I'm Emma Andrews. The tall one over there is Luke, the Asian one is Calum but he isn't Asian, he's kiwi. The one with the bandana is Ashton and the dude with the colored hair is Michael.

We are just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


11. Sellers Keep part one

Emma's POV

Sun seeped into the windows and hit my eyes.

I opened my eyes and felt a pair of hands holding me. I looked up and saw Luke's chin resting on my head and his arms wrapped around my waist. 

Our legs were tangled and was hard to get out from.

He smelled like shampoo, like mango and strawberries. Last night's memories flooded back as I blushed, remembering how we almost kissed.

Damn it Michael for ruining it. 

I looked up again and saw Luke's hair, not quiffed and all over the place.

I smiled and laid there for a while until I remembered about Calum and Michael.

It was quiet...too quiet. 

Suddenly I heard my door open and I heard Michael softly laughing.

I could here Calum shushing him and I closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep. 

Someone tapped me and I opened my eyes to see Calum with a finger over his mouth, signaling me to be quiet.

"Get up," He mouthed and I slowly got up from under Luke and brushed myself off.

Calum slide where I was a put Luke's hand around him.

I smiled and wanted to laugh so bad.Michael got a feather out of his pocket and tickled his nose. 

Luke swatted it away and opened his eyes.

"What the fudge?!" Luke said as he jumped out of bed, falling on the floor.

We all laughed our ass off, Michael on the floor gasping for air.

"Why would you guys do that?" Luke said putting his hand to his chest.

"Love ya luckey puckey," Calum said blowing him a kiss. 

Just then, banging came from the front door of the Suite and Michael whispered,"Hide!"

Calum ran out of the room and same for Michael.

"Where?" I asked looking around.

"Go under the bed," Luke said as I crawled under, him scooting next to me.

"It was a small space and Luke was already so tall. 

Luke held me close, and I silently prayed that it wasn't walkers. 

Suddenly more feet came into the suite and some came into the room.

Luke placed a hand over my mouth, just in case.

I could see that there was 2 people in the room with black shoes on, searching the closets and bathroom. 

I closed my eyes, hoping they would go away.

I heard them leave and I sighed softly.

Luke got up and left the bed.

"Luke, Luke,"I whispered grabbing his hand as he whispered back,"Wait here."

I waited silently, wanting to go and help him. 

Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed my foot and I screamed, kicking them away. 

A man with a mask, looking like the one from the Purge, grabbed me and another guy grabbed my hands.

"HELP! Please please HELP ME!" I shrieked trying to kick them.

"LUKE! CALUM! MICHAEL!" I screamed kicking at them, trying to pull away.

I suddenly saw Luke, tied up with Michael and Calum, with a cloth around their mouth. Their eyes were wide in fear, Luke trying to get up but was tied in a chair.

"HELP ME! PLEASE LET GO OF ME!" I screamed. 

Luke was crying, thrashing around, trying to get out but a man next to him, hit him with the end of his gun, leaving Luke unconscious.

"LUKE! LUKE!" I screamed as they took me out of the room and put a bag over my head.


They carried me into a room and threw me onto the ground, taking the bag off over my head. They locked the cage door and walked away. 

"Hey! Let me out!" I yelled running over to the door and shaking it. 

"It's no use," Someone said and I looked over to see a girl with blonde hair cut super short.

"Who are you? Where am I?" I asked. She was in a cage next to me sitting on a stool.

"I'm Steph. You're at Seller's where everyone goes to die," She says throwing a small bouncy ball at the wall behind her.

"Wait? Seller's Keep? Have you seen a girl with strawberry blonde hair? She is like my height. Her name is Lydia," I say.

"I am not sure. A lot of girls come and go from this place."

"Oh" Is all I can say.

"How long have you been here?" I asked her. 

"3 days now, that means I'm gonna get sold today," Steph says.


"Girls get sold here for supplies, food and weapons. Then the pigs take them and use them for sex or something."

"That's horrible. Don't worry I'll get ya out of here,' I reassure her.

She laughs sarcastically,"Yea right."

"Where were you taken?" I asked her.

"Saint Simpleton High School. After a outbreak occurred they picked us off the streets," She said.

"Saint Simpleton? I was there when it happened. Evan Peters was bit. I went with Michael, Luke, Lydia and Calum. We were heading to the CDC when Lydia got captured and we made our way here," I said remembering.

"Oh Michael Clifford right?" She asked as I nodded my head,"did he ever mention me?"

"No, I'm sorry, he hasn't, why? You know him?" I asked.

"More than know him, he's my brother."

"Oh wow," I said. 


Suddenly 2 guys with masks came in unlocking my door.

"What's happening?" I ask Steph.

"You're fine. They are just gonna ask you questions. By the way, make sure you don't fall for his looks," Steph says as they take me away.


They sit me in a chair and handcuff me to it, my hands behind my back. 

In front of me sits a male around the age of 20 with brown hair in a suit. 

"Hello how are you?" He asks.

"Just great. I got captured and taken to a warehouse and probably gonna get sold to some pervert," I huff. 

"Good. Now please answer some questions."

"Will you let me go?"

"Maybe, now answer these,"

"Fine but what's your name?" I asked.

"Dylan but you can call me Mr. O' Brien."

"Okay go Dylan"

"What is your name?" He asks as he has a clipboard in his hand.


"Last name?"



"17 years old" I say.

Dylan fills in something on the paper and looks up at me, then filling more in.

"What are you filling out?" I ask him.

"Your appearance,"

"What did you put?" I ask again.

"Eye color: Hazel hair color" Brown height...looks about 5'4''

"5'7" I correct him.


"What else?" 

"I put how gorgeous you are," He says getting up, throwing the clipboard on the table.

"Wh- what?"

"And how when you get complimented you blush and how hot it looks," Dylan smiles.

"Just stop," I huff at him.

"When you get mad you get all cute and stuff,"

"Enough Dylan!" I yell and he slaps me.

It doesn't hurt but it's enough for it to sting.

"Mr. O' Brien to you," He snaps and exits the room.


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