!" He says and kisses me.

I knee him and he groans in pain, but quickly recovers and he slaps me. 

"Don't you fucking touch her!" I hear someone say as the body tackles Dylan off of me as I scramble up and I put my pants off and button one of my buttons and help the person. 

"Luke!" I say I run up to him.

"Emma!" Luke says as he kicks Dylan down and runs over to me, hugging me.

"I thought you were dead," I say into his chest, crying.

"Shh it's okay baby girl, it's okay(THE LAST OF US!!! Anyone? Okay)" Luke says kissing my head. 

"You guys are pathetic," Dylan says on the ground.

"Shut up," Luke says as he grabs a staff like object and hits him in the head, him falling unconscious.

"Let's go," Luke says as he grabs my hand and leads me out of the room. 

"Where's Michael and Calum?" I ask.

"Getting Lydia we are going outside," Luke says as we run out of a door and into the sunlight. 

"Where?" I ask as Luke motions for a black van and we get in, waiting for Lydia and them.

"How did you find me?" I ask.

"We walked over to the warehouse and acted like we wanted to buy someone. So I asked for a 5'7" brunette with hazel eyes," Luke says looking over at me. 

"Were you in the auction room?" I ask softly.

"Yea, we were. But I looked away, trust me," Luke smiled taking my hand and squeezing it. 

"Thanks," I said. 

Luke scooted closer to me and said,"So on the roof...."

I smiled and leaned in, Luke doing the same when suddenly Michael barged in from the back, with Calum.

We pulled away and I looked at them.

"Lydia?" Is all I say and Michael shakes his head.

"Oh Michael I'm sorry," Luke says.

"Just drive, there's a hoard coming this way," Michael huffs, looking out the window.

"I'm glad you're okay Emma," Calum says giving me a small smile.

"Yea, me too," Luke smiles at me and I feel lucky to be alive.



Cara- shot by dylan

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